Giant McShep AU List

So, anonymoouse had a Word McShep AU list (~180) where John and Rodney have non-canon jobs. I got tired of cutting & pasting into the address bar, so I copied them here and made links (’cause that’s less work πŸ˜€ ), then shared it so others could enjoy the bounty. This led to stories suggested by: sgagenrefinders, sheafrotherdon, altyronsmaker, danceswithgary, aqualegia, flyakate, HYPERfocused, valiree, toft_froggy, ariadne83, rheanna27, bironic, danceswithgary again (she’s up to 241 now!), sga_santa, sgafan33, goddess47 (who steered me towards Crossroads), pollitt, lavvyan, ratcreature, whose Recs List I shamelessly plundered, SGA Big Bang, elaran’s rec list, anonymoouse, skaredykat, skinscript, almostnever, jane_connor, mecurtin, omg_wtf_yeah, the sgareversebang, the AU filter on AO3, squidgie, Connor, lina, sga_santa, wonapalei, Shibela, meander, Joya, Flitter, Leila, Mimi, K, and JD. And entropy_house, Joya, sgafan33, Marian, Wolfie, and librarychick_94 have sussed out a bunch of dead links and typos! Phew! And which (whose name can be confusing) found the safe Wayback Machine link for yin_again’s stories. That’s a lot of good help!

Latest additions:

\o/week starting 05-26-19 (84) (I’ll be removing the ‘+++’ notations in the next update.)

~~~week starting 04-28-19 (68)

$$$week starting 04-07-19 (150)
I think it’s the largest update ever? An astonishing 60 of the new entries are by Brumeier, and another 17 came from nagi_schwarz. (I’m only on Page 23 of 106 in my AO3 filter, but the ‘adds’ list grew to be reDONKulous so here we are!)

+++week starting 03-25-19 (90)
Over TWO YEARS! since the last update. What a sloth! I have been collecting (sporadically), but not posting. More links have been switched to AO3. A sad number of fics are either only on Wayback, or gone altogether.

**Please note – yin_again’s website has lapsed and attempts to get links from the Wayback Machine can result in redirection to a site that tries to force you to download something that is undoubtedly very bad. All links for yin_again stories go to AO3, other safe sites, or Wayback links that don’t bite, courtesy of which. Any yin_again fic with a Wayback link is also available by email upon request. (I even made a compilation document for each ‘verse.)

Currently: 1,425 entries

Alphabetical by John’s job*
*All pilots (except ‘ex-pilots’) are under ‘pilot’, with the sub-type in parentheses.

Sequel/backstory/companion pieces can be found just under the original entry.

β€˜Verses with separate stories listed are either not internally linked or not all posted on the same website – you can back arrow to the list so as not to miss anything.

Vegas AUs are all under vVv. (ps. some of them are gen)

Key = John’s job/Rodney’s job – link – word count


2nd grade teacher/College professor = Elementary!verse by flyakate – 12,180 (9 stories)

3-day eventer/Trainer = Know How to Fall by auburn – 83,883

7-11 day manager/7-11 night manager = Critical Mass by esteefee – 463
**Sequel: A Visit From the Home Office – 1,529

7-year-old β†’ husband/6-year-old β†’ physicist = Quantum Entanglements by reddwarfer – 13,000
**Sequel: Index Cards (and things written in the margins) – 592


Academic/Gangster’s moll = The Big Gay History of the World by Rachael Sabotini (wickedwords) – 22,818

Academic/Professor = Vindaloo by femmequixotic – 886

$$$Accountant/R&D staff = Even Money by Brumeier – 6,774

Accounting firm president/Accountant = [shift] Reality by gblvr – 12,518
**Cut scene: AU Scene – 487
**Remix: Reality Organization by ekaterinn – 3,172
**Remix 2: Shifting Reality (Best Imitation of Myself Remix) by kyuuketsukirui – 1,173

+++Actor/Actor = Acting Your Truth by squidgie = 62,537

