Venice Heat
by NovaD
Chapter Three:

Kimberly was headed to Dagmar's house for breakfast and a briefing. It was Friday, and her boss was due back to work Monday morning. Dagmar Olanoff would need the lay of the land and Kimberly was trusted to give it to her.

This working relationship still surprised her and many of the drones in the secretarial pool. Dagmar had said she noticed her work and her resilience long before offering the job. That surprised Kimberly. No one noticed her at that production office. She wasn't a size five. Fuckability was not a term they whispered behind her back. And Ms. Olanoff was known for her appreciation of beauty.

There was no hesitation in accepting the offer. She liked the way Dagmar worked and the way she dealt with the bs prevalent in every level of the job. Olanoff used knowledge of her job and her talent to get ahead. She was ruthless but not a cut throat. Kimberly thought of her as a dolphin among the sharks. And Dagmar respected Kimberly's ability and sought her opinions. In the ten years of working in the industry, that was new. Kimberly enjoyed that. Work was more interesting when she had input and thus a stake in the outcome of a project.

Those things were what made the job rewarding. Dagmar's lifestyle made work fascinating. It's not that Kimberly was a nun. The industry gave an advanced sex education whether it was wanted or not. But Dagmar's escapades in reality far eclipsed rumors. And her conversational chronicles were as funny as they were erotic. Kimberly never knew what she would see or hear about when the work day began.

That morning, Kimberly couldn't wait to find what happened after Dagmar issued that extraordinary invitation to Paul Everhardt. The incident sent ripples through the whole production company. Dagmar and Paul at a meeting sparked fireworks. Them together involved in Dagmar's 'hobby' was beyond Kimberly's imagination. And Kimberly spent a lot of time imagining things about Dagmar's sex life. The latest ones involved Paul Everhardt. He was beautiful. Even the women who knew he was gay held out hope to kiss those incredible lips - not too full, not too thin and perfectly shaped. It was hard not to fall into those large brown eyes.

In the assistant's mind, Dagmar could take him. Kimberly had pictured them often, the blonde and the dark. Paul would be handcuffed to her chair while she cut the clothes off his ripped body. Dagmar was very oral. The boss would tongue and suck her way down his torso until she had that big dick in her mouth. She would lovingly pump her lips over his shaft, up and down, as her hands caressed his balls.

The horn saved her life. Kimberly swerved away from the car she was drifting into. The other driver cursed at her and sped away. Kimberly slowed down and carefully moved over to the far right hand lane.

"Where did that come from?" Kimberly said shifting in her seat. She was supremely aware of her body; of her tension in her shoulders as she gripped the wheel, the angle of her foot on the accelerator, and the dampness between her legs.

"All I need to do is cause a sig alert. Accidents aren't an excuse for Dagmar Olanoff."

But then, she didn't have to worry about that. She had Charity to drive her. Charity was an enigma. No woman at work save for Dagmar and Kimberly could stand her. Six feet two, auburn hair, sardonic green eyes, her pouty mouth always seemed to be in a sneer and built like a Vargas girl. Kimberly liked her because she was always polite and vaguely protective. It was like the protective shield extended beyond Dagmar to her.

Kimberly wondered if the chauffeur would be spread eagle on the sun deck with Dagmar sucking her big nipples while fucking her ruthlessly with a dildo.

Even though she was still several miles from her exit, Kimberly pulled off the 10 and hit the surface streets. There was more to concentrate on and thus harder to be distracted.

"Or does Dagmar use a strap on? She must have a custom made one," Kimberly wondered. "God, I need a life."

Paul was coming out of the back gate when Kimberly rushed past her car. He wasn't running in terror. Nor did he seem angry. He looked hot as always. His hair was flowing loose as he walked to his car. He wore a tank top t-shirt with a leather jacket. A fine cloth shirt was slung over his arm. The black jeans clung snugly to his muscular legs and that beautifully rounded butt. As he peered at her over her dark glasses, his eyes were amused.

