Never My Love

These stories and the accompanying essay were written as a response to the genre of fanfiction known as "Domestic Discipline". The title for the series is inspired by what I would picture being Jim's reply to Blair's question: "Would you ever hit me in the name of love?"

Imported Discipline

When Blair returns from an undercover assignment having suffered a painful and humiliating experience, Jim is there to provide support and comfort.


Blair confronts his anger and pain, and together, Jim and Blair take the next step in their relationship.

Always, My Love

Jim and Blair enjoy the new element in their relationship; Simon learns the truth about the Ferguson case.

Why Imported Discipline?

My opinion essay on the Domestic Discipline genre, and why I wrote "Imported Discipline". Warning: this essay is a free expression of my opinion on the subject. It is not intended as a personal flame directed at any one author or story-merely my exercise of my right to disagree.