FAMILY: Part 1

by: My-Gin-Gone
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Author's Notes:  Here begins the pregnancy narrative I hope you enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: Star Wars and all publicly recognisable characters, names and references, etc are the sole property of George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd, Lucasarts Inc and 20th Century Fox.  The character of Ardeth Fey is from the movie "The Mummy" which belongs to Universal Pictures.  This fan fiction was created solely for entertainment and no money was made from it.  Also, no copyright or trademark infringement was intended.  Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.  Any other characters, the storyline and the actual story are the property of the author.

Soft tender kisses. A warm embrace. Quiet chuckles. An occasional snore. Your tongue snakes with Qui-Gon's. You feel protected and safe underneath his warm body. He nuzzles his nose with yours. The bed shifts. The snoring beside you is a little louder.

Qui-Gon sheathes himself within you. You whimper enjoying the connection between you and he. His movements are deliberate and slow. You two breathe in unison. You clutch his back. You bend your knees parting your legs even wider.

He grunts as his thrusts take on more force. Ardeth sleeps comfortably next to you, snoring quietly. He will sleep through this. He was very tired today.

Your vagina spasms.

"Gods, honey." You whisper and raise enough to kiss his chest.

Your lover and lifemate is considerably taller than you but manages to plant a soft kiss on your swollen lips. Qui-Gon tilts your hips. He lunges more vigorously. You two groan.

Suddenly you feel a tingling deep within you. There is no other way to describe it. And then...

You gasp. Your nails dig into Qui's flesh. The Master pauses. You pant briefly. He penis moves in and out of you more slowly.


You gasp again and whimper. The feeling is not painful, nor frightening just weird and disconcerting.

"Little one." Qui stops and looks down at you. "What's wrong?" He whispers truly concerned.

You are flushed but you have an idea, "Nothing. My love." It is a feeling you know all too well.

Ardeth turns on his side and sighs deeply just as Qui-Gon pours his hot seed into you.

"The kiln is still firing the crystal." Qui-Gon says while closing the patio door. Stars twinkle in the indigo night sky of Titan.

"Master," SW-40 or SWee, your silver protocol droid shuffles to the Jedi Master who purchased her for you for your birthday, "another load of laundry has been completed. Would you like another Robe placed with your supplies?"

"No that won't be necessary." Qui crosses the dining room and enters the living room where you sleep on your favorite pillow-- Ardeth Fey.

Ardeth's long slender fingers stroke your hair as he quietly reads a datapad. You silently shift position with your back resting comfortably against his bare chest.

"It has been firing for three hours now. Do you think it is the stove or the gem?" Ardeth looks up from his reading. His warm earthy skin tones are in stark contrast to the Master's fair complexion.

"More likely 'tis the stove. It needs to be replaced." Qui-Gon Jinn sighs collapsing into a chair. His chestnut mane splays on his shoulders, "How long did it take your crystal?"

"Two days." Ardeth shakes his head. Blue tattoos below his eyes and on his forehead dance with each movement. His long leg wraps around yours warming your body, "But the saber works well. See for yourself."

Qui-Gon calls the saber from the center table to his hand. A purple beam of energy springs from the hilt's interior.

"Not bad. Perhaps I should have you fashion mine." Qui smirks.

"The offer is tempting but I must decline," Ardeth grins, "I have enough practice with SWee always knocking mine into the sink."

"Well this time she did it to me. Why is she so clumsy?" A mischievous grin creeps across the Master's face, "Perhaps she needs to be reprogrammed."

CRASH!! Shuffling from the kitchen and mumblings causes the Jedi to laugh raucously at the eavesdropping droid.

You shift slightly.....

A sandstorm. You are walking in a sandstorm pushing a wire metal cart with wheels. Inside the cart are HUGE pieces of vegetables, a lightsaber, republic credits and a purse. Around you are people of varying species and background. Bestiary wander about aimlessly. Blowing sand burns your skin but you don't mind. You press on observing and shopping. Off to the side you see your life mate Qui-Gon walking against gale force winds. His robe and tunic billow behind him. A figure approaches him from behind in an attempt to join. You are unable to make out who it is. You look in the opposite direction and see Ardeth sitting quietly atop a majestic four-legged creature with smooth fur, a beautiful muzzle and a glorious white mane. Ardeth's gaze is intense as he watches you quietly upon the regal animal...

"She has been so tired lately." Ardeth's hand wanders down your favorite half-shirt. He kisses the top of your head.

Qui sits on the edge of the table across from you and Ardeth, "So I have noticed. Do you think she's ill?"

"She has complained of nausea." His hand rests on your belly.

...The wind picks up around you blowing sand everywhere. No one seems to mind. Then you hear it. Ardeth's lifeforce blusters in the distance, immediately a softer echo of it follows and then another muffled response. You dig inside the cart trying to find your binoculars. You hear Ardeth's lifeforce call again, immediately there is a response. The second sound is silent. You search the terrain. You see nothing. The ground shakes beneath you. Qui-Gon's life force blows passed you with hurricane strength. Behind it a small current follows him. A giant baby bottle appears in your cart. You squint, shake your head and resume your shopping...

The two Jedi stare dumbfounded at each other. Qui-Gon breaks into a proud smile. He caresses your sleeping face.

"Why did she not tell us?" Qui asked softly.

"I do not know." Ardeth grins.