"The loyal vassal arrives to give evidence of plots against the Queen," he smiled.

"Good morning, Mr. Everhardt," Kimberly said crisply.

"It is indeed," Paul said with a smile.

That's when a gorgeous black man came up behind him. Kimberly knew he was one of Dagmar's trophies. She wondered as the pair drove away what this would cost Paul and if he was willing to pay.

Kimberly found Dagmar on the upper deck having coffee with a little old man in jogging attire.

"Ah, Kimberly, my personal assistant. Kimberly, Abe, local health nut," Dagmar said ruefully. "Have some coffee."


"Pleased to meet you," Abe smiled raising his coffee cup.

"This torture never ends. That damnable Paul was up at the crack of dawn demanding breakfast. Then this extortionist comes to call."

"You tried to kill me. I think I deserve some coffee," Abe said.

"And two pastries. Aren't you supposed to be watching your health?" Dagmar asked with irritation. Kimberly knew that her boss didn't really sound angry.

Frankie trotted by with a danish in his mouth. Kimberly petted him as he passed.

"A little caffeine and fat I can stand once in a while. All that bran makes me want to explode," he said after another sip of coffee. "But I have to trundle off. The ball and chain will know if I'm having fun."

Dagmar watched him with a rueful expression. "Sometimes my life is too strange for me. How are you, dear?"

"Confused as always," she replied. "The odds at work were ten to one against him accepting the invitation."

Dagmar raised a brow. "I should have taken some of that action."

"But how did you know he would come?"

"I didn't for sure. Mr. Everhardt has a mercurial streak which makes nothing an absolute certainty. I also knew he was intensely curious enough about my little hobby. Maybe he was hoping I'd harass him," Dagmar said with a shrug. "Whatever the reason, I'm delighted he came."

"You didn't?" Kimberly gasped.

"I never touched a hair on his head, but I enjoyed him nonetheless. Kimberly, Paul is a vision. His body is a work of art."

"His butt?"

"Ah, my lord, incredible. Words cannot begin to describe how wondrous that sight is. His body is the kind a gal wants to body hug," Dagmar said with a sigh. "I would insist on his nudity."

"He's cuddly," Kimberly sighed in agreement. "How does he fuck?"

"Amazing. Somehow he relaxed Steve with a massage down there. His rigidity vanished. Then, Paul took him. That angelic face was bliss. His eyes were hooded and dazed. His lips were parted. So beautiful... I came just looking at him," she sighed. "So yummy..."

"What will happen now?"

"If I know my Dominique, once off my property he'll revert to the horny Top that he is and fuck dear Paul's brains out. Which is probably just what my colleague needs," Dagmar said with a smile. "And that means he'll have to come back to me because I control Dominique."

"You are amazing. You've waited so patiently for an opening with Paul," Kimberly sighed.

"Watch and learn, sweet Kimberly. Any man can be had by any woman if she plays the game properly," Dagmar said. "Now, what minefield awaits my return to the office?"

"The biggest rumbling is about Mike Royer."

"They think I want him off the show."


"Idiots. What does Royer think?"

"Playing it close to the vest."

"Good boy. I've always liked Mike."

"What is with you and Mike? No one else pays that much attention to him," Kimberly asked. The quiet, intense writer was only a hair's breath more social than she. Thus, Kimberly always noticed what he was doing.

"To their peril. Another company could see what I see and take him away," Dagmar said with a flush of annoyance. "He is the best writer we have and he's just been promoted to the head of a five person team. He should be on his own show. Someone has to gently shove him."

"Be careful. Assumptions are rampant."

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Let's look at the mail," the Mistress replied.

It was a huge bundle even after Kimberly weeded through the trivial or that which could be delegated. Dagmar looked at the letters with hooded golden eyes methodically placing the pieces in three different piles. One pile wouldn't leave her desk. The replies would be her eyes only. For the other two piles, Dagmar had four replies that she would have modified according to the situation. The notes would be made on the letters as she sipped coffee. Kimberly was always amazed at Dagmar's efficiency. She would nosh, talk and make notes at the same time.

