852 Prospect - THE place for Sentinel Fan Fiction

Wonderful World of Makebelieve - Multiple fandoms, both gen and slash, including The Sentinel


Guide Posts - Sentinel Fan Fiction, up to and including mature subject matter (R rated stories)

Cascade Library - Sentinel Fan Fiction, updated almost daily, Nothing above PG-13, but check out the Author interviews


Favorite Writers


Alyjude - all Aly's stories in one convenient location.

Candy - Outside Influences, A Million Pieces, and much more

Francesca - the Nature Series, Cycles, and scads of terrific stories

Em Brunson - Detour - need I say more?

Yvonne - whole universes of fun series, plus interesting original fiction, too!

Gillian - BJ Sandburg and the Jamie series, plus nifty stand alones




Celtic Web Art - lovely, easy to use celtic-themed graphics by KS Nichols. Everything you need to build a website. Also check out her non-celtic graphics. Linkware

Graphics by YSM - slash friendly websets in a wide variety of styles. Linkware

Holy Mother Grammatica - a guide to common grammatical errors, with real (often hilarious) examples on the Blooper Page.

Fan Fiction on the Net - a compendium of links to just about every fandom in existence

S'Belles Links Connection - links to multiple resources in multiple fandoms. Everything from archives to mailing lists to HTML guides

Flat Earth Games - source for fantasy and calligraphic fonts, freeware and shareware




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Celtic Web Art