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Welcome to 'The Place of Our Legacy' Chat! General chat about Stargate SG-1 (and now Star Wars! *grin*)  is welcomed and encouraged. Some common IRC commands have been placed below the window for your convenience, as well as instructions on accessing the room through an IRC client.

Enjoy your stay and contact the webmaster if you have any problems. Thanks!

To chat using the Java applet below, simply type in a nickname and press 'Connect'. (Just check to make sure your nick turns out alright though - for some reason, it makes two of each letter, so if I'm using SarahG as my name, it ends up as SSaarraahhGG - it's a QuickChat quirk). If you are using a registered nickname, you may be required to provide the password for it, or choose another nickname.

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Using an IRC client (such as mIRC for Windows, or Ircle for Macs):
type in /server
/join #tpool

Common IRC commands:
N.B. Do not include the braces
  1. /quit - to quit IRC
  2. /join {#channel} - makes you join the specified channel. This allows you to be present in more than one channel at a time.
  3. /whois {nickname} - check someone's user profile
  4. /me {action text} - sends the specified action to the active window or channel  (e.g. if I type /me drinks water, then it will come up as Sarah drinks water)
  5. /nick {new nickname} - changes your nickname to whatever you like
  6. /names {#channel} - shows the nicks of all the people on the given channel

E-mail the webmaster:

E-mail the webmaster

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