Venice Heat
by NovaD
Chapter Two:

People back East where I grew up said I traded on my looks. Maybe I did. I don't know. There was never anything special to me when I looked in the mirror. I always thought of myself as lucky. Some instinct kept putting me in the right place at the right time.

Like my move out to L.A. I came out here without a plan or a job and without knowing anyone. So I landed at a hostel right on Venice Beach. I mean, I can see the ocean from my room. That's so amazing at sunset to see the sky and the water on fire. And it looks different almost every day. I wish I could paint or take pictures or something. It's hard to describe.

So I'm in this place which cost less than twenty bucks a day. But even at that price, the money I came out here with wouldn't have lasted long. Then, the guy that owns the place asked me if I wanted a gig. All I do is sit at the front desk for a few hours a night and sweep up the downstairs and I get to stay for free and keep my cash. Another bitchn' piece of luck. I don't think innkeeper dude cared what I looked like.

The next lucky thing was going into that bookstore in Santa Monica on one day. That's when I met Kelly. She was browsing in poetry which caught my attention. That and she was wearing this cotton sundress that let a guy know that she had a nice little body - not Kate Moss thin. Kinda farm fed curves made sleek from rollerblading. I could also tell that she didn't wear any underwear. That sort of thing always interested me. She was checking out poetry by Plath and Pound. I thought that was kind of a downer for all that sun.

"You should read Whitman. He was meant to be read outdoors in the sunshine," I said.

"He was?" Her big brown eyes had a look of disbelief in them.

"He said that in his memoirs," I said. "My poetry professor was not pleased with me pointed out that Whitman specifically said that his work shouldn't be read in a classroom."

"Most profs don't like a smart wise ass," she said with a bright smile. "How did you do in the class?"

"I aced it. With a mouth like mine, I have to be a good student," I said.

She was smiling big time. I liked it. She had very pretty mouth.

"My name is Kelly."

"Hello, Kelly. My name is Steve."

"Hey, Steve. What are you doing today?"

"I'm free until midnight," I said.

"Want to go for coffee?"

So we went for coffee and later pizza on the pier. I was kissing her on the walk home along the surf. Home for her was this broken down house. It was right on the beach, but she had eight roommates. It looked like those Time-Life photos of a hippy commune.

"Eight roommates!" I said. Thinking about it almost distracted me from my efforts to get a look under her dress.

"Most of us work different schedules and none of us are homebodies," she smiled. "It never seems as crowded as it is."

I didn't notice much of the decor as we went through the first floor to the back of the house. We were kissing most of the way. Kelly was trying to get my shirt off. By the time we got to her room, she was licking down my abdomen and unfastening my pants. I watched her lick my cock and balls, but I stopped her from sucking me. I wanted what was under that dress.

"Bend over, Kelly," I said.

She did spreading her legs, arching her pelvis, resting her torso on the mattress and shimmying her ass at me. I slammed that tight pink box and it was so good.

Since then, we'd been hanging out at her place or on the beach whenever. The sex was great and with no strings attached -- my favorite kind. Kelly liked to suck cock. She was ready to fuck almost anytime and could go for hours. I enjoyed her little pink nipples and her sweet taste. I was even working on taking her up that tight little ass. That was something that I really wanted that she wasn't ready for yet.

I figure that being with Kelly was on account of luck and not my looks. Kelly met good looking guys all the time, but she didn't like any of their lines. I was lucky I remembered my Whitman.

Then there was the dumb luck that led me to Dagmar. I'd just started jogging a few days before I first saw her. I had decided to get ripped 'cause people kept telling me that I should model or act. So I was pounding along at a decent clip when I saw her. I tried not to look at her directly. I didn't want to look like a jerk. It wasn't easy though. She was this incredible amazon. Could be the Warrior Princess herself. And that body.... I swear she could handle six guys by herself. I sped up so that she wouldn't see my hard on.

At first, I thought I had a chance with her. I was sure that she looked me over. Then, I got confused. She seemed to be getting something on with a really old jogger and a bike cop. For the longest time, I didn't know what was going on. I just kept jogging by at the same time waiting to see what would happen. And then.... oh, man. She walked out in that amazing outfit with a leash in her hands. A sex fantasy was walking into my path. I had to stop. Finally, I was facing a really strong woman who would just grab me and rock my world.