~~~Actor/Actor = Very Art House by Shaddyr – 5,073

$$$Actor/Actor = Voyages of Atlantis by Brumeier – 1,011

Actor/Actor = You’re Cool, I’m Fine by gblvr – 2,892

Actor/Agent = Idol by trinityofone – 3,550

Actor/Auditor = Taxed Return by runaroundkid – 15,152

Actor/Partner = Private Life ‘verse by darkmoore – 6,433 (5 stories)

Actor/Psychic to the Stars = Star-Maker by darkhavens – 883

Actor/Researcher = The Tangler and the Hunter by Elayna – 30,730

Actor/Scriptwriter = He Got a TV Eye on Me by seikaitsukimizu – 9,367

$$$Adult store clerk/Customer = Doctor John’s by nagi_schwarz – 1,409

\o/Adventurer/Inventor = Raiders of the Lost City by melagan – 3,705

+++Adventurer/Unspecified = Old England by velocitygrass – 3,905

$$$Adventurer & secret/Inventor & secret = Promises Kept by Brumeier – 2,889

Advertising exec/Tax software geek = Marriage of Inconvenience by Kat Reitz and Tzigane – 54,210 (please note the warnings) (available by email upon request)

Aerialist/Circus manager = Biggest Ever Sky by halowrites and lilysaid – 10,794

Aerialist/Steampunk scientist – The Long Engagement by omg! wtf? yeah. or on LJ – 51,222

Aeronautical design company CEO/Barista & TA = Breakfast Bite by Istar – 9,373

Aeronautical design company executive/Astrophysicist = The Convenient Husband Part 1 by Brighid – 6,434
**Part 2 – 5,983

Aeronautical engineer/Professor = How There Was A Giant Conspiracy To Kidnap Rodney And Possibly Even Torture Him, or, The Chase by chaletian – 6,042

Aeronautics executive/Engineer = Objects In The Rear View Mirror (Are Closer Than They Appear) by silverraven – 17,421

Aerospace engineer/Sci-fi writer = Flying Blind by domtheknight and nudaydreamer – 2,228

Aesthetician/Astrophysicist = Creamy Gay Facials by bitter_crimson (Krim) – 3,441
**Sequel: More Creamy Gay Facials – 1,086

Agent/Musician = Spellbound by forcryinoutloud – 510

Air Force Colonel/Dot-com millionaire – Draconian Measures by Tarlan – 54,233

$$$Aircraft designer/Elf = The Craftsman and the Elf by melagan – 2,983

Airplane collector/Tollbooth worker = While You Were Sleeping Redux by lavvyan – 26,759

+++Airplane designer/Airplane designer = The One Where John Adopted Susan and Claire β€˜verse by velocitygrass – 11,435 (4 stories)

Airplane designer/Bartender = For Better or Worse by crownglass39 – 38,371

Airplane designer/Engineer = Company Men by mahoy – 2,249

Airplane designer/Scientist = Heart Not for Sale by teh_helenables – 2,084

$$$Airship crew/Blacksmith = An Unexpected Airship Pilot by issaro – 14,598

Alchemist/Demon = Demon Snippet by lavvyan – 1,040

Alien/Musician = Starcrossed by lavvyan – 3,100

Alien/Physicist = A Physicist of Earth by OtherCat – 2,475

Alien/Scientist = The Ways of Earthlings by lamardeuse – 1,189

Alteran/Alteran = Reliance Week (was Subtle Hazards) by sherrold – 2,194

Alteran/Farmhand = Beauty by leah k (blinkiesays) – 3,820

Ambulance driver/Doctor = Ambulance by rosemending – 1,600 (available by email upon request)

Amnesiac/Lord = The Moor Cat of the McKays by Elayna = 12,776

Amnesiac/Neurologist = Doctor/Patient Confidence by custardpringle – 15,642

Ancient/Merman = Under the Sea by lavvyan – 952
\o/**Chibi: Chibi Mcshep – 2009-08-05 – Sea Urchin by chkc

