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Welcome to CABS v. 4.0. It's got a fancy new design but we're still the same schmucks who were here before. (Oh, stop your groaning.)

We are people who take writing seriously. We crave feedback, good or bad, and are always looking to improve. We have dipped our toes in the fan fiction/slash universe only to get the same response that everyone gets: "Great story." What? Your head will fall off and your body will disintegrate if someone tells you the truth? The truth is that maybe you haven't written a great story. Maybe you aren't perfect. Maybe you can learn from other people. But you can't learn if you stick your fingers in your ears and hum the Mission Impossible theme song when someone tries to give you some friendly advice. And yes, I mean you there, the one sitting there with her arms crossed wondering who the hell we think we are. Writing is a craft. It takes practice. You can learn from other writers, so open your mind and listen. (If you are listening, well, you deserve a free CABS T-shirt, that is if we had some.)

This is our small attempt to promote constructive criticism and reduce the number of ridiculous stories. We won't be successful, of course. But we have fun trying.

You'll notice the new design. At this point, we have so much crap here that it's all about ease of navigation. If you really, really hate it, you could always let me know.

In a hurry? Use the site map.

Recent additions:

We've moved
The address for this site is now Many thanks to Walter for letting us into the world of no pop-up boxes. Please change your links and bookmarks, and please let me know if you find any broken links, images, etc. I also redesigned the site, so we are now blue and not red. If you find any red pages, let me know about that too, please. I am also on a link-fixing journey.

Guest rant: Nicknames in 'N Sync Slash
Joshua is a nice name, but it's not what his friends call him. - the whole thing

New section! Those 70's shows
Our section for Starsky and Hutch, Emergency, etc. kicks off with a Dukes of Hazzard review. Yeeeehaw! - the whole thing

Editorial: Days of Our Live(Journal)s
What the hell are you people doing with your time? - the whole thing

Guest rant: Women in slash
Mistress Valkyrie talks about the treatment of women in slash. - the whole thing

Boy band slash review
Nancy Spungeon reviews "Fade to Black" by Gretchen. - the whole thing

Random link of the month
155 Words: X-Files gen, slash and het written in 155 words or less. I haven't checked out much of the fiction there, but it's a neat idea.

Quote of the month:
"If you're pissed by what's said, then you're guilty." - guest ranter Wonder Woman

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