Fan fiction

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys

Those Who Favor Fire (11 Kb, rated NC-17, slash, Hercules/Iolaus.)
Some rescues come a little too close to the bone.

Under The Sun (5 Kb, rated PG, slash, Hercules/Iolaus.)
Dealing with demigods. A sequel to Lys's story Hercules Ex Machina - beware spoilers.

Long Day (6 Kb, rated G.)
Both of them had been up since yesterday morning.

Legendary (9 Kb, rated PG, slash, Hercules/Iolaus.)
Five things the legends got wrong about Hercules and Iolaus.

In Sickness (3 Kb, rated G.)
Even demigods aren't immune.

After (7 Kb, rated R, slash, Hercules/Iolaus.)
The morning after.

Five Things That Never Happened to Iolaus of Thebes (37 Kb. Part II and V are slash, Hercules/Iolaus, rated PG to R.)
Some things that never happened.

Sea-change (15 Kb, rated PG-13, mature themes, Hercules/Iolaus/Nebula)
Hercules worries, Iolaus comforts, Nebula watches. For a while.

Prince Hercules (93 Kb, rated PG)
A rewrite of the H:tLJ episode Prince Hercules, written for the Real Legendary Journeys.

Prey (11 Kb, rated PG)
Iolaus has a griffin encounter.

Slings And Arrows (15 Kb, rated PG, slash, Hercules/Iolaus)
What happened after the episode Not Fade Away?

To The Victor (46 Kb, rated NC-17, slash, Hercules/Iolaus)
Hercules and Iolaus take part in the Pyrean games.

Aftermath (26 Kb, rated PG-13)
What happened after the episode Lost City?

And Now He Writes To Heaven (85 Kb, rated PG)
Hercules and Iolaus must defeat a monster that has frightened off an entire village. But first they have to find it...

Lord Peter Wimsey

All Our Scattered Leaves (3000 words, rated G)
A selection of letters and diaries on the eve of the Armistice.

Sherlock Holmes

Honeyfall (5 Kb, rated G)
Watson receives an unexpected gift.

The Adventure of the Expert Cracksman (40 Kb, rated PG)
Who was Sherlock Holmes before he met Watson?

The Unexpected Affair of the Injured Detective (13 Kb, rated PG, slash, Holmes/Watson)
Holmes comes home from work.

Real Ghostbusters

Into Still Water Like a Star (27 Kb, rated PG, slash, Peter/Egon)
As soon as a grateful populace made Peter king of the world, he decided, clowns would be first against the wall.


Imperial Audience (7 Kb, rated G)
What if Laurence did not escape a meeting with Napoleon?


This Way To The Egress (22 Kb, rated G)
The world had not changed. Awf'ly Wee Billy Bigchin Mac Feegle felt it in the earth, smelled it in the air, which had the familiar scent of turf, wildflowers, and wet sheep. Yet some things were different since the Feegles had returned to their mound on the Chalk


Swords Against Dreams (23 Kb, rated NC-17, slash, Fafhrd/Grey Mouser)
Night owls they had been ever since their first career of thief and cutpurse in fabled and unwholesome Lankhmar and night owls they remained, for both now dreaded sleep more than any other danger.


Drabbles are extremely short stories of exactly 100 words.

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys drabbles (21)

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