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I read lots of fanfic.  I looooooove fanfic!  And now I want to spread the love.  Yeah baby, feel the love...*ahem*  I recommend stories for many different reasons. Sometimes the whole story will just be high quality, smoke 'em if you got 'em, good good good! Sometimes there will be something about it that catches my eye, even if it might not be perfect in the "fine writing" sense. Sometimes I just love the author and want to get the word out about that person's talents. On this page I have a veritable buffet o' fic.  By the way, most (not all) of the writers on this page write slash, which is to say male/male relationship stories that usually feature sex along the way.  Just so's you know.  The rec's are usually linked back to the author's main page, but it shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out to click your way to their fic least I'm assuming you're brighter than the average pita (heh).  While you're there you should really browse around.  These writer's are pretty smart cookies!*

Writers I love
Multi-fandom writers that are consistently good.

Warning: some of the stories written by these authors contain
adult themes. Please be aware of your limits and read the warnings posted to each story.

Amand-r: I love, love, love this writer!  Not only is she one of the best beta's around, but she's also one of the best writers.  Shiver while reading "One Thousand" or "Tongues of Angels."  Laugh while reading the adventurous "Masters at Deception" series or her take on Dana Woods's Caly character.  But whatever you do you must read "Heat Goes to Cold."  I also suggest "Love Amongst the Ewoks" which is het (*gasp*) and more romantic than the title would lead you to believe, "Reign In Hell, Serve in Heaven" which is seriously bent, and "Up In the Valley, Down On the Mountain" which crosses HL with Narnia of all things but works really, really well.  Just go to her site and browse all day; it's one of the most consistently original I've seen.  It's worth it!  Just...beware the muses, heh!  Fandoms include HL and Forever Knight.

Dana Woods: My personal goddess and Cheese Sister.  She is a very witty and talented writer.  Caly in her "Pixie" series is one of the few OFC's I can stand, and I love her.  However, Dana might come off a bit loony when you realize that she has a strange affinity for Caspian.  Fear not!  Dana merely is able to translate Caspian's darker side very well into fiction.  She's a bit twisted that way, but really way more gentle than you might think.  I suggest reading "Death and Deviance" and see what she can do.  But Dana has many other wooky things on her site so go there!  Fandom is mainly HL.

Alice in Stonyland: An extremely prolific writer in several different fandoms.  She's our expert on Highlander (particularly Amanda, Alexa and the spin-off "The Raven"), dueSouth and Mack Bolan.  She's great and a fandom genius.  Check out her story "Games and Conversations" especially.  Oh, AND she writes poetry too!  The benevolent goddess who makes this site a reality, a good writer, an excellent beta and a there nothing this chick can't do???

Arsenic: Arsenic is not only a great Highlander writer, but also a great X-Files one.  I have her to thank for getting me into XF and Once a Thief, for which I will be eternally grateful :)  Just read everything on her page, but if you have to choose I suggest, "Whisper of a Ghost, Scream of an Angel" which is a Cassandra piece that I actually love (shocking!), "from this nettle, we pluck this flower" which is XF Sk/K slash, "Same Clan, Different Vintage" a HL/Buffy story featuring Methos and a young Wesley, and the "All Men" series which is a lovely threesome (which I also don't normally read) with Methos/Mulder/Krycek.  See, she can talk me into anything :)

jam-wired: jammy is great in that she has a wonderful sense of humor and angst.  She does both so well.  She's also a Methos expert.  She knows more about Methos fanfic than anyone else I've ever met.  She also writes some outstanding XF stuff and her favorite character is Krycek.  She's got tons of awesome stories so you should just go and read whatever first falls onto your screen.  On another note, she's also got a HUGE rec's page and impeccable taste.  If she says, "read it!" I say, "how fast?"

Helen: a goddess.  No, really, she has strange and unusual powers and is, I'm told, quite dangerous (right, Tianyu?).  But you should go to her site anway.  Please read her rants, laugh yourself silly, develop a hankerin' for brownies and boy bands.  Watch out though, because too much exposure to Helen will corrupt you.  Trust me, I speak from experience.  Ask Amand-r if you don't believe me (hee!).  You have been warned.  :)  Please read ALL of her stories; you won't regret it.  Helen has one of the truest grasps of writing dialogue (especially men's dialogue) that I've ever seen.  Fandoms include The Sentinel, Sports Night, Phantom Menace, etc.

The Sentinel
All recommended stories in this category are SLASH. Meaning that they contain same sex relationships sometimes described graphically. No underage or close-minded readers allowed.

Alyjude is an author that has written quite a few fanfics that I've really, really enjoyed.  Her stuff is mostly fun, although sometimes she will blindside you with angst that is heart-rending, heartfelt and always resolved in a wonderful way.  Go to this page and check out "Dress for Success," "Innocent Man," "It's All in the Hips," its superb sequel "One is a Lonely Number," the Mustang series, "Bakari," "He Ain't No Chick," "And God Would Ask," heck, just about everything.  But you absolutely cannot miss "Everything's Jake" or "Homeward Bound"!!