Angel/Angel = On Angels by Lady Yueh – 428

Angel/Angelico = Archangel by czarinakathryn – 11,938

Angel/Demon = Before It All Went Pear-Shaped by teh_helenables – 2,000

Angel/Devil = Says One to the Other by unamaga – 514

$$$Angel/Grad student = Heaven Sent by Brumeier – 15,044

Angel/Scientist = Detour to Bethlehem by danceswithgary – 3,378

Animal trainer/Movie producer = Picture… Perfect by X_V – 1,406

Anti-globalization protester/A-gp = The one where they’re antiglobalization protesters by sapote – 8,190

\o/Apocalypse survivor/Apocalypse survivor= The Coming Tide by ladysorka – 6,076

Apocalypse survivor/ Apocalypse survivor = The Hard Prayer by Rheanna – 30,247

+++Apocalypse survivor/Apocalypse survivor = Journal of a Survivor by velocitygrass – 2,980

Ariel/Prospero = Rodney’s Tempest by RosiePaw – 3,451

Art dealer/Art conservator = Domesticity Is Not an Art Form by chiasmus – 790
\o/**Sequel: Like Russia in the Winter – 3,041

Art student/Physics professor = Our Styrofoam Universe by teh_helenables – 2,634

Artist/Pharmaceutical sales rep = Into the Groove by lemurgrrrl – 3,046

Assassin/Monk = The House of Stone and Light by melagan and neevebrody – 13,026

Assassin/Scientist = The Atlantis Project ‘verse by seperis – 30,555 (4 stories)

Assassin/Witch = High Stakes ‘verse by lavvyan – 8,332 (3 stories)

Assistant/Kids’ science show host = Dr. Rodney’s Science Corner by Punk – 251
**Companion: Catalysis for Dummies by crysothemis – 2,233
**Remix: Steady State (Finding Your Equilibrium) by thedeadparrot – 1,723

