On January 16th the AD's Office's monthly chat featured zine publishers. The Guest Speakers were: 

Jo Ann McCoy

Jo Ann has been publishing a multi-media slash zine--Dark Fantasies 1,2,3,4, & 5--since 1991 and before that she did a one shot Blakes 7 zine. She's recently expanded a bit on her publishing to include two issues of X-Plicit Fantasies, slash XF zines. She has done a Forever Knight slash zine, 4 B7 zines -- one het, one gen, one slash, and one adult/slash novel. She's done one Wiseguy novel, a Lost Boys novel, and does reprints of Elusive Lover, a Star Wars slash zine. She published Nancy's net stories in zine form in M/K Ultra. 

In short, Jo Ann has been one busy Zine publisher! She's been reading zines and attending fan convensions since about 1980, so many of you may have already met her or read one of her many excellent publications.

Sugar Rush (Nancy Nivling)

Nancy has been in fandom since she was a teenager way back in the days of classic Trek. K/S was my first slash fandom. Sometime in the late '80's she dropped out of fandom for awhile, and got back in when she caught a glimpse of David Duchovny's boyish charms on XF and Red Shoe Diaries. Though she had been a longtime fan of fanfic, both gen and slash, she had never tried penning any of her own until XF came along. She started with an MSR novel entitled THE BRIGHT WHITE PLACE, which she published with Margaret Basta as a zine back in 1997, 
and then later that summer she attended Mountain Mediacon in Denver, and got bitten by Mulder/Krycek lust. She started writing M/K slash as soon as she got back from the con, and has been on a roll ever since. 

Her stories have been published on the 'net, and in zines. JoAnn published a collection of her early M/K stories, entitled M/K ULTRA, and other M/K stories have appeared in X-PLICIT FANTASIES 2 and Bernice Russell's double eXposure zine. She will have another story, a XF/KINDRED THE EMBRACED crossover, in INDECENT eXposure, which will be out later in 1999.


Celeste has been involved in fandom since 1972. She bought her first zines at the second Star Trek con ever given. Low on cash as most teenagers are, she started sending cartoons to Star Wars zines for the 'tribber's copy. It wasn't until Blake's 7 that she began to write, contributing humourous stories--often with accompanying illustrations--to gen B7 zines like B7 Complex and Southern 7. During that time she worked for many Blake's 7conventions as a gofer and assistant, progressing to becoming a member of the concom for D.S.V., eventually co-chairing her own B7 convention in 1991, ORBIT.

Celeste started publishing zines in the early '90s. Most of her zines are (humourous) gen zines: Blake's 7 zines D.S.V. 1, 2, and 3; a Forever Knight zine for an animal charity called "Forever Cat Tales"; and a cross-universe zine (DS/FK/XF) called "My Parental Units Invaded the Earth and All I Got Was This Lousy Tee-shirt!" Her most recently published zine is a fantastic Mulder/Krycek slash novel by Sylvia called "The Gift of an Enemy."

web page: 

Lynda has been involved in zine publishing since the mid-80's. Providing typed copy for the "Tales from TAT" gen zines and producing the master copies for the "One Way or Another" series of slash zines from PP Press (formerly PP&P Press). One Way or Another 7 is currently in production. She published four of her own stories in a one off gen zine "Masters of the Jazz". These stories are now available on-line at
http://members.aol.com/orchidis/FanFic.html Her XF can be accessed via her web site "Focussed on Nick Lea" http://members.aol.com/aqualegia/index.html

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