"I just want you to get me a meeting with Mike Royer for early next week. And make sure that he's going to attend the party next Friday," Dagmar said.

"I'll get on it," Kimberly replied.

"Good. Maybe if he networks, Mike will realize that he has more power than he thinks," she said.

The Mistress is always the nurturer, Kimberly thought. That was the most complicated element of their relationship. The part no one would believe and she wouldn't explain. Those who got really close to Dagmar were intensely loyal. Mike was getting a powerful advocate. And, apparently, so was Paul Everhardt. Kimberly smiled at the irony which was not likely lost on her boss. He would benefit and be annoyed. All the while he would be bound to her. Only having him physically would make the situation perfect.

There was always the sexual side to Dagmar Olanoff. Her sexuality crackled about her. Even as they worked in a comfortable relaxed routine, Kimberly was aware of the very sexy couple she had naked and nearby.

"Have your... your..."


"Yes. Have they met Charity?"

Dagmar smiled. "Not yet. Charity has been servicing the car and likely the mechanic."

"That should be a fun encounter."

"To say the least," Dagmar replied.

"Anything else?"

"We've got tons, but I want you to respond to that correspondence and relay my wishes to Mike," she said. "Then, I need you back here to help me set up my office. We'll have a nice lunch."

"You haven't hooked up the computer, have you?" Kimberly smiled.

Dagmar looked vexed. "I don't know why I would be expected to. The instructions may as well be in Sanscrit."

Kimberly shook her head at Dagmar. She didn't mind. It would be nice to be the assistant working away from the office. Not that Kimberly doubted for a moment that they would be working. But a mountain of stress could be handled with that beautiful view and that breeze.

"I shouldn't be more than three hours," Kimberly said.

"That's fine. I'll have time to discipline my late risers," Dagmar said.

"Er... well, I'd better get going."

"I'm not going to paddle them in front of you sweetie," Dagmar laughed. "Aside from that, my house was chosen for its discretion."

"Yes, ma'am," Kimberly blushed.

Kimberly avoided the freeway completely on the way back. It took longer, but was safer. The thoughts fought with the traffic lights for her attention. At the studio gate, she smiled nervously and fidgeted as the guard checked her through. She roared through the parking lot, and jammed the car into a space. She walked quickly to the offices, trying to keep her pace a natural one. Her heart was racing.

She reached the bathroom and was relieved that no one was there. She entered a stall and carefully locked the door. Kimberly slid up her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat. For a moment she just sat there, listening to the sound of her own breathing. Then, slowly, she moved her hand down to her clit. She touched it, then stroked it. Kimberly closed her eyes and imagined all the things which had almost run her off the road earlier. Dagmar, Paul. Charity, Steve. The fantasies began to collide; Steve with Dagmar as Charity fucked Paul. Kimberly seeing it all. Her hand began to move more and more rapidly, her breathing faster and harder. As the moment came, Kimberly put her hand over her mouth and cried into her palm. She was shaking.

Mike Royer's office was moved with his new position. He had a new assistant with his own reception area. It looked odd to Kimberly. It was as though he didn't have enough stuff to fill the rooms.

Kimberly knocked juggling Dagmar's gift in her arms.

"Mr. Royer?"

"In here," came the reply. "Kimberly?"

"It's me bearing gifts."

"Great and stop calling me Mister."


Mike was hanging up photographs. He still wore the same baggy jeans and broadcloth button down as always. Kimberly was relieved. Somehow, she thought he might change overnight. So many had in her experience. First names one day sirs and ma'ams the next.

"It's a bonsai tree."

"Nice," Mike said. "I used to have one in college..."

"Dagmar remembered you mentioning that."

Mark chuckled. "At my job interview."

"What can I say? She has a very long memory."

"So I've heard."

"That can be good or bad..."