Dagmar grabbed alright. She took my cock in her hand and stared me straight into the eyes. I would have followed her anywhere. When she told me that my lips were hers and my abs were hers, I agreed because I thought it was kind of fun. But when she sucked me almost dry of everything, I knew she had me. I wasn't kidding when I told her my cock was hers. I even liked the whippings. They made me feel so exposed. Every touch was intense because of them. I came like I never came before.

And even after I left, I was still stoked. I had to tell Kelly. She was always one who liked to hear about my escapades. I'd even talked about her spanking my naughty ass. She would laugh. So I told her about Dagmar. I like to be straight up with women. I have to be.

So when I told Kelly, she seemed to be really interested. She just looked at me with this kind of intent look on her face. I thought she was getting wet from all the details. Then, she went off. Just started yelling at me which was totally uncalled for if she was telling the truth about our friendship. I pointed that out to Kelly. That's when she threw me out of the house.

I was really ticked, but it didn't really matter in the long run. Since I wasn't going to spend the morning trying to get at that tight little ass, I decided to go to this casting call at Zephyr Studios in Hollywood. I saw an ad in one of those free weekly papers asking for well built young men in their 20s for some action film. When I clipped the ad, I hadn't really planned on going. I had a lame head shot and a lamer resume. But since I didn't have anything else to do, it was a what the hell kind of thing. I went home and changed into some nicer black pants and a short sleeved silk shirt.

That was the right move. In all the months I'd been in L.A., I hadn't been on any studio tours. Then, there I was on a lot where a lot of film and TV shows I used to watch were made. There was a little guard house like in Bugs Bunny cartoons. The guard gave me a pass for DSC productions and a little map. The dude in charge of the film was a Paul Everhardt. Sounded like a porno.

The building the guard guy sent me to was kinda run down. It was long and gray, about four stories tall. Looked something like an army barracks. Not very glamourous. The receptionist sent me to a waiting room outside a small sound stage. I was there with ten other guys. As soon as I got into the room, I had to take a whiz.

The receptionist sent me way down the hall to the other side of the building. So, I did my thing. While I was washing my hands, two guys came in to use the facilities.

"Her vacation's over so soon?"

"Nah, but you know she had to stop in at some point," the other guy said.

"Yeah. Can't keep Dagmar away from the real action for too long."

Dagmar? Couldn't be too many of those, I thought. I had to find out.

When I left the men's room, I peeked further down the hall. There was a pair of double doors. When a secretary went in, she left a door ajar. The room was some sort of lounge with a buffet set up and some vending machines.

There was a man sitting at the center of the table. There was some movement. A door opened into the lounge from another part of the building. The man looked over then went back to his work.

"And there he sits perfectly backlit in the morning sunlight. His wavy waist length honey colored hair catches the rays turning it blonde in places. His large dark eyes are cast down hidden by the long, sooty lashes. He seems serene, yet he is aware of everything in the room," a voice, Dagmar's voice said. She leaned over his shoulder to see what he was reading.

After a few seconds, dude let out with the biggest belch in her face.

"And here I was struck once again by how much you remind me of a Botticelli angel. Then I realize it's really Paul."

"I missed you, Dagmar. I wanted to share my breakfast," Paul said.

"There was another way, Paul. I'd prefer sucking your tongue," Dagmar said. "But I forgot. Your league doesn't allow away games."

"Nope. How is your vacation?"

"Wonderful. I'm feeling human."

"That would be easier if you were born one."

Paul was smiling to himself when Dagmar came around his chair and grabbed him by the hair pulling his head back. They were almost nose to nose.

"What's with all the fresh meat?"

"Some bit parts. Looking for that special face, you know."

"I know we commission casting directors."

"What's the point in having power if you don't use it," he smiled.

"You are such a slut."

"You'll never know."

"I will, sweet thing," she smiled releasing his hair.

I moved away from the door because she was heading my way. The door closed softly when I was a quarter of the way down the hall.

"I know that butt," Dagmar said. "Steven?"

I turned. Dagmar was in a casual dress some sort of soft purple knit. It was form fitting and went to her mid calf. The neckline was low and the sleeves were long. It was elegant and sexy. Her hair was in a braid. She smiled at me.

"Steven! How delightful." She said taking me by the waist. "What are you doing here?"

"The casting call," I replied. "What do you do here?"

"Officially, I develop TV shows. I do a lot of other oversight informally," she said. "You look yummy. After the audition, have someone show you to my office. I feel like a snack."

