Pairing: Vin Tanner/Ezra Standish/Buck Wilmington
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, I doubt they were gone long enough to even be missed. I’m not making any money from this. No copyright infringement intended. You know the drill...
Notes: First appeared in Demon Bunny Press' Sinful Seductions 2
Written for Don’t Utter A Word Day, Feb 25

Warnings: m/m/m sex
Summary: pure PWP, Buck has a bet with Vin and Ezra.



by TimberWolf

“Remember, Bucklin, this is a test,” Vin grinned as he locked the big man’s outstretched left arm into the padded leather cuff secured to the top of the bed’s four-poster frame.

Ezra nodded as he did the same for Buck’s outstretched right arm. “A single word and you lose.”

Buck shrugged with a lazy grin, confidence shining from his bright blue eyes.

“All secure?” Ezra asked Vin, as he finished with Buck’s right ankle.

“Yep,” Vin nodded, giving his ankle cuff a last sharp tug.

He stood then, surveying their handiwork. Buck was locked in, standing naked and spread-eagled, stretched between the posts framing the foot of the big bed.

“Buck, Buck, Buck,” Ezra shook his head, stepping in front of the bound man, “I thought you’d learned better than this by now.” He slid his hand down the older man’s chest, stopping just below Buck’s navel. “Taking a bet you have no hope of winning? What were you thinking?”

Buck’s lips opened to suck in a breath of air, but he only smiled, shaking his head in answer.

Vin scooted onto the mattress, kneeling close behind the bigger man, sliding his hands over Buck’s shoulders to whisper into his ear, “You’re gonna talk, Buck.” He shifted quickly to the other ear, “You’re gonna scream before we’re done.”

A heavy swallow was the only outward sign that Buck was listening to the whispered words.

Vin and Ezra shared a quick grin over Buck’s shoulder before turning their attention to the big man’s body.

Ezra licked at Buck’s strong throat while he let his hands freely explore, sliding across Buck’s ribs to grasp roughly at his hips. Letting his mouth begin to migrate lower, Ezra nipped and kissed his way to a stiff, puckered nipple. He tugged it between sharp teeth, tonguing and sucking at the little nub.

Vin hummed against Buck’s neck, murmuring into the bigger man’s ear, “You like that, don’t ya?”

Buck closed his eyes, sealing his lips tightly.

Vin only chuckled softly, knowing how sensitive Buck’s nipples were and how maddening Ezra’s lips could be. “My turn,” he whispered.

Latching his teeth onto the sensitive juncture between neck and shoulder, Vin chewed at Buck’s neck, bringing up a vivid red mark. “You’re ours now, Bucklin.”

Buck’s head fell back as he swallowed a moan.

Ezra chuckled around the nipple he still had in his mouth, freeing it to slide lower as he dropped to his knees in front of the bound man. With his hands ghosting along Buck’s thighs, tickling through the hair there, he concentrated his mouth’s attention on the navel in front of his face.

Vin was on the move as well, pressing kiss after kiss along Buck’s spine as he moved lower and lower, his hands squeezing and massaging at the round globes of Buck’s ass. Each squeeze, each slide of his fingers, moving closer and closer to Buck’s center as his tongue glided lower, licking at the top of Buck’s crease.

Buck drew in a deep, shuddering breath, shifting his body as much as he was able.

Undeterred, Vin pried Buck’s tight cheeks apart, licking around the quivering opening.

Buck grunted, arching away from the teasing tongue. The motion only pushed him closer to Ezra’s sharp tongue.

“Eager, aren’t we?” Ezra chuckled. Curling his fingers around Buck’s sac, Ezra licked a single long stroke up the entire length of the bound man’s bobbing erection. “Want more?” He arched a brow in Buck’s direction.

Still unwilling to speak, a deep whimper was Buck’s only vocal response.

Vin lubed up two fingers, pressing them deep into Buck’s grasping anus. Rubbing them firmly against the gland at the center of Buck’s pleasure, he watched the bigger man writhe, seeking stronger stimulation. “All you have to do is ask for it, Buck.”

A rapid shaking of his head was Buck’s only reply.

Ezra swirled his tongue around the crown of Buck’s arching penis. Sucking the head into his mouth, he curled his lips around the rim, digging with his tongue into the tiny slitted opening.

Buck’s fists clenched, a shudder rippling through his entire body.

Ezra let the erection slip from his lips. He looked up at Buck’s strained face. Letting his words whisper warm puffs of breath across the throbbing cock in front of him, Ezra grinned, “Do you want my mouth, Buck?”

Vin pulled his fingers free of Buck’s anus, letting his own erection tease at the crack of Buck’s cheeks as he leaned close to breathe in Buck’s ear. “Or my cock?”

Buck groaned, pressing back against Vin’s hard shaft.

Vin moved back, breaking the contact. “You know what I need to hear, Bucklin.”

With a whimper of frustration, Buck leaned forward instead, arching his erection toward Ezra’s tormenting lips.

Ezra shook his head, kneeling back onto his heels. “What will it be, Buck?”

“Both! Oh, God, please, both,” Buck gasped, throwing his head back in abandon.

“Done!” Ezra and Vin agreed simultaneously.

Grasping Buck’s hips in a bruising grip, Vin centered his aching erection, thrusting forward to fill Buck at the same time as Ezra leaned forward to swallow Buck’s throbbing erection.

“Sweet Jesus!” the bound man growled, bucking between the two other men as he surrendered to the waves of shattering climax flooding over him.

Vin quickly followed, shooting his own climax into Buck while Ezra worked at swallowing Buck’s load.

Satiated and spent, Buck sagged in his bonds. Making quick work of the cuffs around Buck’s wrists, the two men let him slump to the bed while they freed his ankles as well.

Ezra looked down at the exhausted man. He grinned, elbowing Vin lightly in the side. “Well, I’d say the man has a debt to pay, wouldn’t you?”

Vin nodded his agreement with a chuckle. “Yep, he definitely owes us now.”

Buck groaned. “C’mon now, y’all know we weren’t serious.”

“Oh no you don’t, Buck,” Ezra grinned, “you lost and you’re gonna pay up.” He slid onto the bed, curling against Buck’s left side.

“Aww, Ez,” Buck muttered, pulling the younger man close.

“Man’s right, Bucklin, shouldn’ta bet if you didn’t want to pay up,” Vin agreed, settling against Buck’s other side. “What was it again?” he asked, trailing his fingers across Buck’s belly.

Ezra grinned. “Laundry, cooking and dishes for a month.”

Buck chuckled, squeezing both men in a tight embrace. “Worth every day of it, too.”


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