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Warning The fiction on these pages is Slash. If two men in a loving, physical, sexual relationship bothers you, you need to go somewhere else. You must be 18 or of legal age in your area to read these stories. By clicking on the links to the stories, you are affirming that you are of age and you understand the concept of slash fiction.


Disclaimer The Sentinel , it's concepts, and characters are the property of Pet Fly Productions and Paramount. They make profit from it. I don't. My use of the characters is strictly recreational, and I promise to wash them and put them back neatly when I am finished with them. The stories and original characters are my own, and are not to be altered, posted elsewhere or published without my permission.




The Discovery Series My first attempt at fan fiction, and its' sequels, which coincidentally, turned out to be my second and third attempts.

Discovery - a sweet little first time story (R) 7K

Exploration - the morning after (R) 4K

Observation - a different viewpoint (PG) 4K


The Hair Duology Inspired by Alyjude's delightful Tummy Rub.

Buzz Cut - Blair. Jim. Hair. Sex. Lots of sex. Faint traces of plot. (NC-17) 8K

Hairboy - Blair. Jim. Hair. Sex. A smidgen of angst and a dash more plot.(NC-17) 16K


Stand Alones


Just Another New Year's Eve - my story for the Cookie Challenge. (NC-17) 8K

Khakis - another challenge story, for the Zipper Challenge. (PG) 4K

The Undiscovered Country - a ghost story, heavy on the angst. (NC-17) 16K


Slash Virtual Season


Dragon at the Gate - SVS Episode Five - text version, in two parts (NC-17) 86K

The Great Valentine Caper - a holiday short - text version (NC-17) 44K




Snippets, Obsenads and Plot Bunnies


Dog Days - an Obsenad that got out of hand.

The Mission - Plot Bunny with big teeth.

Random Dementia - sundry and assorted silliness, with a dash of warped humor.





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