Qui leans in and kisses your slumbering face. Ardeth does as well.

Dozens of padawans cheered on the combatants. They parried and lunged back and forth underneath the watchful eyes of a Knight and a Council Member.

Ardeth Fey sat perfectly still watching the two students display their skills before him.

"Tarien Braith has come a long way in her training." Yarael Poof noted to Ardeth. His voice is hushed and serene.

Ardeth studied the young human girl. Her almond shaped eyes squinted with each blow, her short cropped grey hair is slicked to her head from exertion. She and Patrick were chosen to contend before Ardeth who has yet to take on a Padawan.

"How old is the boy?" Ardeth asked already knowing the age of the girl. She was twelve standard years.

"He is Twelve."

After soundly besting Patrick, Tarian bowed to the guests as does Patrick. Ardeth and Yarael acknowledge them with a nod. The students disburse in the training room leaving the two alone.

"You realize it is an honor to train a padawan not a burden."

"Yes." Ardeth places his hands within the sleeves of his cloak. "I do."

"It is time for you to look beyond yourself and seek another. Experienced knights must pass their knowledge on to others. It is how things are done. It is our legacy."

Ardeth nodded soberly. Though he knows the council will never force him to take on a padawan it is better that he does.

Ardeth sighed and turned to face the council member, "I will speak with Tarien shortly but first I need to make a request..."

He made a mental note to have the droids begin setting up quarters for he and his new padawan within the Temple.

"Master Qui-Gon," Yoda leaned on his cane before his kneeling former Padawan. The tapping wood echoed in the empty council chamber.

"Yes Master?" Qui-Gon rested comfortably on one knee though he still towered over the dimunitive Jedi Master.

"Allowed you we have for some time to do as you wish. But now, you must think of others before yourself." Yoda paced back and forth, "It is time for you take on another Padawan Learner."

"Master Yoda--"

"I am not finished." He snapped

"Yes Master." Qui-Gon's admiration and affection for the Jedi Master was palpable even to the point of still making him feel like a gawky teenager.

"Too many students not enough trainers we have." Yoda vexed, "Knights running around thinking of themselves and not the future. Much knowledge you have," He pointed his walking stick at Qui-Gon, "too much to be contained within you. Others will benefit from your experience. You have trained one well. Now you must take on another. Selfish you are not. Raised you better I did!"

Qui-Gon nodded. "Yes Master." He rained in his emotions knowing he will honor the request of his former master. The prospect of taking on a new padawan saddened him, not because of the training but because it will force him to leave you.

Yoda turned his head. His ears moved forward.

"So sad are you?"

Qui-Gon remained silent.

"Chana you will miss. How is she?"

"I believe she is...well." Qui-Gon responded controlling his anxiety. He has not seen you for quite some time. He is concerned for your welfare.

"She is with child?" Yoda's ears bend down.

"Yes Master."

"Good news this is. Also explains your absence from the temple. Ardeth is well?"

"Yes, I have seen him recently."

"Tell me this you did not. You conceal more of yourself from me. Am I as harsh as you think? Feelings I have," he paused, "understand I do."

You shift your weight upon the marble bench. Your emerald colored robe cascades out around you. You munch on a wafer and sip cool berry juice from your old military canteen. The pungent flowers of the Temple Garden assault your nose making you a little sick. You don't quite remember them smelling this strong.

In the background children giggle and titter as an instructor tells them stories. You smile and munch on a raw vegetable. You don't seem to feel as sick when you're eating.

You pull out a transport schedule.

"Twenty-Four hours." You shake your head. You've been on Coruscant for a week and it's already draining you financially. Food, lodging and transport are astronomically high here.

You rub your swollen belly, the fluttering comes to a stop.

"And with more mouths to feed, I can't afford to stay any longer."

You journeyed to the Jedi Temple for herbs and medicines to take back to Titan. Though the physcians on Titan are competent, the Jedi herbs and remedies make your pregnancies more palatable for you and your mates.

"Children gather your things. We must return." A voice says in the distance.

You notice two sets of eyes staring at you. A little boy, all of four, with cinnamon colored hair and a cleft chin eyes you curiously. By his side is a tiny girl with shiny black hair and caramel skin. She clutches a toy bantha.

The boy followed by the girl approach you cautiously. You nibble on a piece of fruit trying to contain your smile. You know from your dreams who they are, now you get to see them in person.

Inquisitive eyes stare at you as you chew.

"You want some?" You note that the boy has his father's eyes and your mother's chin. "Fruit."

He looks at you warily. Suddenly you feel tiny waves of the Force rippling through you causing the life within your womb to flutter. You catch your breath.

He is strong like his father.

The boy takes the fruit and eats a hearty bite. You smile at the little girl and offer some to her. She is the perfect combination of you and Ardeth.

Seeing that her compadre is no worse for wear she eats the fruit as well.

"thank you." The little girl says

"You're welcome." You smile.

"thank you." the boy remembers.

"Obi-Wan! Nurit!" The teacher peaks around the corner. "Come now, it is time to return."

They snap their heads back, eyes wide.

"Bye!" Obi-Wan says and runs pulling his sister behind him.

"Bye." You answer softly. Tears well up. You place your tremoring hand to your mouth. "I guess I should be going."

Qui-Gon exits the council chamber. "Chana?" He frowns.

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