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Amongst Us On Mount Olympus by Andrew Troy Keller
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Character(s): original, character, original, character, other, female, other, female, other, male
Warning(s): Adult Situations, AU, Drama, Fantasy, fetish, First Time, het, Human/Alien coupling, Hurt/Comfort, Kinks, Language, m/f, Paranormal activity, partner betrayal, Role play, Role-playing, Romance, sexual references, supernatural
Summary: A tabloid reporter places himself inside the trunk of Jenna Jameson's car in order to get some pics of her,only to have himself transported to Mount Olympus and discover that she really is an Ancient Greek goddess known as Aphrodite.

Author's Notes:

Other Notes:This AU story is a birthday gift for Jenna Jameson,who was born on April 9th,1974.

Disclaimer:This is a work of fiction.Any resemblance of characters to actual persons--living or dead--is purely mcoincidental.The Author Holds exclusive rights to this work.Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

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