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News Flash !

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JE & BS have signed an exclusive contract! That's right, you'll only find the pair on ASN! All new TV programming for you that's right. A brand new season! With brand new shows! All for a brand new network!


 property of Paramount/Pet Fly




The All Slash Network has managed to pre-empt all slash programming! HBO, A&E, PBS, The Discovery Channel, FOX, ABC, NBC, & CBS outraged! But the FCC agrees with us! So if you're looking for slash tv, here we are. The only network that will also be carrying all JE & BS!!



ASN Presents:
The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Produced by

To FiveSenses Inc.

Picks up where TSbyBS left off! Tune in Wednesday's at 8 !


Wolf Inc., Presents: The Peru Universe:

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If TPTB had let our guys be partners in every sense of the word...
This is what may have happened...

By Wod


Starting Tuesday Night!!


At 6:00 PM !!!


Important!!! Disclaimers:

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All Slash Network programing is intended for mature audience only, and contains homoerotic content. Do not read the program descriptions if you are under age or you are offended by the idea of homosexuality.

Any references made to actors and other famous people on this site are in a spirit of fun, and not intended to imply anything about their personal or professional lives. All program descriptions are imaginary, and any resemblance to actual persons or events are strictly coincidential.

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Special Thanks to Alyjude for suggesting this idea on Senad!!!!
Also to all these wonderful people for their kind assistance, Glenda, Mrs Fish, MelSharon, just move your cursor on the pics,graphics and logos for the info on each!
Also, "Winds of Dawn" for all the html code help!S'Belle

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