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These are some of my favorite books, the ones I think you'll like. Many of them can be purchased through Amazon.com directly from this site... (hey, a boy's gotta make a living somehow).

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The New Joy of Gay Sex. The classic work by Felice Picano and Dr. Charles Silverstein. They were actually contracted by the publisher to write this, rather than coming up with the idea themselves, but they did a dammed good job. It's got detailed explanations of pretty much every term and position you can imagine, and a few you've never thought of. Plus pictures and illustrations. A great reference, much more fun than Webster's. New Joy of Gay Sex
Men Loving Men. I discovered this book in a store when I was about 13, and its gorgeous pictures and straight-forward (if you can use that expression) text made my life a lot easier.
The Gay Kama Sutra by Colin Spencer. The book is a *lot* better than the video. The Gay Kama Sutra
Gay Sex: A Manual For Men Who Love Men by Jack Hart. A little technical in places, but incredibly complete. Gay Sex Manual
Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman. An amusing, educational romp through the world of male sexuality. I even learned a couple of tricks from it. Sex Tips For Straight Women from a Gay Man
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Best Gay Erotica of 1998 edited by Christopher Bram. A selection of *really* hot writing by some of the best eroticists in the country. Best Gay Erotica of 1998
The Idol Series, including (insert links here) features short novels of erotic gay fiction by various authors, most of them historical and/or s/m. The quality is uneven but the good ones are *really* good. My favorites are "Dark Rider" and "To Serve Two Masters". Check them out. Dark Rider To Serve Two Masters

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