Pairing: Ezra Standish/Buck Wilmington/Vin Tanner
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I’m not making any money from this... you know the drill.
Warnings: threesome, bondage play
Summary: Ezra and Vin take Buck for a wild ride.


Rode Hard

by TimberWolf

“Delicious sight indeed, wouldn’t you agree Vin?” Ezra grinned.

“Yes sirree, sure is,” Vin nodded.

The two men stood on either side of Ezra’s wide feather bed, watching their partner. Buck lay in the middle of the bed, bound spread-eagled to each of its four corners. A fine sheen of sweat covered his body, his hair falling in damp curls against the blindfold covering his eyes.

He moaned softly behind the bandanna serving as his gag, while his chest rose and fell with his gasping breaths.

“Yes indeed,” Ezra whispered, watching Buck’s engorged cock jump as he slid his fingers in a slow teasing caress up the length of the bound man’s thigh. “You ready for this, Vin?”

“You bet yer ass,” Vin grinned.

Ezra laughed. “More like you’re wagering yours.”

Buck groaned again, shuddering under Ezra’s long fingers.

“You ain’t got no say in this, Bucklin’,” Vin chided with a chuckle. He turned to Ezra, “Let’s do it.”

Ezra waved his arm toward the bound man on the bed, “By all means, Vin, climb aboard.”

Vin grinned widely, nodding to Ezra, then beginning to crawl upward from the foot of the bed, sliding along Buck’s writhing body, planting feather-light, teasing kisses here and there. “You hold on there, Bucklin,” he whispered into Buck’s ear, “remember, no coming ‘til Ez gives the word.”

Vin slid his arms down Buck’s chest, tweaking his nipples for good measure as he sat up, slowly reaching behind himself to center the tip of Buck’s cock against his own oiled anus. Already well stretched, Vin slid down onto Buck with a smooth steady motion, taking him in fully without a problem.

Keeping Buck inside, Vin lay flat against the bound man’s chest, nibbling against the sensitive juncture of Buck’s neck and shoulder.

Buck shuddered under Vin, his hands clenching on the open air as he struggled against his bonds, unable to be still.

“‘Kay, Ez, yer turn,” Vin murmured, turning his head to look back at the gambler.

Ezra grinned a feral, lascivious grin as he looked down at his partners, locked together in passion, waiting for him to join them. He knelt between Buck’s legs, sliding his hands down Vin’s thighs to caress his ass. Pouring a little more oil on the juncture where Vin’s ass swallowed Buck’s cock, Ezra had to simply watch a moment, amazed at how the small opening grasped Buck’s organ but still seemed almost to be asking for more.

Ezra slid two oily fingers down Vin’s crack, pushing them inside, brushing along Buck’s erection.

Buck jumped with a muffled cry.

Vin gasped, pushing back against Ezra, squeezing his fingers against Buck’s cock.

“More?” Ezra asked softly.

“You know it,” Vin gasped, “do it!”

Pulling his fingers free, Ezra shifted closer on the bed, lining his erection against Vin and Buck’s connection. Slowly pushing forward, he felt Vin’s opening stretch, accepting him into its tight heat, squeezing him against Buck’s throbbing length.

Twin groans rose from the throats of the two men beneath him as Ezra continued his slow slide forward until his entire length was enveloped and their three bodies had become one.

Ezra slid back mere inches, then pushed forward again. The incredible friction of his own erection sliding along the length of Buck’s while simultaneously surrounded by Vin’s smooth passage was enough to push him to the brink.

Buck moaned and thrashed beneath them, while Vin panted, lost in the feelings overloading his brain, barely able to grasp momentary consciousness of individual sensations. The brush of Buck’s chest hair against his nipples, the strength of Ezra’s fingers clenched around his hips, the grind of his own cock against Buck’s belly, each sensation momentarily felt, then lost to the next.

Ezra gritted his teeth, each thrust pushing them all closer and closer to the edge. “Now,” he gasped, shuddering into Vin.

Vin cried out, clenching tightly around his partners as he felt his own climax rip through his body, shooting between his own belly and Buck’s.

Buck arched against his bonds with a muffled shout, lifting both Vin and Ezra into the air before falling back against the bed, trembling with the aftershocks of his incredible release.

Ezra slid slowly out of Vin. Turning to the foot of the bed, he untied the bonds holding Buck’s feet with a flick of his wrist, the quick-release knots falling away exactly as they were meant to. At the same time, he could feel Vin stretching up to do the same with the bonds around Buck’s wrists.

The two men flopped back onto the bed, one on each side of their partner. Ezra reached up with one hand to loosen the bandanna, leaving it to hang around Buck’s neck.

Vin curled lethargically into Buck’s side as the gunslinger reached up to push the blindfold off his eyes. “You okay, Vin?” he murmured, looking down at the man curled at his side.

“Yep,” Vin drawled, “how’re you feelin’?”

Buck grinned, “you know the answer to that, it’s always the same.”

Ezra met Vin’s eyes across the gunslinger’s chest and with a grin, they chorused, “like you been rode hard and put away wet!”

“Exactly!” Buck chuckled, pulling the two men close, “And it’s never been better.”


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