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Please read our guidelines before submitting a recipe.

  1. The editors of this cookbook are looking mainly for recipes using fresh ingredients, not processed ones such as ketchup or canned soup. We will, however, consider all recipes.
  2. All recipes should be original, heirloom, or, if taken from a cookbook, substantially altered.
  3. Include a list of the category or categories that the recipe belongs to. For a list of the categories, see our policies.
  4. Please feel free to include an anecdote about the recipe (up to 100 words).
  5. If you have any favorite variations on your recipe, or any helpful tips, please send them with the recipe. Remember to include the categories for any variations, if they change.
  6. Send the recipe in plain text format--no HTML, and no word processor documents, please.
  7. Please submit the recipe in the standard template. (We hope to have a web form up soon.) To see the standard template, see our policies.
  8. Recipes should be submitted to Please do not submit recipes to any individual editor or team member.

Thank you very much!
The Slasher's Cookbook Team

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