The Other Gift

Note of What Has Gone Before: Ever since they arrived in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Voyager knew of the inevitability of contact with the Borg.  No one, however, expected contact with Species 8472, who nearly drove the Borg to their knees and threatened the entire galaxy.  An uneasy alliance with the Borg was formed, and together they drove the threat out of the continuum.  As a side effect of contact with Speices 8472, Kes' telpathic abilities rapidly expanded out of control, and she was forced to leave the ship.  In addition, a Borg drone, Seven of Nine, was stranded on Voyager.

Captain’s Personal Log:

I had an Ocampan who wanted to be something more and a Borg who didn’t want to be something less. And a Commander who was displeased with both situations. The brooding beauty was awaiting me in my quarters after a long day of dealing with two fragile women at a critical juncture in their lives and not knowing if anything I was saying was helping. In short, when those dark eyes met mine I was too drained for a fight.

"Chakotay, please," I whispered with a sigh. "Not a battle. Hold me... kiss me... take me on the floor, but don’t fight me."

Chakotay softened immediately. He closed the distance between us quickly. I found myself pressed against that hard warm body. My arms went around his neck. I was trembling suddenly and needed the support. It seemed like a lifetime since his arms were wrapped around me. His hands were freeing my hair. He nuzzled my neck.

"I’m sorry, Kathryn," he murmured. "Every time we’re alone lately it’s contentious. I don’t mean to be."

"I know," I whispered loving the feel of him against me. "I’ve been scared too."

My head was tilted upward by my hair. I inhaled sharply at the look in his eyes as his mouth lowered onto mine. The kiss was gentle and slow in exploration. He heated it slightly, but not enough to ignite the blinding hunger he could cause so easily in me.

"We won’t talk about it tonight. Let me hold you while you sleep," Chakotay said. "Let’s just sleep tonight."

I sighed. It was an irresistible offer. I was so exhausted and I missed him too much to refuse. The Commander sensed my surrender. He pulled back from me then began to remove my uniform. When the garments were in a heap on the floor Chakotay swept me into his arms then to bed. After a few insufferable moments, he was with me spooning around my body enveloping me in his arms. There was no tossing and turning that night. I drifted to sleep with the rhythm of his heart resonating against my back and his warm breath in my ear.

I awoke with my skin being heated by his intense gaze. I swallowed with some difficulty.

"I could stay like this all day," he said quietly.

"At the very least," I replied with a smile. He kissed me gently then began to disengage.

"I’d better go," he said.

"What..." I was readying myself for a very pleasant morning romp. It had been quite a while since I’d tasted him or he tasted me.

He smiled at my expression. "We have a lot to talk about and I want it certain that my motives are pure."

My brow went up at that phrase.

"I’ve been known to have an odd pure motive now and then," he chuckled.

"What if I say I believe you." I replied with an arch of my pelvis.

Chakotay groaned. He kissed me again more roughly. He rested his forehead on mine. "Your Ready Room?"

I sighed. "In an hour, Commander."

As usual and especially of late, the Commander was uncannily accurate in reading me. When I saw his grim expression, I knew that I would have been even more on edge after a hellacious coupling. I pushed my growing unease at his ever growing knowledge of my most intimate self aside and took my seat.

"Let’s have it, Commander."

Chakotay sat down and took a deep breath. "I know it’s in your nature, both facets of it, to want to bring the wayward into your fold and mold them with your nurturing and... attention," he began with unusual awkwardness.

Up went my brow again. Only his incredible blush kept me from really being furious.

"Are you questioning my motives with Seven of Nine?" I asked watching him carefully.

"Absolutely not," Chakotay replied. "I completely understand her potential value to Voyager and empathize with your wanting to ‘rescue her.’ But you cannot deny her potential in other areas."

I found that I was smirking despite myself. "I am keeping all of that in mind, Chakotay. Tuvok is having a quiet Vulcan kiniptian over our newest crewman," I replied. "I will not fight any suggestions on monitoring Seven of Nine that don’t alienate her.

"As for the rest of it, I hope you are not implying that I am not prudent as to when it comes to choosing participants in that arena," I smiled. "Our newest is astonishing, but I’ve seen others who equal or surpass her."

The Commander’s brow went up then. "The Captain has been withholding intelligence from her First Officer," he replied. "I expect a full briefing on such individuals."

"At your earliest convenience," I replied. "Now to the other matter at hand."

Chakotay grew solemn again. "Her situation is more perilous in my mind than Seven of Nine’s."

"How so?"

