Three Spades Deep


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Updated 14 October 2002

I've added some family information provided to me by Stephen Stronach, re: the family of Phillip J. Stronach.

I've also just realised this site has been on the net for just over a year (I uploaded the first files on 23 Sep 2002).


The information on this site was taken from the book Three spades deep : the Stronach saga which was compiled by my aunt, Anne (Stronach) Crocker and my late grandfather, J. Mack Stronach, with much help from my late grandmother, Ethel (Lantz) Rafuse. It is about the Stronach family in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Birthdates for those born after 1900 and who are still living will NOT be included on this website, in order to protect their privacy.

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I have not documented the sources of information in the same manner as the book. I refuse to code THAT many superscripts. If there is any question about where a specific reference came from, I will try to track it down.

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