Assistant/Magician = A Kind of Magic by 2of7 – 8,499

Astronaut/Astronaut = One small step by forcryingoutloud – 172

Astronaut/Flight director = A Rough Road Leads to the Stars by Freyja – 7,177

~~~Astronaut/Mission Controller = Let Slip the Bonds by ladysorka – 11,151

Auction-goer/Bachelor auction item = Prince Charming by coreopsis – 7,279

Author/Military – N.O.R.W.I.C.H. by tzigane and Kat Reitz – 114,000 (available by email upon request)

Author/Scientist = Till It Shines (The Secret Life of Rodney McKay) by wesleysgirl – 15,743

Aviator/Scientist = A New History ‘verse by sheafrotherdon – 17,938 (2 stories)


\o/Babysitter/Babysitter = Don’t Tell Mom, the Babysitter’s Scared to Death by neevebrody – 2,816

Bait/Laptop genius = Tribulation by micehell – 3,986

Baker/Astrophysicist & engineer = The Foster’s Bakery ‘verse by almostnever (Cesare) & anatsuno – 60,071 (15 stories, not counting the two below)
**Missing scene: Independence Day by anatsuno & almostnever – 1,821
**Snippets: Work (2 drabbles by almostnever, 2 by teenygozer and 1 by ldyanne – scroll down) – 500 total
\o/**Chibis: Baker!John by chkc – 84 (10 entries)

Baker/Food critic = The Sweetest Thing by Corinna – 4,455

$$$Baker/Scientist = Of Cakes and ZPMs by respoftw – 2,919

Ballet dancer/Ballet master = The Company by chimosa – 2,383
**Sequel: Part two – 1,351

$$$Bandit/Prince = The Prince and the Bandit by Brumeier – 5,051

Bank robber/Bank customer = Abilene by nilahasi – 1,450

+++Bar owner/Astrophysicist & engineer = Bar Acquaintance by velocitygrass – 882

Bar owner/Businessman = Explosions by laytoncolt – 14,700

Bar owner/Columnist = Wayward Youth by facetofcathy – 873
\o/John’s Bar ‘verse – 6,944 (3 stories) (available by email upon request)

$$$Bar owner/Genius = Every New Beginning by Brumeier – 2,142

$$$Bar owner/Vampire = Take Me To The Wild by popkin16 – 6,214

Barista/Barista = The One Where John and Rodney Work at Starbucks by Punk and Sab – 949

Barista/Programmer = The Perfect Cappuccino by Rachael Sabotini (wickedwords) – 2,083

Barista/Scientist = Press Down Onto the Earth by teh_helenables – 835

Barista/Scientist = Where the Brave Dare Not Go by Telesilla – 18,013

Barman/Chef = Restaurant au by linaerys
Opening – 4,569
Balancing Act – 7,256
Heat Wave – 2,178

Bartender/Computer programmer = All You Can Squeeze From a Lemon by mckays_girl – 11,753

Bartender/Scientist = Santa in a Stetson by kho – 17,104

Baseball player/Baseball player = The Pennant Race by goddess47 – 13,185
**Sequel: An (In)Decent Proposal – 508

Baseball player/Sports announcer = Bottom of the Ninth by trinityofone – 2,412

Bear/Baby by fairy = Fairly Stupid Tale by MrsHamill – 13,695

Beast/Scientist = Unconventional Beauty by Jane Elliot (JaneElliot) – 30,381

Beauty/Beast = Beauty and the Beast by The Lady of the Shadows – 5,000

$$$Beauty/Wraith beast = Beauty and the Wraith Prince by Tarlan – 1,990

Beekeeper/Chef = Moosebutt Honey ‘verse by crysothemis, dogeared, and sheafrotherdon – 3,913 (6 stories)
**Sketch: Moosebutt John
**Snippet and drawing: Apples and Honey – 170
**2 Moosebutt drawings

Best man/Guest = Stellar by gblvr – 3,879

Bike messenger/Office worker = Be My Yoko Ono by kashmir – 8,982

$$$Bike messenger/Receptionist = Just Another Day At the Office by Brumeier – 880

~~~Billionaire/Burglar = The Burglar and the Billionaire by Antares – 8,726

Black ops/Engineer & Astrophysicist = All These Things That I’ve Done by tzzzz – 9,490

$$$Black sheep/Researcher = A December Love Story by Melime – 25,388

Blood bank worker/Composer = It’s What You Don’t See by Telesilla – 8,268
**Remix: It’s What You Hear (The Five Senses Remix) by argosy – 7,767

Bodyguard/Billionaire = Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody but You) by Liketheriver – 18,771
**Sequel: Never Say Never (I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together) … – 17,738

Bodyguard/Billionaire = Office Space and Other Tools of the Villainous Plot by refracting – 1,960 (available by email upon request)

Bodyguard/King = Five drabbles (Unfunny, Just Checking, Thorough, Crafty, & Temporary Fix) by mific – 500

Bodyguard/Librarian = I Don’t Do Floors (The Rest is Negotiable) by danceswithgary – 15,316

Bodyguard (Oddjobber)/SGC physicist = The Protection Racket by Pares (kormantic) – 13,428

