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These are some of my favorite books, the ones I think you'll like. Many of them can be purchased through Amazon.com directly from this site... (hey, a boy's gotta make a living somehow).
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Patricia Nell Warren's The Front Runner was one of the first works of gay fiction published by a major house. It's ground-breaking, heart-breaking, and history-making. Followed by the sequals Harlan's Race and Billy's Boy (which isn't out in paperback yet). She also wrote The Beauty Queen and The Fancy Dancer. Probably the most famous gay-male love story written by a straight woman. The Front Runner
Ethan Mordden's series, I've a Feeling We're not in Kansas Anymore, Everybody Loves You, Buddies, and Some Men Are Lookers are the reason I moved to New York in the first place. Following the lives of a group of friends in Manhattan through the 70's, 80's, and 90's these interconnected collections of short stories are insightful masterworks of characterization. I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore Everybody Loves You
Also by Ethan Mordden, How Long Has This Been Going On? tells the history of modern gay culture from the 30's to the present. His gift for creating compelling and complete characters astounds me every time I pick up one of his books. How Long Has This Been Going On?
The Lost Language of Cranes by David Leavitt. His language is poetic and beautiful, the story moving and realistic, and the book a hell of a lot better than the movie. The Lost Language of Cranes
Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst. A hauntingly beautiful story, as only the British can do. Delicate, almost mystical. Swimming Pool Library
Gordon Merrick's books, including Forth Unto Light, An Idol For Others, The Lord Won't Mind, Now Let's Talk About Music, and One For The Gods written in the 70's are gay bodice-rippers (codpiece-rippers, someone called them). Not deep by any standards, but lots of fun. Good for long plane trips. Expect Greek Islands, gorgeous men and rampant manhood. Forth Unto Light One For The Gods
The Living One by Lewis Gannett. The writing isn't all that good, but the main idea of the plot is so fascinating that I keep coming back to it. The Living One
Hello Darling, Are You Working? by Rupert Everett. Not only is he gorgeous, and an actor, he can actually write. The story of a high class rent boy, this will have you laughing hysterically. Hello Darling, Are You Working?
h i s t o r y
Peter Cashoreli, with his Fairy Tales and Gay Fairy Tales has rewritten classic fairy and folktales for gay men. He has given gay men a piece of the culture and history that has so long been denied us. They may be the most important books written for gay men in the last 50 years. Fairy Tales Gay Fairy Tales
Same Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe by John Boswell is another important work. More technical than Fairy Tales, it is almost as important. An academic study that gives gay men and lesbians our history back. Same Sex Unions if Pre-Modern Europe
Quentin Crisp wrote The Naked Civil Servant about his experiences as an openly gay man in London during the 30's and 40's. As a historical document this book is unparalleled. Naked Civil Servant

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