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This is an archive created for slash stories involving the character Éomer Éadig in JRR Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.

All stories sent to the Éomer Slash Yahoo Group will be archived here (unless stated otherwise by the author) as well as any existing stories that I have been given permission by the authors to use.

Stories can be submitted by anyone (members and non-menbers), the only pre-requisite being that the primary pairing is slash and that the story includes Éomer paired with another male character.

To put it simply, if you ask me to archive a story where Éomer gets together with Mary-Sue, Jane Doe, {insert crazy long elf name here} or any other female character that takes your fancy, I will politely reject your story and kindly direct you to a definition of Slash.

In case you are not familiar with Slash, I suggest you read this before submitting anything, to avoid embarassment.

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This archive contains explicit homoerotica. If this offends you, or you are not considered an adult in your jurisdiction please go elsewhere.