Bodyguard/Scientist = Always Sleep With My Guns by fiercelydreamed – 2,300

$$$Bohemian/Engineer = A Little Bit Rock And Roll by squidgie – 14,216

Bookkeeper/Businessman = Moonstruck by goddess47 – 6,900

Bookkeeper/Carnival mechanic = Cotton Candy by jackie_brown – 2,768

$$$Bookstore owner/Author = On The Shelves by popkin16 – 1,266

Bowler/Bowler = Strike! by snowglobe1275 – 1,900

Boyfriend/Jealous boyfriend = Those Green Eyes by Jae Kayelle – 631

Boyfriend/Rock star = AU!verses by mystic – 13,176

Boy toy/Scientist = My Boss the Boy Toy by nixa jane – 4,012

\o/Brigand?/Swordmaster = Swordmaster by Cesare – 398

Bull/Bull = Happy Cows Come From Pegasus Pastures by Cottontail – 899

Businessman/Astrophysicist = The Innocent’s Dark Seduction by goddess47 – 10,124

Businessman/Businessman = Lover Come Back by Brighid – 9,705

Businessman/Businessman = Suddenly You’re Mine β€˜verse by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 16,461 (3 stories)

Businessman/Businessman = A Yellow Wood by tigerlady (shetiger) – 2,083

Businessman/CEO = Roaming Holiday by Goddess47 – 9,425

Businessman/Head of R&D = Knockin’ Me Sideways by popkin16 – 13,713

Businessman/Scientist = Untitled by hestia_lacey – 3,500

Businessman/Secretary = A Regency Tale by graceandfire – 57,400

Butler (robotic)/Rodney = Necessary Things by cupidsbow – 2,376


Cameraman/Researcher = Unexpected Discoveries ‘verse by Brumeier – 52,095 (+++13 stories, 2 more than last list)

Camp counselor/Camp counselor = Atlantis Summer Camp by snowglow1275 – 17,396

\o/Campaign worker/Campaign worker = Call for Change by trinityofone – 2,647

Candidate/Communications manager = Primary Season by velocitygrass – 20,421

+++Captain/Machinator = The Man With The Clockwork Heart by danceswithgary = 6,967

Captain/Mechanic = The Message by oneechan19 – 2,200
**Sequel: The Other Message – 683

~~~Captain/Naturalist = Sea Air by ami_ven – 880

Captain/Physicist = The Prisoner of Zenda by eotu – 30,665

+++Captain/Scientist = Longitude and Other Problems by mific – 11,888

~~~Captain America/Iron Man = Assemble by ami_ven – 3,995

Captive/Captor = Thought I Was Getting Carat Gold, and What I Got Was You by kyuuketsukirui – 200

$$$Caretaker/Author = Save Me by Brumeier – 62,138

Caterer/CEO & inventor = The Proposition by Jane Elliot (JaneElliot) – 62,510
**Sequel: The Proposition 2: The Proposal – 27,229

Caterer/Client = Catering by velocitygrass – 744

Cattle drover/Australia biologist = A Blue True Dream of Sky by isilya – 8,665

Cavalry officer/Inventor = The Last of Summer by Luthien – 624

CEO/Assistant = Beau of the Ball by velocitygrass – 7,092

CEO/Scientist = First Impressions by cerrad – 1,975
**Sequel: Second Thoughts – 2,057
**Three-quel: Three’s a Crowd – 2,330

CEO/Scientist = A Boyfriend For Christmas by Lenore – 19,595

CEO/Scientist = The Single Dad and the Tycoon by Tarlan – 9,680

Chef/Chef = Hot off the Grill by melagan – 3,122

Chef/Chef = Top Chef, Full-on SGA Style by crimsonclad – 2,500

Chef/Executive = Irresistible by Feline Feral – 10,792

$$$Chef/Pastry chef = Definitions of Pie by SherlockianSyndromes – 497
$$$**Sequel: Love in the Time of Food Critics – 4,866

+++Chef/Sous chef = Secret Ingredient by danceswithgary – 33,609

Chef/Writer = New Shores by velocitygrass – 42,317

Cherub/Cherub = Throw Himself Into the Sky by Epiphanyx7 – 4,097

Chief of Staff/Library of Congress librarian = In Which Tibet Features (sort of) by 9zanite – 10,569

Chief of Staff/Researcher = HQ800, or Single in the Capital by oriolegirl – 4,151
**Sequel: TL789.8, or The Politics of Space = 1,271