"Should I mention you to Mr. Everhardt?"

"Not if you want the part," she chuckled. "He'll pass you over if he thinks it will annoy me."

"That's sounds crazy."

"Aside from being a demon sent from hell to torment me, Paul's in film. Crazy is part of it," she said. "See you later, pet."

That blew all my interest in the audition. My mind was on Dagmar snacking on me. I had a semi hard on. It probably would have gotten harder, but I was worried about how those other dudes in the room swung. It was there though and waiting for her attention through the whole damned audition.

I barely remember the audition. We just sort of stood around posing and said some lame dialogue. 'So, Phil, you surf today.' Like we really talk like that. I wondered if Mr. Everhardt noticed. His eyes drifted on me a few times, but I couldn't read anything in them. Afterwards, the receptionist said they'd contact me if they wanted a call back. I didn't care.

"I was told to go to Dagmar Olanoff's office," I said.

The office was on the fourth floor. There was a very nice reception area with two leather love seats and a really cool art decco coffee table. There was a chubby dark haired woman with who had a cute face and a lot of wild curly hair. She smiled at me.

"You must be Steven," she said. "Why can't I have you as a neighbor?"

That made me blush. I didn't really know what to say. "Thank you."

"Go on in. She's expecting you."

The office wasn't that large, but it was nicely furnished. The colors were subdued. There wasn't a lot of knick knacks. It was elegant, easy and somehow powerful like the woman on the phone.

"I don't care if the army invaded looking for their monks. They know what the industry means to their miserable little economy. Tell them to move!" She said slamming down the phone.

"Whoa... how do I compete with moving an army?" I thought. Then she smiled at me.

"Come over here, Steven," Dagmar said. She got up and moved around to the front of the desk. She sat on the edge of it.

I was pulled into her arms. We started kissing.

"I love that mouth," she whispered against my lips. "We're going to see how good it is."

Dagmar gently pushed be back a little to hike her dress up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties. I guess I would have been surprised if she was.

"There's a pillow on the sofa. I call it the pitch pillow. Bring it over here. Kneel on it and get to work," she said.

"Awright!" I said.

"How are you to respond to me?" she asked in a firm tone.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied. I couldn't help grinning.

She had one leg up on the desk to give me better access. I got to work. She tasted great, both sweet and tangy. I loved her scent. I loved the way she moved under me and the low moaning sound she made as I tongued and sucked at her clit. Dagmar was probably always close to an orgasm, but I couldn't help but feel proud of myself when she worked up to one so quickly. Her whole body trembled and she let out a halting, breathless moan then fell back on the desk.

My cock was trying to rip itself out of my pants. I stood up and looked at her. Dagmar's eyes were closed. She was breathing deeply.

"Lovely. You have a very talented mouth, sweet boy. But you are quite impertinent," she said standing up. "You must learn that your beautiful cock is not the center of your universe. I am. Come here."

Dagmar reached out and unfastened my pants. She pulled out my cock then slipped something over it to the base. It was like a thick rubber band. A cockring.

"You'll have to suffer with that until I release you. Come to me later and we'll work this out," she said. "I suggest that you wear the shirt outside your pants."

I couldn't believe it, but Dagmar was serious. She was already back at her desk and about to make more calls. "Be a dear and send Kimberly in."

I fixed my pants. I was ticked, but I didn't know what else to do. She left me even more curious about what would happen. What else could she get me to do? Why was I willing to do it. The shirt covered me well enough to get back to my car. I hurried out. Kimberly was on her way in.

"You used the cockring?" I heard her ask.

"How did you know?" Dagmar replied.

"The butt plug makes them walk differently."

I left.

It was dark or just about when I got to Dagmar's house. I had to change and there was this really cool metaphysical debate going on at the Hostel in the lobby. That distracted me for a little while, but that damned cock ring reminded me where I needed to be. I wouldn't...I couldn't remove it.

The lower part of the house was dark. I found the key where she left it and went inside. There was soft music coming from upstairs. As I climbed the stairs, I heard quiet moaning and grunting. I followed the sounds to a room Dagmar called the Playroom.