"Depending on what side you are," Mike said. What side am I on?"

"Paul Everhardt got a scorpion for his office," Kimberly smiled. "I hear he keeps it at home on his mantle."

Mark looked incredulous. "I thought that was a legend."

"She asks for two things: a meeting next week with an open mind and that you attend the party next Friday."

"Why the party?"

"She feels that you should mingle more. The social scene is important, Mark," Kimberly said. She then blushed under his intent gaze.

"You trust her."

"Despite appearances, she's one of the good ones," Kimberly said.

Mark nodded. "I'll be there. You can set the appointment with Chase."


Mark sighed. "Assistant. I guess I'll be too busy to do some things."

"You'll get used to it. I'll help him become invaluable," Kimberly smiled.

"Thanks, Kimberly."

That felt good. He seemed to be listening.

Kimberly made her way back to the lair, as they called Dagmar's suite of offices. She could hear whispering as she went. Someone called out if Paul was attached to a wall in a dungeon. Kimberly merely smiled. From the chatter, the assistant gathered that Paul didn't make it into the office. She fired up the computer and dialed up Dagmar.

"Yes, darling?"

"You've got your meeting and he'll be at the party," she said.

"Did he like the plant?"

"Better than a scorpion."

Dagmar laughed.

"And Paul hasn't come in yet."

"Oooh... that sounds promising. I'll give dear Dominique a call in a couple of hours," she said. "Good work."

"See you soon."

Kimberly made quick work of the correspondence, replied to the phone messages then straightened the office. On the way out, she informed the main receptionist that calls could be forwarded to Dagmar's home office number after an hour. The assistant smiled to herself. The information she was sitting on was very valuable in the office. The exchange could net tid bits she and Dagmar had sought for some time. It was a good morning.

The limo was in the lot behind the house. That brought a smile to the assistant's lips. Charity made quite an impression. She loved to see the first reaction to the chauffeur. There was no one in sight, however, when Kimberly let herself inside.

"Dagmar," she called.

"I'll be right down, dear. Set up the phones," Dagmar answered.

The assistant complied clearing as many of the boxes off the desk as she could lift. In short order, the phone was set up and the call forwarding in place. That left Kimberly at a loss though. She couldn't lift the heavier boxes without help, and she had to move them to make room for the computer, printer and fax machines.

Kimberly started up the stairs fretfully. She couldn't hear anything unusual.

"Maybe she's just changing," Kimberly told herself. Still she felt compelled to tip toe up the stairs very quietly.

The bedroom was empty, so the assistant quietly made her way down the hallway toward the guestrooms. One of the doors was slightly ajar.

"Pretty Kelly," Dagmar drawled. Her voice was low and very dangerous. "Just because you have the face of an angel and the hungriest cunt I've ever seen, doesn't entitle you to be impolite. This is Charity, my first slave, not 'that bitch.' Since the insult was to her, she will administer correction. After she's finished, you will thank her. Charity?"

"Thank you, Mistress."

Kimberly peeked inside and held her breath. The woman, Kelly, was gagged, strapped to the bed on her back with arms above her head. Her legs were held apart by some sort of bar shackled to her ankles. The bar was attached to a hook that was on a chain which hung from the ceiling. It was like a gynecology exam from hell legs spread in the air totally exposed.

Charity held an oblong leather paddle which she administered with enthusiasm. Kelly wailed against the leather gag. Kimberly thought it was an odd position for a spanking until Charity smacked Kelly with a leather gloved hand right on her clit. The girl wailed louder but arched toward the blow. Kimberly could swear that the girl was trying to provoke another smack there.

Kimberly shifted for a better view, hunching down to the floor. Kelly was wailing. Dagmar moved across the room to a locked amoire. As she opened the door, it blocked Kimberly's view of it's contents. She could hear the rustling of wooden and metal implements.

"I think it's time for this one, dear Charity," Dagmar said, holding an unseen object.

"Yes, Mistress."