Chief toy tester/Head elf = A Merry McShep Christmas by suki_blue – 3,646

~~~Chippendale dancer/Astrophysicist = Yes, Yes, Yes! by Indybaggins – 9,788

+++Chocolatier/Physicist = Kiss Your Sassafrass by perspi – 1,193 (available once again πŸ˜€ )

\o/CIA agent/FBI consultant = Signs by flitterflutterfly – 18,782

Cinderella/Imaginary friend = Whatever You Wish For by skoosiepants – 11,992

Cinderella/Prince Snarking = Coming True by Kass – 4,691

Client/P.I. = A Face That Nobody Knows by aesc – 44,179

Client/P.I. = Joining With the Jackal Pack by fiercelydreamed – 9,544

Coach/Teacher = Einstein by tigs – 1,721

Coach/Teacher = Not Like Years Ago by kyuuketsukirui – 826

Code monkey/Code monkey = The One Where They’re Code Monkeys by Siria – 1,580

Coffee shop owner/Coffee shop worker = Help Wanted by suzvoy – 2,558

Coffee roaster/Science exhibit designer = Fair Trade ‘verse by esteefee – 83,289 (17 stories, not counting the two below)
+++New story The Good Boyfriend – 501
Blue Angels – 100
The Walk by squidgie – 469 (Ronon/Sandi)
\o/**Chibi: Chibi Mcshep – 2010-01-24 – Fair Trade Coffee by chkc – (inspiration for Bean By Bean)
~~~**Snippet: 200 Years Of McKay by elderwitty and squidgie – 686 (third of five ficlets posted together)

Collector of magical water (what?)/ Inventor = The End of the World As We Know It by lavvyan – 3,594

College newspaper editor/Gay Dear Abby = Not Exactly Rocket Science by apple_pi – 9,320

\o/College student/College student = Alter Ego by lamardeuse – 2,592
\o/**Sequel: Borrowed Time – 4,565

College student/College student = The Application of Practical Physics by Siria – 1,475

College student/College student = Circle Kicking by aesc – 2,314

College student/College student = Close Quarters by kisahawklin – 1,483

\o/College student/College student = Current (Social) Dynamics by ringspells – 848

College student/College student = Feels Like Home by elandrialore – 3,522

College student/College student = Finally Found Out by velocitygrass – 3,020

\o/College student/College student = Long Long Road ‘verse by padawanhilary and Telesilla – 56,886 (9 stories)

College student/College student = Maximum Blond by omg_wtf_yeah – 20,486

College student/College student = Preferences by mezzo_caminn – 1,224

College student/College student = Someday My Prince Will Come/He’s Behind You by bluejbird – 3,105

College student/College student = Supply and Demand by yin_again – 3,074
\o/**Remix: Supply and Demand (the Marginal Propensities Remix) by via_ostiense – 1,101

College student/College student = The Undocumented Hazards of Ping Pong by czarina_kathryn – 3,956

College student/Hotel receptionist = Hotel California by rock_mafia – 1,940

~~~College student/Product reviewer = Subtly different ‘verse by Alteran_Tech – 16,288 (8 stories)

College student/Roommate = How to Have a Relationship Without Even Trying by Ladycat – 9,720 (includes both versions)

College student/Roommate = Making Friends and Influencing People by immoralilly – 6,224 (available by email upon request)

College student/Roommate = Roommate Troubles by Zabbers – 3,725

College student/Tutor = Except For a Few Small Bruises by justbreathe80 – 14,791

Colonel/Scientist = Little By Little To the Truth; or, a Narrative of the Atlantis Expedition by Telesilla – 5,766

Colonist/Colonist = A Theory of Chromatic Acculturation by OtherCat – 1,388

Commander/Engineer = Self-Made Men by enigmaticblue – 16,550