When I looked inside, I just about exploded. There was Kelly naked on the bed. She was on her knees with her shoulders on the mattress. Her arms were stretched out in front of her. Her wrists were shackled to the sheets by some sort of canvass cuffs attached to a pads. She was blindfolded with a leather strap and had a ball gag in her mouth. Her legs were spread wide by a bar which was attached be a leather strap to each of her thighs. But the most amazing thing I was seeing was Dagmar fucking her with a double dildo she had strapped on. Kelly, who wouldn't let me stick a finger up there was taking a big dildo in her pussy and a respectable one working her ass.

I walked into the room with my mouth open.

"Jesus, Dagmar," I said. "You're fucking her up the ass!"

Dagmar smiled at me. "Isn't that why you sent her? I thought it was so considerate."

She motioned me to come closer.

"You were wonderful today and then to send me this gift. Come here," she said. I was pulled into that hungry mouth. During that hot kiss, I felt my tensions receding about Kelly and wanted to see what would happen.

"Why don't you use that beautiful cock for something important," Dagmar said.

"Remove her gag and then jam it into her mouth. The gag isn't working well enough."

Dagmar anchored a hand in Kelly's hair and pulled her head back. I shucked my pants.

"Take the cockring off, sweetness," she said. The Mistress began pumping again.

I traced the tip of my cock along Kelly's lips after I removed the gag. As soon as that mouth opened, I put it inside.

"Suck it, bitch," Dagmar said. "And do a good job."

Kelly went at it. I started to tremble. Because of the cock ring, I wasn't going to last long.

"Let it go, pets," Dagmar said. "You can come this time. Steve, you come on pretty Kelly's face."

Kelly started to moan loudly. She was really going for this. Her hips were working to help Dagmar fuck her. That was making me crazy. I pulled out and shot it all over her face. Kelly was nearly screaming when she collapsed under the Mistress.

"That was fun," Dagmar said with a sigh. She removed the dildos. "Put this collar on Kelly. We're all going to the Master bath to clean up for the next round of entertainment."

Once the collar was in place, Dagmar released the shackles and the spreader bar. The blindfold was removed but she was gagged again. This time with a ball gag. And to my total surprise, Dagmar handcuffed Kelly with her wrists behind her back. She tugged on the leash which was already attached to the collar and led the way to the next room.

The bathroom was the size of two rooms at the Hostel. One wall was all windows that looked out on the beach below. There were big green plants hanging from the ceiling along the width of the windows and potted trees in the corners. There was a huge shower stall which was where Dagmar was pointing.

"Clean her up then bring her to me beside the tub," Dagmar said. "Then you clean up."

"Yes, Mistress," I was surprised that I could still talk.

Kelly was acting weird. She wasn't trying to get away. Her shoulders were square. Her nipples were hard. In general, she was looking down but her gaze kept sweeping about to look at Dagmar or at me. That bitch was getting off on this. How did Dagmar know that she would after meeting her the first time?

We were under the hot spray and Dagmar was in the sunken tub when she spoke.

"Imagine my surprise this afternoon. I was only home about twenty minutes. I'd barely tasted my wine when there was a banging at my door. In walks pretty Kelly spewing obscenities from that lush mouth. I was taken aback.

"I was about to have her thrown out, but then I noticed that while she was talking about what I'd done to you, her nipples got hard."

I looked at Kelly. She lowered her eyes and blushed. It hadn't even been ten minutes and I was getting hard again.

"Since I never like to turn down an invitation, I pulled her top over her head, tied her wrists with it and turned her over my knee. I spanked her hard through her skirt with my hand. When I reached under the skirt, I discovered that aside from wearing no panties, she was wet. That skirt came off then I spanked her bare ass until it was red hot."

I finished rinsing the soap off Kelly. Then, I led her to the edge of the tub and handed Dagmar the leash.

"On your knees. Sit back on your haunches with your legs spread. I want to enjoy the view," she said. "Where was I? Oh, yes. I gagged her for the obscenities. Until she can speak civilly around me, Kelly will have either a gag or some organ in that mouth. Anyway, I dragged her to the Playroom which is where you found us. She has a very spankable and fuckable ass."

I nodded. I still didn't trust myself to talk. Somehow, I managed to get clean and dry. By then, Dagmar was out of the tub.

"Dry me," she said.

I did.

"I'll be in the Playroom fitting Kelly with her evening ensemble. There is a plate of finger sandwiches in the fridge. Bring it and a bottle of white wine," she said.

"Yes, Mistress," I said more seriously than this afternoon. I was really feeling her power.