Kimberly tried to get a better look. As Charity moved towards Dagmar, Kelly struggled to lift her head against the restraints. Kimberly suddenly realized how visible she was. She backed away and eased back down the stairs not wanting to court the same treatment. She was still glancing back to make sure her intrusion was undiscovered when she ran into something very warm and solid.

Warm, smiling, dark brown eyes were twinkling at her. They were surrounded by beautifully thick long lashes. The face was incredible too, high cheek bones, full lips. Kimberly was struck again at how masculine and beautiful he was at once. If her panties weren't wet enough, he soaked them.

"Hello, Steve..."

"Oh, hi... Kimberly," Steve said with a brilliant smile.

She blushed deeply. "I was just..."

"Taking a peak? I wanted to look, too. But I'm still sore from last night," he grinned.

"No... no... I was getting Dagmar or Charity to help me with the boxes in the office..." Kimberly said. She was mortified.

"Oh, I can help with that."

Steve was an amiable assistant. He helped unpack the computers, break down the boxes and arrange the furniture.

"Why aren't you upstairs?"

"Cause I have a clue. I mean in my aunt's house if I slept till nearly noon, I apologize and take out the trash," Steve said. "With a Mistress, I was on my knees kissing feet big time. Then I took out the trash.. But Kelly. She just likes to ask for punishment."

Kimberly's mind involuntarily flashed to the clit whipping. She realized an answer was required.


He shrugged. "It feels good, but I like some pleasure with my pain."

Kimberly laughed. They worked in silence again but the assistant felt very comfortable. The office looked beautiful. The main desk had a perfect view of the sea. Kimberly's view was nearly so. It was an elegant and placid work space. It even had a fire place.

"This is a bitchin' place to work," Steve said.

"Thank you, pet," Dagmar replied. "Good work. This place looks sublime."

"Is there anything else I can do?" Steve asked.

Dagmar chuckled. "I have a lot planned for later but for now go fire up the grill on the deck."


Steve bounded off.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No problem. Steve was a big help."

"Yes, the boy has great potential," Dagmar replied.

"I'll get your e-mail set up."

"We've got some time before lunch. I've got to make some calls."

Dagmar got on the speaker phone. After two rings, Dominique answered.

"I like that sexy voice. You sound like you've been busy," Dagmar laughed.

"Mistress, I have," he replied. "I couldn't leave that sweet thing alone. I had to let him go after he passed out on me."

"Do you want to go back?"

"When you say I can, but yes."

"How was he?"

"Oh, Mistress," Dominique sighed. "He's intense and giving and responsive... so sweet and vulnerable."

"An angel?" She sighed.

"To the God of Schadenfreud, but yes. Very sweet."

"Then why is he such a psycho, aside from being a producer?" Dagmar demanded.

"The boy likes to fuck with people's minds. He enjoys a fair game. But he's been hurt by my favorite Miss Thing," Dominique said with a petulant sigh. "I await the day I get my strap next to his skinny ass. I get more of his damaged goods..."

"Breathe deeply, Dominique. Patience."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did he mention me?"

Dominique laughed. "After each time he came. He demanded to know what this would cost him. Dear Paul cursed you a lot."

"Wonderful! You've done so well! I love him thinking of me after he came!" Dagmar exclaimed. "You deserve such a reward."

"I live to serve," Dominique said. "May I see him again? "

"Yes. It'll drive him crazy."

She hung up the phone then spun in her chair.

"This is a wonderful day! Let's have lunch."

They adjourned to the deck where Steve was setting up to grill salmon steaks. There were chilled trays of green salads and pasta on the table. There was wine in an ice bucket and lemonade in a big glass pitcher. Steve was an adept griller and cute in bare chest and apron. Lunch was served in short order. Kimberly ate while juggling Dagmar's schedule for the next week. It was something Kimberly had done many times before, but this felt different. The information stream was as complex and rapid fire as it ever was, but the sun and sea made the procedure seem leisurely.