~~~Commune member/Commune member = Unwind Together by schweinsty – 512

Community organizer/Photographer = Depth of Field by lamardeuse – 19,873

$$$Companion/Doctor = Attack of the Plastics! by Brumeier – 3,584

Composer/Author = Quiet on the Set by fractalreality – 1,364

Congressional page/Congressional page = McKay and Sheppard The Congressional Pages Story (without the sleazy perverted Congressman) by tex – 1,514

Conman/Conman = The Best Things in Life are Free by Kajikia – 3,802

Conman/Tech expert = Hustle by Zinnith – 14,688

Construction/Chef = Of Tarot Cards and Table Settings by kisahawklin – 10,295
**Prequel: All Hallow’s Eve – 4,777

Construction/Professor = Restoration Hardware ‘verse by aesc – 17,400 (5 stories)

$$$Construction worker/Professor = Reciprocate Here by nagi_schwarz – 1,866

\o/Contractor/Single dad = The Realtor, the Contractor, and the Single Dad by Brumeier – 6,908

$$$Convention-goer/Technical advisor = I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens, But… by Brumeier – 6,675

$$$COO/Aeronautical engineer = Going Down by Brumeier – 2,579

Cop/Astrophysicist = Start Where You Begin by skoosiepants – 15,682

Cop/Bounty hunter = Life in Little Canada by laytoncolt – 15,499

Cop/Cop = Chasing the Dragon by trillingstar – 3,406

Cop/Cop = Undercover Preparation by velocitygrass – 1,362

\o/Cop/Dad = tearing away my patience and my wit by quenne – 994

Cop/Hacker = Live Free or Die Hard by sian1359 – 43,392

+++Cop/Physicist: Other Plans by bomberqueen17 – 126,803 (~~~3 stories, 2 more than last list)

$$$Cop/Professor & engineer = But I Know Where I Am by nagi_schwarz – 5,498

Cop/Robot designer = Memento Mori (Seize the New Day) by neevebrody – 21,331

\o/Cop/Scientist = Cop’Verse by cheesey_taters – 7,689 (3 stories)

Cop/Teacher = Speed Far Greater by sloganeer – 7,823

$$$Corporate spy/R&D Lead = Five Days in R&D by Brumeier – 6,062

Cowboy/Astrophysicist = Down on the Ranch by foggynite – 17,969 (available by email upon request)

Cowboy/Ex-Bostonian = Peace and Quiet by elandrialore – 1,010

Cowboy/Scientist = A.T. Lantis Corral by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 7,438

Cowboy/Scientist = Love in the Midwest by lar_laughs – 16,781

$$$Cowboy/Unspecified = Our Ritual by Vexed_Wench – 420

Creature/Mage = The Sacrificial Mage by taste_is_sweet – 65,000 (no longer available, as it was turned into a novel in late 2015. Discussion in comments)