"I see our Borg as a timebomb that could go off today or ten years from now or never. The situation with Kes is escalating exponentially by the hour, it seems," Chakotay said. "I think we should outfit a shuttle with what she needs -- if she even needs anything and be prepared to put her off Voyager."

"Do you honestly think she could harm us?"

"Not deliberately, no."

"But to force her..."

"I doubt we would have to. I’m certain Kes would come to the same conclusion on her own," he replied. "Besides, she can read us well enough to know how alarmed we are."

I sighed feeling suddenly exhausted. "A whole semester of training at Starfleet could be developed on how to handle the last few weeks."

Chakotay gave me a small smile but still waited expectantly.

"Alright," I replied. "Alright. But it won’t come to that."

"I hope not. The crew has been through enough," Chakotay said. "You’ve been through enough."

My heart thumped loudly in my chest as his tender gaze melted me.

"I’m here if you need me. Whenever you need me," Chakotay whispered.

He left me with my considerably conflicted thoughts. It was difficult enough to handle the Captain part of me. After weeks of living on the edge of oblivion, I didn’t want to think about the possible ramifications of my conversation with Chakotay. He was right about me. I did not like to fail. It was my intention to keep both women on Voyager. Unfortunately, I was not very sure that I could.

The Mistress was rebelling. She had been clamped down rather tightly these last few weeks. It had been easy to quell those thoughts during the encounter with Species 8472. Of late, however the constant clashes with Seven of Nine were proving too much to ignore. Every time those lush lips uttered the word unacceptable, a tiny voice in the back of my mind was yelling, "Make the impertinent bitch accept it and make her enjoy accepting it."

Seven of Nine, of course, was a true submissive. She had lived her life subjugating her will to a stronger force. Despite her blustering and bravado, I knew that she would not be able to resist the demands of a strong, independent will. In fact, I knew that she would take comfort in domination from the Mistress. But like all the other choices that faced our delightful new crew member, this one had to be hers. And before I could begin my campaign to have her shackled at my feet, the Doctor had to finish finding the human being beneath all of that machinery. That didn’t prohibit me from fantasizing about what was underneath that armor plated bra and Borg thong.

I wondered if those massive tits would stand up on their own when released or would drop to her waist. Surely one of the species the Borg encountered found a way to counteract the effect of gravitation on the female anatomy. Did she have big nipples? Would they be sensitive?

The very prospect of Seven of Nine delighted me. I would have the enjoyment of introducing that astounding body to its natural sensuality before even getting to the real fun of training her to serve my needs. I took out a padd to make some notes. This introduction would have to be so exhaustive that the preparation had to be quite detailed. Some of the items would require culling replicator rations from the Circle. Chakotay would be good for a number of them. Despite his protestations to the contrary, the pervert would assist in this cause if only to read about every detail.

I would need some items like various sized painter’s brushes -- mink of course; various fabrics like silk, satin, velvet and lace, some feathers.

I wondered about tying Seven of Nine down or commanding her to be still. I did enjoy telling the bitch that she must comply. That would be better. Besides, until the dear girl understood tactile pleasures, the restraints would only confuse her. And despite the strong impulse to the contrary, I would begin with her face down. I suspected that beneath all of that hardware lurked a galaxy-class ass. I would start with her feet.

The scene was conjured in my mind’s eye. Lovely, luscious Seven of Nine naked and spread-eagled face down on my bed with me poised to explore the soles of her feet with one of the paint brushes. Suddenly, the whole scene morphed. First, Seven of Nine changed, growing smaller in size and different in shape. The figure went from being nude to clothed in an old fashioned school uniform: pleated blue skirt, white blouse and saddle shoes as they were called. The figure was Kes. I was no longer in my outfit, nor in my bedroom.

I was in an office with a huge wooden desk. A principal’s -- no -- Headmistress’ office. I was dressed in a severe dark suit from the 20th Century. My hair was piled high and pinned tightly.

Kes approached me with her eyes cast down. Her cheeks were flushed attractively.

"I was told to come to see you, Headmistress," she said. There was a tremble in her voice.

"Why were you sent to me?"

"I have transgressed."


"I... I’ve been into the Headmistress’ journals. The private ones," she said.

"Really? That’s not allowed... ever," I said in a cold tone. I didn’t know why this was happening, but why the hell not play along?

"I know."

"Why did you do it?"

"To know the Headmistress."

I was startled. "The reason is irrelevant. You have transgressed. You must be punished."

