Sentinel Authors Index

I wanted to make it easier to find the "good stuff", so I am listing all my authors here, much easier don't cha think?

    New Author ! Cascade Ripper Series found here !

    Heather's Stories:

    New Author ! New Story Posted Now!!

    Ihket's Stories:

    A Brand new author folks! She is busy writing some new things just for this page! Yummy stories!

    Kittie's Sentinel Index

    ANOTHER Brand New Author folks!! Read and Enjoy!!

    Patt's Stories:

    Another Brand new author folks! Her Poems, and stories are now up and working!


    Hi, I have decided to be brave and post my stories to the web. So far I only have one story up, and a few "tidbits," but eventually there will be more! Enjoy!


    I am now an archivist! Winds of Dawn was kind enough to allow me to post all her wonderful stories! Yummy !!!

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