The meal was remnants when Charity appeared with Kelly in tow by the hand. She was dressed in a rumpled sundress and looked like she'd been partying pretty hard. Though the pretty blonde did not seem upset.

"She has to go to work," Charity said with annoyance.

Dagmar was vexed as well. "This is inconvenient. You may want to reconsider that. But that would require becoming a more tolerable slave."

"Yes, Mistress," she said quietly.

"Call before you come back," Charity cautioned.

"Yes, ma'am."

Kelly scurried off after giving Steve a quick glance.

"What about you, Steven? Do you have to work?" Dagmar demanded.

"No," Steve replied. "And since I didn't show last night, I probably don't have my bunk anymore."

Dagmar waved her hand. "Charity will take you to that hovel and get your things. You have great potential."

Steve grinned. "Awesome! I mean, thank you, Mistress. I mean that."

"Mistress, Kelly's behavior made my satisfaction impossible. Her punishment has left me unfulfilled," Charity said.

"I understand completely. Steven, duty calls," Dagmar said.

Steve looked startled. Kimberly noticed the erection immediately.

"No, you haven't really earned it. My certainty is that you will become cocky and do something that will result in spectacular punishment," Dagmar smiled.

Steve processed the information looking from woman to woman. "Yes, Mistress," he smiled.

"Excuse us, Kimberly," Dagmar said.

"Er, Mistress," Steve interjected. "I don't think Kimberly would mind us."

Kimberly felt eyes on her. She blushed when she met Dagmar's eyes. "I can work through anything," she shrugged.

The Mistress smiled. "You are a surprising boy, Steven. Charity, present yourself."

Charity immediately stripped out of her ridiculously short chauffeur's uniform and boots. Kimberly was not surprised that she wore no underwear. She'd long suspected that. The voluptuous woman was soon resting on the deck with her butt high in the air.

"Now you, Steven."

Kimberly had to bite her tongue when that body was naked before her. Dagmar smirked.

"Dearest Charity is my delightful first one. Take her over to that chaise lounge and show her a good time, Steven," Dagmar said. "Remember, Charity begins at home."

Kimberly went back to her schedule and her lap top long enough to complete a memo. She was aware of Steven straddling Charity. His kisses were the kind the assistant knew could curl toes - intense and demanding yet somehow tender and sweet. Charity was no innocent, but it seemed to Kimberly that the kiss moved her.

When Steve moved to Charity's amble breasts, the assistant looked away for a bit, but she could hear Charity moaning and thrashing under his tongue. She could even hear Steve sucking her nipples. It made her squirm in her seat.

Kimberly paused before sending some e-mails and realized that the addresses were hopelessly wrong. She began to laboriously recheck her work. When she glanced up again, she nearly gasped. Steve's tawny body was undulating in pleasure as he pumped in between Charity's spread and raised thighs. Steve alternately toyed and tugged at Charity's pointed nipples or with her clit. The chauffeur undulated against him. Both were lost in pleasure. Dagmar watched with a seemingly impassive face. But Kimberly could see the intense interest in her boss' eyes.

Charity started to come. She moaned loudly and the pleasure that rippled through her bringing Steve with her. The beautiful man was incredible to look at in his pleasure. He hung in torture for an instant then his face was bliss.

"Beautiful, my sweets," Dagmar purred. "Get cleaned up then go and collect your things."

"Thank you, Mistress," came the breathless replies.

Kimberly worked in silence while Dagmar enjoyed her wine and the afternoon sun.

"You have some questions," Dagmar said.

Kimberly looked up but made no reply.

"I didn't participate for two reasons," Dagmar said. "First is that this was the first time to see those two together. I learned a lot by watching then interacting. It was most educational. Something I'll be using later.

"The second reason is though you were comfortable with my pets cavorting, I don't know if you'd want to see your boss that way."

Kimberly smiled and sighed with relief.

"Let's get to work, my girl. I return to the pit very soon."

Chapter 4: Paul