I went for the sandwiches. Dagmar had a well stocked fridge full of all the stuff from the gourmet part of the supermarket that I couldn't afford. There was a whole cabinet of wine at the right temperature. There wasn't any time to poke around least not in the kitchen.

When I got back to the Playroom, Kelly was in some kind of harness. There was a collar that was attached to a wide leather strap at the back. The strap ran down to the curve of her spine. At the bottom were leather shackled one on top of the other that held her wrists. Kelly was perched on the bed. Dagmar was in a see through gown and high heels. Even without the leather, she looked dangerous lounging in a big back easy chair.

I was instructed to serve Dagmar wine and some sandwiches then to feed Kelly then myself. I did as I was told and tried to appreciate the sandwich and the crisp wine. All the while, my mind was on what would happen next. I was so focused that I didn't hear Dagmar approach me.

The next thing I knew Dagmar had me by the hair. She was standing next to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. She tilted my head back.

"Now, you get to be the center of attention while Kelly watches," she said.

Before I could really think about what was happening, the Mistress had me in the same kind of harness that was restraining Kelly. That was confusing. It would take a lot of balance to fuck in that thing.

"I spent a glorious afternoon pushing Kelly's boundaries. It's time to push yours," she said. "But first, let's get Kelly out of the way."

That said, she pulled Kelly to her feet. "We'll just hang you up here for a while."

I hadn't noticed the pulleys that were suspended from the ceiling with heavy chairs. The plates connected to the chains were bolted to the ceiling.

"Da-amn," I said.

"Hold your tongue," Dagmar said. There was a chain that ran through the pulley. A hook was on one end. The other end was attached to a spool which was anchored to a plate on the floor. What did the interior designer think about that? Kelly was hooked to the chain by the back of her collar. The chain was tightened so that she couldn't move without being on her tip toes. Kelly was stoked. Her nipples were hard as rocks.

"And now for you, sweet one. Our guest will be here soon," Dagmar said.

"Guests?" I thought. I have to admit that images of multiple pairs of tits and rows of asses to enjoy flashed into my head. I suppose I should have known better. Dagmar had proven that she was heavy duty.

"Just like pretty Kelly is a slave to that tight, juicy box, you are a slave to that beautiful cock," Dagmar said. "Who can blame you? And I'm willing to bet that as long as that cock is pleasured, you won't care who's doing it."

I liked that idea. Dagmar could tell.

"Not so fast, beautiful. We're learning your limits, remember?" She asked. "One of my basic rules is quid pro quo. If you want someone to go down on you, you have to be willing to reciprocate. If you want to stick that cock in someone's ass, you'd better be ready to take it yourself."

Dagmar was in front of me with the leather blindfold in her hands. Kelly's eyes were boring through me.

"Well, pet? Do we test your limits?"

I looked into her eyes. She was appraising me. She read something that made her smile slightly. How did she know that I had to know?

"Yes, Mistress," I said so quietly I wasn't sure she heard me. I closed my eyes. She put on the blindfold.

"Lay down and relax," Dagmar said. "Remember to relax and enjoy."

The doorbell rang.

"Right on time," Dagmar said happily.

I heard a window open. "I'll buzz you in. Don't speak.," she said.

There was a faint buzzing sound. Then, I heard some soft footsteps. The suspense was making me nuts.

"Hello, darling. Get naked. You will be entertaining on of my neighbors and possibly one other," she said.

I heard clothes rustling. Then the bed sagged next to me.

"Steven is beautiful. And I can tell you agree," Dagmar said with a laugh in her voice. "I want you to worship his wondrous cock with that talented tongue. Do not touch him in any other way."

After a moment, that seemed to last forever, I was turned slightly by Dagmar. I was resting on my right shoulder -- not quite on my back. Then this tongue was licking my balls. It swirled over them; lapped them; tasted them. That tongue was savoring them. That tongue was content. I believed it would be content to do that all day. I was in heaven, and my cock hadn't been touched.

My absorption on my nads is probably why I didn't hear Dagmar buzz the other person in. Even when she greeted him, I barely reacted.

"Dagmar, why would some little old jogger tell me to run for my life....oh, my lord..." he said.

"Paul, how nice of you to come," Dagmar said.

"I was intrigued. Frankly, I thought you'd chase me around the house and attempt to have your way with me. I was hoping to bring you up on charges," he said. Paul was distracted. I couldn't blame him.

