The Walter & Alex Scrap Book
By Julie & Peach - A java-powered photo album - designed by Julie, captions by Peach!

Happy Birthday Peach!
An animated Gif to celebrate Peach's birthday.

Jen's Birthday Surprise
Another animated gif - for the Amazing Jen's birthday! Visit InXplicable, Jen's web site here:

Poking fun at an anti-Doggett web site. This phile is an animated gif. It may take a few minutes to load. Hit your browsers reload button to view it again.

The Kiss
A little animated smooch from Robert Patrick. Screen caps are from The Robert Patrick Shrine, from the movie "Angels Don't Sleep Here."

A little present for Josan, who has given us hundreds of hours of reading enjoyment with her wonderfully crafted Skinner/Krycek stories. You too can be seduced to the dark side (slash!). Visit Josan's story page here:

AD = Attractive & Dangerous
The surly & burly Mitch Pileggi in an awful movie - but watching him was worth the rental price :-)

The Sperm Is Out There
Of course Mulder is not the father. Skinner is - everyone knows that. Judi and Julie share their alternative taglines, quotes, etc, related to the Skinman's swimmers.

This is the Face...
Who fathered Scully's child?


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