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Welcome to the House Fan Fiction Archive.

We, the support staff, created this archive with one goal in mind: to bring all House fiction, of all ratings, and all categories together in one place.

Towards this end, we hope that all the House authors out there will feel welcome and willing to upload their stories to this archive.

Because this archive is completely searchable, we also hope it will become a destination for readers. We've done our best to make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Enjoy the archive! And please, feel free to contact the archivist if you run into any problems.


July 5, 2008

Hi folks. I, um, forgot to put the upload page back after I finished the archive maintenance last week. *facepalm* It's back now. Upload away! Sorry about that. My mistake.

June 28, 2008

Yes, it's been eight months since I did any archive maintenance. I'm trying to catch up today, but I don't want the database to regenerate while I'm working on it, so I've deleted the upload page for now. I'll put it back when the maintenance is done.


Ratings System:
All Ages --
Everything up to and including sexual innuendo/jokes
Over 13 Years --
Actual kissing/groping; moderate physical violence
Mature Audiences --
Non-graphic sex scenes; graphic violence; all rape/non-con (unless completely off screen)
Adult --
Graphic sex scenes; extreme violence
(please check warnings to distinguish rating for sex--most common--from rating for violence)

Legal Disclaimer The authors published here make no claims on the ownership of Dr. Gregory House and the other fictional residents of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Like the television show /House/ (and quite possibly Dr. Wilson's pocket protector), they are the property of NBC/Universal, David Shore and undoubtedly other individuals of whom I am only peripherally aware. The fan fiction authors published here receive no monetary benefit from their work and intend no copyright infringement nor slight to the actual owners. We love the characters and we love the show, otherwise we wouldn't be here.