"Life Lived Like a Mentos Commercial" by Mallory Klohn. I swear to any god listening that I've never laughed so hard or so long while reading a story. Jim is caught in his own little "Groundhog Day" loop. Adventures and humor abound. Can he keep Blair from making it with Safety Dog? And while he's at it can he get Blair to make it with him AND keep the bathroom neat? Jim goes through the pain of one Awful Day over and over and.... (NC-17)  Also, check out Mallory's other stories while you're there!  She is brilliant and crazy--my fav combo!

"A Study in Stone" by Palthanas. An excellent look into Jim's marriage to Carolyn told from Carolyn's point of view. Loving someone who can't or won't love you back can be very painful. And then there's the pain of seeing the closed off person finally opening...but to someone else. Very short and worth the read. (G)

"It Happened One Night" by Penelope Whistle. Jim and Blair spend the night actually getting to know one another. Peanut shells and Truth or Dare are involved. This little story is a wonderful "first time" story (my favorite kind). It is one of the most "real" and engaging stories I've read in awhile. The actions and reactions and revelations are very true to life. Funny, sweet and touching. (R)

Lemon Drop has written many stories that are totally worth a read.  Or two.  Or even three, if you're like me :)  You should probably read all her stories, but I can suggest a few off the top of my head.  "The Joy of Cooking."  A very original story about Jim and Blair in their future.  So sweet and written in an unusual style that I loved.  "Like Praying."  An excellent post-TSbyBS take that features one of my favorite fanon uses of Sentinel powers.  "Tempus Fugit."  A well-researched study of holidays and the joy of living they remind us about.  "Carolyn Says."  I happen to not always think Carolyn is so evil, so this was a happy find for me.  In this story she loves both boys enough to help them out when they obviously can't help themselves.

Francesca is another prolific author who is on my regular "must read" list.  The "Nature " series is widely considered one of the epic fandom takes on the "Sentinel/Guide" relationship.  Not only does she lovingly take care of our boys (after the first ugly boo-boo) but she gives them cool powers, too.  Another series of her's is "In the Eye of the Beholder" which is a new take on being a "peeping tom" but actually comes across ok.  What better way for these guys to wake up to each other than to see something *ahem* interesting?  Besides her series, she also has a veritable *library* of stand-alone stories.  Go.  Read.  But don't make plans first because you may be there all day :)

"Cold Sweat" and its sequel "Slow Burn" by Dawn M Pares.  These stories are part of a series and you should read them all, but I just really like these.  "Cold" is pre-slash where Jim has to save Blair's life (again!) and then has trouble sleeping (as usual!).  It sounds familiar, but you've never really read that plot device until you've read these.  Pares does a super job leading us through the boys' thoughts and confusion.  In "Slow," Blair decides that what they really need to do is just get out of town so they can talk their issues out and then see if they can figure out what to do about them.  But have you ever known the Sentinel and his Guide to go anywhere without disaster tailing them all the way?  Of course not!  Blair ends up in one smelly bit of trouble but it's all a lot sexier than you'd think.

"Out of Whack" by Bone and Aristide.  There is a *ahem* LOT of sex in this story.  But its hot, sexy sex, so if you like picturing Blair going at it over and over this story!  Blair and Jim overhear lots of good things about Blair while eating out one day.  You'd think this would be a good thing, right?  Um, not exactly.  So Blair decides to take action that just may be the death of him and Jim in the process.  They both end up having way too much fun.  Lucky us!  (NC-17)

"Territorial Imperative" by Bone.  A series about the Sentinel/Guide relationship--how far does it go?  What does it mean?  The boys mark their territory.  Boy do they ever!  Bone's amazing characterization will keep you reading chapter after chapter.

"Revelation" by Rushlight.  This author is only a few months old in this fandom and already she's a favorite of mine.  This story features Blair asking Jim what he *really* wants in bed.  Jim answers and we get a hot, beautiful, incandescent story about introducing the elements of b/d into a relationship.  Rushlight treats this kink with the loving trust and passion it deserves.  Please note the content of this story and heed the warnings.  (NC-17)

"Blair is Brave" by Geoffrey.  A beautiful story told from Jim's point of view.  The author capture's Jim's emotions and uncertainties better than just about any other story I've seen.  Short and perfect.

"Bodypaint, Bartabs and Beer" by Andie P.  This is another story that had tears rolling down my cheeks I was laughing so hard while reading it.  It's short and includes all our favorite main HL characters getting up to mischief with, well, edible blueberry bodypaint, hangovers and Methos's HUGE bar tab.  READ IT NOW!  The link is to the Seventh Dimension archive.  Look under "stories by author" and it's the first story on the "P" page.

"Episodic Sadie" by bbc.  This is a rather long series about an OFC named Sadie.  Having said that I would like to add that it is one of the BEST long fiction reads out there ANYWHERE (my opinion of course).  Almost no sex and little overly graphic violence, this story is good for all readers.  It is engaging, fantastical, action-packed, absolutely hilarious and includes all our favorite HL characters, including a very interesting twist about Methos and his recent past.  You will fall in love with Sadie, lord love a duck I swear it!

