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The other badfic sites

We're not the only ones out there, which I'm sure you know, especially if you've been lavishing them with vitriol and sending them death threats. Here's a small sampling of the other badfic sites out there. It's far from complete, and we have more to add. If you know of one, e-mail us the URL and we'll put it here.

"Unlike some other Bad Fanfic sites, we have no intention of hiding in anonymity behind a free webpage service. We don't like to name names, but... ah, what the hell, yes we do! The Godawful Star Trek Fanfiction Page and Bad Buffy are two examples of sites whose webmasters don't have the guts to put their own names on the sites."
Well, of course they have the guts to put their names on their site. There's not really anything ground breaking here. It's a rather "as mild as we wanna be" site where, if you like, you can intentionally read bad fiction. They write their own bad stories and post them so we can learn from them. That's so nice.

The Wicked X Witches
The Wicked X Witches do X-Files fiction. There's a bunch of them, all using fake names. They have links to resources and beta readers, but the site kind of looks half done. Most of the reviews are funny, as in cracking jokes about the lines within the story as opposed to making a comment on the writing. At least that's what I got from it. Maybe I'm missing something. I think X-Files needs a badfic site, so I hope it works out.

The Bad Fanfiction Terror Squad
This site focuses on the Buffy fandom and is just a whole new kind of...something. It's hilarious, and whoever wrote it (they're anonymous without so much as a pseudonym) was modelling it after, or replacing, the Bad Buffy site, a site I never had the chance to visit. When this site was posted, at least two Buffy fanfic writers swore off ever writing fanfic again. Oh, the drama of it all! They make good points, although they do have this way of ripping on personalities that makes me cringe. The guestbook rants range between someone saying that the site made her regret gun control laws to complaining about the green and yellow color scheme. Interesting. It does look like a bit of a fly-by-night operation, though, since they haven't updated in ages.

Godawful Star Trek Fan Fiction
They sound like us, basically. (Now they're probably reading this and saying "Heyyyyy....") I like these ladies, if they're ladies, and I like their site. Here are some of my favorite comments:

"I've seen some pointless shit in my time, but this takes the cake. Imagine Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First?" routine in script form. Now cross out Abbot and Costello and write in Kirk and Spock instead. Why? Good Question!"

"Yet more misogynistic porn masquerading as erotica. There's no plot to dissect, which saves me time and effort, and yet I can't find it within me to be grateful. Probably because I had to read textual vomit like this;

Kirk walked over and inserted his manlyness into the quivering wettness of the communications officer. He pumped and pumped untill Uhura began to moan unknowingly. She began to say Kirk's name over and over again "James, Ohhhhhh James, harder deeper keep it comming love baby!"

The Slash Hall of Shame
Great site, but I don't think it's updated anymore. JoAnne used a "teaching example of the month" and talked about why it was just bad, bad, bad. She made great points too, like excessive use of Buddhist references or something like that. JoAnne, where are you? We miss you. Come back. Don't make me beg.

Fanfic's Critics
These girls use their real identities and review 'N Sync slash and het fic, including the bad "author as girlfriend" fic. I presume it's done with the permission of the authors. They're teenagers, and you can tell ("West Siiiiiiiiide! ::sings:: California, knows how to party... Cal-i-for-nia knows how to par-tayyy... I love my home state" - grrr, stop that) but when they get down to the actual reviews, they've got some good things to say, including in their fanfic pet peeves section. (One of Chickpea's peeves: "Writers who claim that they don't need to change their writing when other people give constructive criticism. When they ask for feedback from their readers, these writers are saying, "come on, critique my writing so that I can become better!" To turn right around and take constructive criticism as a personal affront is just stupidity on the part of the writers.") They've especially got good things to say when you take into account that by and large, they're writing for other teenagers. They've put up with some flack in the past (check out the "FictionLyn" critiques) but they didn't back down, which took a lot of gonads. And they're a lot easier on the het Mary Sues than I would have been. They break up their reviews into sections like "MEGO (My Eyes Gloss Over) Factor" and "In A Nutshell." I find them endearing and at least a little cool, like I would have been at that age had I been online and writing 'N Sync fiction.

Random half-insanity:
"I now write fanfiction in only Arial font, size 10. I once used Times New Roman, size 12, and disasters ensued. I have no problem reading fanfiction in Times New Roman; I just can't write in that font."
"This is our guestbook. His name is Joey."

My favorite line, and probably the one everybody misses:
"Have fun, y'all, and don't take this too seriously." Amen.

Fandom Whore Hates You All
This site is in diary format, which makes sense seeing as it's at Diaryland. Fandom Whore seems to hang out mainly in the Buffy fandom, and what few rants are there right now are Buffy related. (What is it about the Buffy fandom that makes its members so frustrated, anyway?) As I write this, there are only four entries, but I'd like to see more. There's one about awards that had me nodding and cackling - "But isn't it about time we had an awards where the people responsible weren't allowed to be in the awards? That we got rid of this fucking pathetic little incestuous kiss-ass circle and actually had people who deserved to win? There's too little there right now to really form an opinion, but I wish her luck.

Feel Our Pain
Yet another badfic site from the Buffy fandom. This one comes complete with a counter-rant to our "Underage" guest rant. The other rants are the usual fare, such as why "1/?" sucks, annoying feedback, how writers should not include complete lyrics in their songfics, "prostrate vs. prostate," etc. I liked the verb/subject agreement thing. Anything by Ripe W. Plum is pretty good. Not overly exciting yet, but it doesn't suck.

The X-Files Fanfic Hall of Shame
I don't really get what this site is trying to do. It says "All badfic has been displayed with the permission of the badfic authors," so it seems to me that they intentionally wrote badfic. Why the hell would anyone do that?

Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove
More intentional badfic. It seems that this would be hard to pull off and do well, and I don't trust 90% of the slash authors I know to be able to do it, so I haven't read any of the stories here. You can't make me. Stop it. You're not the boss of me.