Without a word, Kes moved to the desk. She bent over it resting on the desk blotter. She reached back then slowly pulled the hem of her skirt up over her ass to her waist. The panties were pink cotton. The only weapon available was a cane on my desk, a thin rattan cane. I’ve used them from time to rare time on those who really craved that kind of pain. It was severe. Oh well, it was a hallucination.

"Five strokes then," I said sternly. "You are to thank me for each one."

"Yes, Headmistress."

"One!" I said before I swung. Even in a fantasy I exercised great control. Without care, canes could rend flesh even through cloth.

Kes gasped. I waited a moment for her breathing to slow.

"Thank you, M... Mistress."


The gasp came with a small sob.

The tears were coming more freely now.

"Thank you, M... Mistress."

I rubbed her ass and could feel the heat radiating from beneath the thin cotton. She did have a very sweet little ass. Her face was flushed. A lovely tear glistened on her cheek.


"T-Thank you... Mistress."


She cried out. Her face was resting heavily on the desk. A sob rocked through her. "Thank you... M... Mistress."


The cry was louder and almost surprised. She fought for breath for a while.

"Thank you, Mistress..." she said in a whisper.

The image vanished. I was shaking with the intensity and completely wet.

"Janeway to Kes."

My door chimed an hour later. Kes was dressed in soft clothing. Her eyes were luminous.


"Forgive me, Captain," she said. "You must understand. I think of you so often... just wondering if you are alright... just warm thoughts. This time my thoughts brought yours to me. I saw something in your mind that gave me such intense pleasure... I had to know."

"You accessed my files?"

She shook her head. "I didn’t have to. I just wondered and it came to me. I know it all. It gave me such a physical rush of pleasure. I had to return the favor. I knew you would enjoy the severity without having the risk."

I was stunned. She had become so powerful.

"I know you didn’t want to hear it, but I just feel that my time here is short," she said.

"We’ll work it out, Kes," I replied.

She smiled a small sad smile. "Alright. But in the event we can’t, I want to experience the closeness they share with you."

I reacted before thinking.

"I know your reasons, no one unwilling, under age or unstable. I know you didn’t want me to play because my life span didn’t allow for..."


"Ocampa have a short time to procreate then they die," Kes said with a smile. "All of this has changed. While I’m still a physical entity..."

She was so beautiful then. I suppose I’d always noticed but she was taboo for me very much like a child. But she was different and she had provoked me.

"Take off your clothes... pet..."

Kes smiled and began to remove the dress slowly. I started to remove mine but thought better of it. She was a tiny ethereal beauty. I lamented the time lost and the future possibly lost, but knew I wold treasure this moment for a lifetime.

"Now, undress me," I said.

Her fingers were nimble and sure. I was taken aback by her confidence. Even dear B’Elanna had been nervous with me for a long time. She slid the clothing off me. I sat down on my couch to allow Kes to remove my boots and the rest of my uniform. I took Kes by the hair and gently compelled her onto the sofa beside me.

I kissed her gently, but she opened her mouth under mine to devour my tongue. Alright then, she was ready and more than willing to be taken, so I took her wrists as I pushed her down fully on the couch. I held her wrists with one hand as I continued the kiss.

My other hand tormented her pert little nipples rolling them and tugging them into pebble hardness. She gasped against my mouth. I licked her jaw then sucked at her slender white throat. Kes started writhing when I sucked those lovely nipples. My hand explored the wetness between her thighs. Kes groaned loudly. My fingers were rolling and tugging on her clit this time.

"So intense..." she moaned.

"Gets better... hold on..."

My tongue replaced the fingers. I bathed her clit, sucked at it, gently pulled with my teeth. Dear Kes moaned uncontrollably she thrashed against the cushions as the waves went through her. And she looked so beautiful in the afterglow.

"Thank you," she whispered. That was an amazing gift, I wish I could have been a part of your Circle... Can’t I do something for you?

I pulled her into my arms stroking her hair. "You’ve done enough."

"No... I haven’t done nearly enough..." she said serenely.

I held her for a long time after that.

Her words came back to me as Tom announced Voyager’s coordinates. Her gift took some of the sharpness off the grief we all felt in losing her. We each retreated into our own private ways of dealing with the sadness. I had to backburner the grief somewhat to deal with the emotional turmoil Seven of Nine was enduring, and slowly plan my campaign to bring her into the Circle. It was an effort to remain focused around her. As soon as the Doctor recovered from grief over Kes, I was going to have Torres lube up Big Woody as a way of punishment for that so-called uniform.

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