Pairing: Ezra Standish/Buck Wilmington
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I’m not making any money from this... you know the drill.
Notes: written for CtM’s Aug 2003 Holidays Challenge - Kiss and Make up Day - Aug 25th
Warnings: written in a couple hours, not beta’d...
Summary: Ezra ambushes Buck.



by TimberWolf

Ezra ambushed Buck as he came out of the shower, naked and squeaky clean, manoeuvring his not exactly unwilling body between the posts at the foot of the bed, and securing him there, cuffing him, wrists above his head and ankles on the floor, spread-eagled between the foot posts, facing the mattress.

He let his hand slide down Buck’s back, teasing at the firm, rounded ass with a slight pinch, chuckling when the big man jumped. Then he settled on his knees on the bed in front of Buck. Smoothing his hands down Buck’s shoulders, he spent a few minutes tweaking and rolling Buck’s nipples until they were puckered and taut, and his breathing was quickening into short, panting gasps, his hips beginning to undulate as his cock perked up in interest.

Liking the reaction he was getting, Ezra grinned and sidled closer, going to work on Buck’s nipples with his teeth and tongue, while he slid his hands lower, his fingers curling around Buck’s growing cock.

Buck gasped, pumping into Ezra’s hand, already hot and ready for more. “Ez, please!”

Ezra smiled into Buck’s eyes, holding his gaze as he moved lower and lower, until his lips hovered over Buck’s cock. “I know it makes you hot to watch me on my knees, sucking your cock into my mouth,” he whispered, each word a warm puff of breath across the throbbing shaft in front of him. He savoured it like a popsicle, licking and slurping while Buck began to shudder and writhe and whimper his name, inching closer and closer to exploding with every swipe of Ezra’s rough tongue.

Which was Ezra’s cue to stop. He picked up a length of soft nylon rope and begin to twist and wrap it around Buck’s cock and balls, fashioning a snug genital bondage, keeping his cock swollen hard and red at the same time as it stretched and separated Buck’s balls. “Beautiful.”

Buck groaned, letting his head fall back, knowing that this meant Ezra wouldn’t be letting him come anytime soon.

Ezra knelt up, pulling Buck’s face forward to kiss him, letting him taste the salty tang of his own pre-cum on Ezra’s tongue. “Like that?” he asked, twisting Buck’s nipple between his fingers.

Buck only whimpered into his mouth, a shudder running the full length of his body.

Ezra chuckled, loving it when Buck was too needy to form words.

He slipped off the bed and moved behind Buck, once more smoothing his hands down Buck’s back, squeezing his ass cheeks. “Your ass feeling left out, Buck?” he murmured, kneading and kissing over each cheek. He let his fingers slide down the crack, pulling the globes slightly apart and releasing them.

“Feeling a little empty?” Ezra rubbed his thumb across the pucker, wringing a new groan from Buck as he writhed. He pried Buck’s ass cheeks apart again and watched the small pucker contract as he blew across it. “Want something long and hard pushing in there?”

Buck twisted in his bonds, completely at Ezra’s mercy.

Ezra grabbed the lube and began working it into Buck with his fingers. He grunted at the first intrusion, but soon he was pushing back onto Ezra’s long fingers, wanting more. When Buck was loose and well lubed, Ezra picked up a large vibrating plug. Lubing the toy generously, he centered it, and pushed.

A long, shuddering moan was driven from Buck’s lungs as Ezra shoved the full length of the toy inside him and switched on the vibration. Buck’s cock arched higher.

Ezra twisted the plug, looking for just the right spot, and as he did, Buck jerked in his bonds. “FUCK!”

“Oooh, I think I found the spot.” He grinned, moving the plug again, just a fraction.

Buck jumped, his cock twitching against his belly, “again, Ez, more!”

Ezra moved back around onto the bed, reaching one arm between Buck’s legs to manipulate the plug while he licked and sucked on Buck’s balls and cock, catching as much of the drooling pre-cum as he could.

“so close, so close, so close,” Buck whispered, shuddering, jolting and gasping with each brush of the plug across his prostate, “Jesus Ez, fuck me, do something, anything!”

Ezra leaned over, working quickly to release the cuffs securing Buck’s ankles. Then, turning around with his back to him, he knelt up on the bed to work at releasing Buck’s wrist cuffs. Buck pressed close against him, rubbing his aching cock across Ezra’s ass, thrusting against him.

Ezra moaned, suddenly as needy as Buck, struggling with the cuffs.

He got one free and Buck wrapped the arm around him, clutching at his chest as he arched over him, latching his teeth onto Ezra’s neck. Then Buck’s second hand was free and Ezra was locked in Buck’s arms as he marked Ezra’s neck.

Long past the end of his patience, Buck pushed Ezra down onto the bed with a growl and grabbed his hips in a tight bruising grip, holding him steady. In a single, deep thrust he slammed into Ezra, barely aware enough to notice that he was already well stretched and lubed. Buck pulled back out again, beginning a deep pumping rhythm.

Ezra gasped Buck’s name, bucking wildly against him, meeting him thrust for thrust, faster, harder, until, with a scream, he shuddered, clenching around Buck as he came. It was enough to send Buck over the edge as well, as he collapsed on top of Ezra, leaving him to savour Buck’s weight pressing him into the bed, the hard length of Buck still inside him, both men still trembling with the intensity of their orgasms.

“Mmmmm,” Ezra groaned softly, craning his neck just enough to kiss Buck on the cheek. “Happy Kiss and Make up Day,” he murmured, barely managing to keep his eyes open.

Buck grunted, rolling to the side and drawing the smaller man into his arms. He cracked one eye open to half scowl at Ezra, “Did we have a fight?”

Ezra shrugged with a yawn, settling his cheek against Buck’s chest. “No, but it’s so fun making up I decided not to wait.”

A deep chuckle rumbled through Buck’s chest. “That’s why I love you, Ez. You’re always thinking ahead.”


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