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My Sentinel Leaving series has been nominated for three awards in this year's
Light My Fire Awards
Slash Series
Use of Canon Characters - Simon and Naomi
New Author
You can read my story here and then check out many other excellent tales at:

My Starsky and Hutch story, Alone has been nominated for a

2004 Torino Award
Outstanding Novel
You can read my story here and then check out many other excellent tales at:

9/4/04 - X-Files Story - The Skinner Journals One Breath
Mulder suffers, Skinner worries, Scully is returned.

9/4/04 - X-Files Story - Crystalship 134s Season 3
This link is to the compiled html version.

9/2/04 - Starsky and Hutch Story Time
A one-syllable word challenge story. Starsky talks about time. (Proper names exempt from the one-syllable requirement)

X-Files Series
- 134 Word Challenges
- Self
- Prayer
- Mara
- Profiles: Emerson Case
- Profiles: Roberson Case
- Profiles: Nibbler Case
- Profiles: Everett Case
- Memory
- Muses
- Retrieval
- Enchantress
- Skinner Journals

X-Files Poems
- All Roads Lead to You
- Stopping by a Farmhouse
- Absence
- Night
- Sweet Agony
- How Could I Have Known?
- Mulder's ABCs
- Profiler
- Affirmation
- Her Eyes
- When I Get Time
- Lost
- Blur


X-Files Stand-Alones

- Nothing --36K -- R
After the events of Irresistible, Scully doesn't just bounce right back. Written for an After-the-Fact Post-ep challenge

- The Quintessential Bad!Cliche Bad!Fic --5K -- G
An exercise in the use of bad cliches. Possibly humorous to those with a warped sense of humor ...

- 2Trust --7K -- R
In the aftermath of the Virgil Incanto case, Scully turns to Mulder. Written for an After-the-Fact Post-ep challenge

- Let Fire Cleanse What Rain Cannot -- A Profiles Short Story --35K -- R
A horrid case draws Mulder into a downward spiral, but Scully and Skinner are there to bring him back.
Written for the IMTP Virtual Season 10 Rainy Day Special

- I Want To Tell Her --6K -- G
Mulder decides to tell Scully how he feels.
Written as a Crystalship challenge.

- Hoops --7K -- NC-17 for language
Basketball - Post Zero Sum
Written as a Crystalship challenge

- Haven --7K -- PG - NC-17 from innocent to sexually explicit
Seven short, post-ep vignettes, one from each season and focusing on the relationship between Mulder and Scully.

- Even Now --7K -- NC-17 for sexually suggestive situations
Mulder and Scully, a long day, some reminisces, and a cool kitchen floor.

- Sad Mulder --2K -- G
A birthday story.

- Familiar Feelings--15K--PG-13 for references to child abuse
With Skinner's help, Mulder faces his history of abuse from his father.
A Companion Piece to Susan Proto's Familiar Faces.

- Familiar Flaws--21K--R/NC-17 for violence and language
A case of domestic abuse opens up wounds Mulder didn't know were there.

- Moonlight Swim--19K--NC-17 for sexually explicit situations
A stressful case, a sleepless night, the sultry south, and a swimming pool. Oh, and a surprising lack of bathing suits.

- My Love Story--43K -- R -- for sexually suggestive situations
Scully relates the story of her love for Mulder and their first year together.

- Soup and Soap--3K--G
Mulder and Scully have dinner together.

- Seek Ye--98K--R/NC-17 for violence and language
After a cryptic phone call, Mulder ditches Scully. Injured and confused while seeking answers, Mulder disappears and can't tell Scully where he is.
Written for the inauguration of the MTA_Stories mailing list.

- Top Moments--3K--PG-13
X-Files moments in FLYGATE

- Shoes--24K--G
Mulder needs shoes that can withstand the punishments of his job. My first attempt at humor, go easy on me.

- Two Shots--10K--G
Mulder is reminded of Scully's importance in his life when a routine pursuit goes awry.

- The Dark and The Light--7K--PG-13
Scully's nightmares cause Mulder distress as he struggles to find a way to reach out to her.

- The Skinner Stories Page
Skinner-centric stories that include Mulder and Scully but focus on Skinner. Includes:
The Retrieval Series
The Mara stories
The Enchantress Series
Profiler or Prophet
My Name is Paul
A post-ep for Paul by bcfan, Tiny Island
and its sequel, Faith Lives
The Avatar trilogy: Things Remembered, Avatar, Things Unsaid
The Skinner Journals
The Truth, Forever Etched in Black Granite

Daydreamer's Den goes bi-lingual!
Thanks to Ale, a wonderful reader in Brazil, my stories are being translated into Portuguese. You can check out "Profiles in Caring: The Emerson Case - Part I" here:
Perfis Inquietantes: O Caso Emerson Parte I

The Sentinel

- I'm Not A Cop -- 5K -- G
Blair is forced to solve a mystery.

- Cheap Beer and Flannel -- 8K -- R for language
The night after the infamous garbage truck incident, Jim calls Blair and they get together.

- Jim's Sonnet (slash)

- Safe -- 21K -- R for language and violence
When Blair helps a friend escape her abusive husband, the man comes after him.

- The Leaving Series -- 843K Rated G - NC-17 for references to child abuse, violence and some non-graphic sexual content
Blair relates bits and pieces of his past to Jim

- Ego Surfing -- 22K -- PG-13 for language
Jim and Blair do some ego surfing ...

- Sweet Slumber's Gift -- 5K -- R
After a harrowing experience, Blair watches his Sentinel sleep.

- Past Tense (Part 1) -- 75K -- NC-17 for violence, rape, language
- Past Tense (Part 2) -- 83K -- NC-17 for violence, rape, language
Someone Jim knew from the past arrives in town with a pregnant wife, a price on his head, and nowhere else to turn.

- Cold (Part 1) -- 71K -- NC-17 for violence and language
- Cold (Part 2) -- 78K -- NC-17 for violence and language
Blair disappears while on a three month expedition to Brazil. When he suddenly reappears, he's been broken and it's up to Jim to put the pieces back together and figure out what happened.

Starsky and Hutch

- Time -- 5K -- G
A one-syllable word challenge story. Starsky talks about time. (Proper names exempt from the one-syllable requirement)

- Reunion -- 20K --NC-17 for explicit sexual content
After twenty-five years ...

- Scars -- 15K --R for sexual content and discussion of abuse
Understanding Hutch's scars leads to understanding Hutch.

- Alone -- 427K -- R for language and psychological torture
When Hutch disappears, it brings about huge changes for both men.

- The Wall -- 18K -- R for language and graphic depictions of war
The past begins to haunt Starsky and he feels called to make a pilgrimage.

- I Did Not Go -- 14K -- R for language and discussion of war
Starsky's visit to the Wall brings up memories for Hutch as well. Companion piece to The Wall

- The Market -- 8K -- R for language and violence
Who knew going to the market could be so dangerous?

- Questions -- 5K -- NC-17 for sexual content
First times can be full of questions ...

- His Fingertips Are Addictive -- 8K -- NC17 for sexual content
Starsky muses about Hutch's hands ...

- The Alice Arc
A series of short stories centering on Hutch and Sweet Alice.

Stargate SG1

- The Fight (slash) -- 6K -- PG
Jack and Daniel have a fight ...

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