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Simon, Jim and Blair

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2007 LMFA nominee for "Classic Gen Author"

2003 Burton Winner for Outstanding Writing Partners
with Susan Foster
for "Rage, Rage (Against the Dying of the Light)"

General Fiction

Stand-Alone stories

Title Rating Version Summary
Father's Day G MOBI html June 2014
Blair squares off with Jim over a particular June holiday
If I Can't Hear Your Heartbeat G MOBI html October 2012
A bad thing happens on the way to a seminar.
Winds of Change PG text html November 2010
Written for The Sentinel Big Bang. Needing some space, Blair leaves Cascade behind for the excitement of chasing storms with a friend in Oklahoma.
Waterproof PG text html April, 2009
Blair has been keeping a secret from Jim; a secret that comes out when both men least expect it that changes the dynamics of the team forever.
A Slice of Life: Collection 1 G text html December, 2007
Brief glimpses into the lives of our favorite Sentinel and Guide.
Stories include:

House Rules
Stay in the Truck
Who's the Boss?

Delirious PG text html September, 2006
Jim cares for Blair as he recovers from a case of pneumonia.
The Greatest Gift G text html December, 2005
Some say that giving of oneself is "The Greatest Gift". (Christmas story)
We Give Thanks G text html November, 2005
Jim and Blair reflect on their friendship after the loss of a colleague.
Jim and the Not So Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day PG text html February 14, 2005
Jim learns the true meaning of Valentine's Day.
The Well PG text html Blair takes a misstep and ends up in deep trouble. (My first TS fic--be gentle.)
Il Pozzo
(The Well)
PG text html The Italian translation of "The Well". Any mistakes in paragraphing or punctuation are mine, not the translator's. Enjoy!
Disney Daze PG text html Jim and Blair in the Land of the Mouse.
Coming Home PG text html
When an accident puts Blair in a coma, Jim takes on the challenge of home care for his Guide.
Epilogue added 09-09-2000
Daring Deeds R text html A few too many drinks, Blair in drag, a wedding chapel and compromising positions.
(Daring Deeds)
R text html "Daring Deeds" in German: Einige Drinks zuviel, Blair in der 'Klemme', eine Hochzeitskapelle und kompromittierende Situationen.
The Gift of Christmas G text html The Cascade Police Department celebrates Christmas for a group of needy kids.
Minding His Ps and Qs PG text html Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret--he's dyslexic.
Shrapnel Potatoes G text html Blair has a crisis in the kitchen. Based on a true story. HUMOR.
Nova G text html After a weekend camping, an accident on the drive home leaves Jim grieving.

Make It Go Away series

Title Rating Version Summary
Everything Wrong
PG-13 text html Prologue to the Make It Go Away series.
Make It Go Away
PG text html Blair's migraine headaches return, along with a more serious complication.
Angel on My Shoulder
PG text html Blair's seizures intensify.
Mark of the Shaman
PG text html A new explanation for Blair's seizures emerges.
PG text html In a surprising role reversal, Blair learns an important lesson.
Spirit Walk
PG text html Blair induces a vison-seizure to rescue Jim from a dangerous situation.
Where I Belong
PG text html Blair learns an important lesson about his newfound abilities and Jim comes to the reluctant conclusion that Blair's visions make him Jim's equal.
Blessed Protector
PG text html Blair needs a vacation. Jim needs to ski. Trouble follows our dynamic duo to Mt. Rainier.
Buried Alive
PG-13 text html When the mayor's daughter is buried alive, it falls to the Shaman of the Great City to find her before it's too late.
G text html March 2007
Visions of a major disaster to hit Cascade haunt Blair. Can he get anyone to listen?

Without Words series

Title Rating Version Summary
Without Words PG-13 text html A permanent disability does not necessarily mean permanently disabled.
Never Get an Anthropologist Talking PG-13 text html Sequel to Without Words.

What would it take for Blair to submit to getting an artificial voice?

Gleams of Light PG-13 text html A five-year cancer survivor, Blair finds himself going undercover into a cancer support group to help flush out a mercy killer and, in the process, becomes a target.

Sequels and Alternate Endings

Title Rating Version Summary
Do Not Go Gentle
(Into That Good Night)
PG text html This story is an alternate ending to The Long Goodbye by Kikkimax. It is recommended you read that story first.

Jim is a prison guard on death row. Blair is a convicted serial killer known as the Manifesto Murderer. The night before his execution, Blair makes a final request. Will Jim be able to honor it? NOT a death story!

Gehen Sie Nicht Leicht
(Do Not Go Gentle)
PG text html "Do Not Go Gentle" translated into German by Mella.
Rage, Rage
(Against the Dying of the Light)
Adult themes,
not slash
text html Sequel to Do Not Go Gentle, co-written with Susan Foster.

After Blair is pardoned, killings which copycat the Manifesto Murders begin again in Cascade. Blair falls under suspicion, and while Jim works to clear his name, memories from his days in prison begin to haunt the anthropologist.

Outstanding Series Author -- Nancy Taylor
Outstanding Series -- "Make It Go Away"
Outstanding Drama Story -- "Without Words"
Outstanding Angst Story -- "Minding His P's and Q's"
Outstanding Humor Story -- "Daring Deeds"

NOTE: The foreign language translations on this page were done by amateur volunteers who loved my fiction. If you are a native speaker of one of these languages, but have a good grasp of written English, I highly recommend reading the originals. Translations, however well-meant or done, tend to lose the "flavor" of the original. Also, I do not speak anything but English, so I was unable to beta the stories for spelling, grammar and/or punctuation. They are here for the enjoyment of those who struggle to read English. Thank you.

This page was created on May 9, 2000
Updated June 15, 2014

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