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Please read our guidelines before submitting a recipe.

  1. If two or more people submit the same or substantially similar recipes, we will take the first version submitted. We may incorporate the variations in the variation notes.
  2. Recipe categories are: MEAT, DAIRY/VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, KOSHER. Please note any of these that apply on the recipe and on any variations. We will have guidelines for kosher recipes up soon, so that if you don't know, you can check. Anything that has any animal products in it at all is not vegan.
  3. Gelatin is meat, unless you are specifically using vegetarian (agar-agar) gelatin. If so, please note this; the amounts needed for animal and veggie gelatin tend to be different.
  4. Contributors will receive a discount on their first copy of the cookbook. Because we will be donating any proceeds to charity, additional discounts are not possible.
  5. Recipes should be submitted to Please do not submit recipes to any individual editor or team member.

Standard Recipe Template

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