"Snow and Cinders" by MrsHamill and HiperBunny.  This is a HL/TPM x-over.  But it works!!  Really!!  It's a lovely take on what happens when Jedi get depressed, where they go and who will be there to help them.  Well, Obi-Wan gets really depressed when Qui-Gon turns him down and someone is ready to be there for him instead.  But don't worry, Obi's Master isn't stupid for long. Slash (NC-17).

"Not in the Winter" by arachne.  With a clever way to start her story, a postcard, arachne's story only gets better.  She knows how to make words dance to her tune and her talent shows the whole way through.  Methos has been gone for awhile and Mac doesn't know how he should feel about that.  He figures it out after joining his friend in Barcelona.  Realistic and true-to-character.  Slash (NC-17).

Xanthe has written tons of stuff that you must read if you like X-Files at all.  This chick knows from good writing.  Skinner is her favorite character, but she treats Mulder and Scully with equal love and attention.  Her writings are under "Storyzone" and separated into categories for easy navigating.  "24/7" is a long, brilliant study of Sk/M in a master/slave relationship.  She adds meticulous details and insightful character development to a very yummy slash relationship.  It's a long series but I've read it twice, it is that good.  I think she said there are still 3 more chapters to come.  (Please note the warnings on these stories!!!)  Other slash must reads include "Walter Watching," another loving Sk/M that makes you want to bundle Skinner up and feed him soup for, like, a month, and "Subterfuge," which is a different take on Sk/M in a dom/sub relationship that starts off as an undercover mission and becomes a little more real than either expected.  I also like this author's het stories such as her sweet "The Missing Link."  Scully and Skinner hook up online (unknowingly!)  She treats their insecurities and uncertainties so well that I found myself blushing when the characters did.  Anything Xanthe writes is pretty much guaranteed to be good, so don't be shy!


The Toronto series by Tangerine.  Angel/Northstar.  I was not really familiar with these characters when jammy told me that I must, must read this, but it turned out not to matter.  Tangerine creates the characters for you in her funny, romantic series.  She fully and realistically fleshes them out for us so that you almost imagine they are with you in your living room (but not in such a spooky way!).  The boys are both walking wounded, but find and heal each other before it's too late.  Then, just for kickers, they help two more mutants get together.  Aw, ain't love sweet when you're dragged into it kicking and screaming?  If you only read one X-Men story, read this one.

All stories recommended herein contain slash.  Read at your own risk.

The "Sea and Sky" series is one of those unique fandom inventions.  It started out as one story by Dannell about two old friends whose feelings have grown over the years until they reach a point of passion.  Then 'rith wrote an unofficial spin-off tying this relationship in with one of her own.  Things snow-balled and now the series is huge and being added to all the time.  The main relationship is Nightwing/Tempest.  It's lovely, it's angsty, it's romantic, it's worth a read.

"Ice Cream" by nw's chick.  This is another take on a Nightwing/Tempest relationship.  It is written so beautifully and with such insight.  *shiver* just go read it quickly!  This is a relatively new author, I believe, but her other stuff is good, too.  Go check it out at the Titan's archive.

J.C. has written several good Batslash stories.  "A Bat in Blue Jeans" and its sequel "A Man in Black Armor."  Dick wins a bet, but can he handle the payoff?  Dick/Bruce.  And "Nite After Night After Knight" where Dick finds someone to have fun with, but is it the right someone?  Well, if it's not Bruce then of course not!  Dick/Tad then Dick/Bruce.

Star WarsThe Phantom Menace

Anne Carr has written a clever, sexy little series about what would happen if Obi-Wan had been someone else's apprentice.  How would Qui-Gon react to meeting him for the first time when Obi is 20 and beautiful?  Very appropriately, it would seem; he takes Obi's clothes off in a record amount of time.  After that they then have to deal with their new relationship in the real world of the Jedi.  So far the series includes "Recognition,""Evolution,""Sensation," and "Education," but she promised me she'd write more.   (NC-17)

"Obi-Wan's Trials" by Anne Higgins.  Obi-Wan makes one change to the course of the events from Episode 1 and now there is no need for Master and Padawan to return to Naboo.  Other events unfold and Obi-Wan must overcome his greatest hurdle to prove himself to the Council.  A fun read that has one of the better wasys to "fix" the movie that I've seen.  Contains brief scenes of Obi-torture, slash.  (NC-17)

"Apprentice to Journeyman" by Susan Smithson.  A long, luxurious read that takes you along with Obi-Wan as he grows from child to man, from naïveté to love.  Detailed beautifully, I found myself greatly enjoying the journey, feeling everything that Obi felt.  Lovely.

*Most of the fiction on this page was recommended with the author's permission.  However, it is quite possible that I forgot whether or not I asked in some cases and just rec'd it anyway.  If you see your story on here and you, for some strange reason, don't want me to tell people how awesome I think it is, by all means, let me know!  I will remove it as promptly as I can.  But honestly folks, isn't life too short to fret so?


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