"Are you disappointed?"

"About the charges, a little," he said. "Shall I join you on the dias? When do you loose the lions?"

"I had something else in mind. The young man in the harness you remember Steven. He's my neighbor and a new pet of mine. He's a virgin in a certain area. I'd like you to do the honors."

"Why should I? Don't you have a vast array of tools for this?"

"Of course. But I'd rather see this. Besides, then you get to have Dominique here with his talented tongue," she replied.

"French chocolate..."

"The finest import...a lovely bittersweet taste."

"And what's in it for you?"

"I get to see you beauties together naked in ecstasy."

"And a piece of my soul, if you can collect it," Paul said.

"You are a minion of Satan. Are you afraid?"

"I should be, but what the hell."

I heard clothing rustling.

"Yummy yummy," Dagmar said.

"And not for you," Paul said.

Dagmar chuckled. She was very near me then.

"We have to move you, Steven. Up on your knees," she said.

I felt hands on me. I was on my knees. Then I felt anchored in place. I realized that my collar was on one of those hooks. Jesus, I'm hanging like a side of beef. There wasn't time to think about it. Dominique was sucking my cock. The lips were full and soft. The suction was strong but not intense. Dagmar was brushing against me. I could smell the jasmine scented oil she wore. Her nipples were brushing my chest.

"Do you need any help to get going?" Dagmar asked.

"No, I'm a self starter. No fluffing necessary," Paul said almost against my ear. "Relax, Steve. I'm going to start touching you."

I almost didn't hear him speak. Dagmar's nipples were tracing patterns. Then, her tongue was dancing with mine. Dominique was sucking in earnest. I got lost in all the sensations. I know I was being opened slowly and carefully. I felt myself being penetrated. On some vague level in my mind I realized that a man was fucking me. A man was probably sucking me. I didn't care. I let go of the reality and came so hard that I nearly blacked out.

I wasn't incoherent long. I felt Paul gently pulling out of me. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. He lifted me enough so that the hook released. Then, he lowered me to the bed.

"Paul, you were wonderful! My fallen angel," Dagmar sighed.

The blindfold came off. I discovered that Dominique was a well cut, tall caramel colored man with soft curls and hazel eyes. Paul was eyeing him like the only pastry left on the desert cart. Dominique was collared and leashed with eyes cast down.

"Now what, Dagmar?" Paul demanded.

She smiled. "There is a guest suite at the end of the hall with its own bathroom and a well stocked mini fridge. Dominique will service you in any way, but you may not hit him. Only I may punish him."

"Oh, I don't have time for that nonsense," Paul replied.

"Then you won't need the leash?"

"No, I'll keep that," he said tugging the fine chain. He picked up the spreader bar. "I've always wanted to try one of these. Come along, Dominique."

Paul left without bothering to pick up his clothes.

Dagmar removed my harness. She was chuckling softly. "That went better than I thought it would!"

"May I ask something, Mistress?"

"Of course."

"You didn't come. What did you get out of it?"

She rubbed my wrists. "I got to appreciate an incredible tableau. I got to see Paul naked and trembling in pleasure. I got to learn how her caresses and what he looks like at the moment he comes. Of course, he knows that that will be another torment for me, but it's worth it. I've probably started a whole new confusing dynamic at work. Since I can't whip my co-workers, it's fun to torment them."

I must have looked confused. She sighed. "I don't have to own the flowers to appreciate them. I don't have to be in the ocean to be moved by it. Don't worry, you'll learn that getting off is a very small part of the hedonist experience."

I thought I understood. I guess it was like watching two girls go at it.

"Take a shower, then come back here," Dagmar said. "Kelly is going to clean up the room."

"Yes, Mistress."

I needed the shower. I needed time to think. Jesus, that was intense. Two guys did me, and I didn't care. I came big time. And I didn't want to leave. It all felt good. The sex, the food and even the shower.

"She's hot and rich and what the fuck?" I decided.

When I went back to the playroom, the condoms and lube were gone. Kelly was curled up around Dagmar who was stroking her long blonde hair.

"Come to bed sweet thing. You've both had a long day and that bitch Paul will probably want breakfast at the crack of dawn," she said with a yawn.

My body felt heavy. I could sleep. I spooned behind Dagmar and held them both. I was stoked because I couldn't tell what tomorrow would bring. That was pretty cool.

Chapter 3: Kimberly