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Name E-mail address Notes & Specialties (in their own words)
Yum@ General beta tasks
Sarah Anything you want to throw at me! *grin* I do especially well with spelling and I'm pretty good with characterisation. Like others, I appreciate it if you tell me how in depth you want me to go - I can be blunt, or I can sugar coat it. *wink*  My main problem you may want to keep in mind is that I'm slow to respond due to lack of time. If you want a prompt reply, then don't come to me. However, if you've got the patience, you're quite welcome to send me what you've got.
Aly Joseph or (weekends only) I'm quite willing to be a beta. I'm an English student, so I'm guessing my 'specialties' are spelling and structure.
Jade Well, I have never betaed for anyone before so I would be a newbie at it. I am a big reader, though, and I know what makes a good, clear read.
Rowan Primary subjects: Military and Medicine, but will read and research almost anything. Just ask...
Types of Work: All. Gen, Adult and Slash.
Format preferred: Word 6.0 or 7.0, but can take almost everything out there.
Comments: Please give me a time frame, if possible, so I can triage incoming work [like 'in two days - my publisher's on my back!'] Also... what kind of beta do you want: grammar, spelling check, content, story cohesiveness, characterisations, or the whole blood package [about as detailed as I can get, and I can be pretty anal about stuff].
My goal as a beta is to help you get your work as close to the feel of the Stargate universe and as accurate as possible within your needs.
Debby I enjoy betaing. I'm more than willing to beta for any fandom for grammar and spelling and such. I was an English major, so that's my specialty, I guess, and I really enjoy editing. I do prefer close-to-canon stories, and nothing that's slash or graphic in nature.
Jedi Padawan Eloy Brightdreamer General beta tasks.
Maria I'll help out with grammar betas. I'm not so good at plot, characterisation, and flow. English I can do...
Jennifer I would be willing to beta read for medical content for SG-1. I'm an RN (registered nurse) with 10 years experience, love SG-1, but bad medicine makes me nuts!
Stacey I can help out with any Stargate SG-1 fics. I especially enjoy beta'ing the soppy ones with happy endings. *smile*

If you would like to have your name down as an available beta reader, please fill out the form below. Your details will be added to this page on the next update.

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Yum@ has also generously offered to let me link her own page of available beta readers from her site, StargateFan. Yum@'s list is available here. Thanks girl! *waves*

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