Critic/Scientist = Everyone Has a Story by inthekeyofd – 3,422

Cupid/Mortal = With This Arrow by BiPagan – 995

Cupid/Psyche = An Old Story by aesc – 8,167

Customer/Cell phone repairman = Can You Hear Me Now by nakedwesley – 2,162

~~~Customer/Chef = A Delicious Distraction by reeby10 – 3,905

Customer/Inventor = McKay’s Mechanical Marvels by lavvyan – 1,020

$$$Cyclist/Scientist = A Crash Bang Beginning by respoftw – 1,235

Cyclist/Trainer = le maillot jaune by someinstant – 1,117


\o/Dad/Dad = battle by busaikko – 100

Dance instructor/Professor = Strictly Ballroom by roaringmice – 9,225

Dance instructor/Professor = Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot by out_there – 21,972

+++Dancer/Critic = Beat by velocitygrass – 339

Dancer/Dancer = La Vie En Rose by Indybaggins – 3,206

$$$Dancer/Physicist = Pas De Deux ‘verse by nagi_schwarz – 20,660 (4 stories)

Dancer/Pianist = The Pegasus Academy of Fine Arts by siegeofangels – 1,000

$$$Delivery driver and ?/Inventor = Alternate Earths ‘verse by Brumeier – 20,547 (9 stories)
**Note: stories 7-8 comprise their own ‘verse (also listed separately). The rest take place within an alternate SGC ‘verse.

Delivery guy/Veterinarian = Lucky’s Hitlist by fathomlessspite – 4,293

Delivery man/Mattress salesman = Barn Doors and Junk Galore by tarie – 921

Demolition expert/Consultant = Sheppard Demolitions: We Blow Sh*t Up by yin_again – 5,778

Demon/Angel = The Bang and the Clatter by trinityofone – 2,111

$$$Demon/College student = My Demon Lover ‘verse by Brumeier – 9,618 (5 stories)

$$$Demon/College student = Sealed by SherlockianSyndromes – 1,725
$$$**Sequel: Howlin’ for You – 2,333

Demon hunter/Demon hunter = A Year in the Life by ignipes – 3,245

+++Dental hygienist/Dentist = Zing by Punk – 638

Deputy Communications Director/Deputy Chief of Staff = Woot Canow by Siria – 1,482

Designer/Designer = John Sheppard’s Guide to Surviving Project Runway by sheafrotherdon – 7,103

Designer/Designer – In Over Their Heads But Making it Work Anyway by puddleofgoo – 140,570

~~~Detective/Agent = The Other Side by Alteran_Tech – 20,877

Detective/Astrophysicist = Beyond Strange by mific – 45,794

$$$Detective/Author = Unwritten by ami_ven – 1,896

Detective/CSI = It’s Not at All Like the TV Says by melonbutterfly – 899

Detective/CSI = Wrapped in a Red Ribbon by auburn – 22,897

+++Detective/Consulting detective = However Improbable by sarka – 5,769

Detective/Criminologist = The Pegasus Device by liketheriverrun – 41,000

~~~Detective/Detective = Amelie by darkmoore – 552

Detective/Detective = The Dark Side of the Task Force by reddwarfer – 9,700

Detective/Detective = Endgame by maverick – 10,045

Detective/Detective = Six Years at the BPD by omg! wtf? yeah. – 550 (pre-slash) (Perhaps we can persuade her to write the next act? Let’s try, shall we?)

Detective/Forensic scientist = Through to Sunrise by dogeared – 1,851

Detective/Musician = The ‘R’ Word by Orithain and Rina9294 – 57,330
**Sequel: The ‘M’ Word – 16,442

Detective/Physicist = Haunted by azurelupis – 28,735

+++Detective/Physicist = The Detective and the Woobie ‘Verse by Elayna – 73,092 (9 stories)

$$$Detective/Professor = Like A House Afire by Brumeier – 3,454

Detective/Professor = A Victorian Ghost Story by anyanka_eg – 4,483

Detective/Runaway = Rodney’s Case by Tomo – 7,989

Detective/Scientist = Days of the Week or The Tango Rodney by clockstopper – 3,900

Detective/Scientist = Disengage by teh_helenables – 1,100

Detective/Scientist = Set Fire to Our Bed by someidiothasice – 12,535

Detective/Sorcerer – Beginnings ‘verse by Neo_Star0114
Beginnings – 2,050
Believe – 26,072
Learning – 19,813

Detective/Tech expert = Following the Lead by velocitygrass – 17,240

+++Detective/Terrorist = The Other Truth by velocitygrass – 2,750

$$$Detective Inspector/Professor = Two Gentlemen (Victorian AU!) ‘verse by ami_ven – 1,932 (4 stories)

$$$Dive master/Physicist = Diving In by respoftw – 1,561

Doctor/Astrophysicist = Better Than by seiyaharris – 4,805

$$$Doctor/Doctor = Atlantis Medical Group ‘verse by Brumeier – 12,772 (7 stories)

Doctor/Doctor = Little Victories by apple_pi – 734

Doctor/Doctor = Living Will by toomuchplor – 700
**Prequel: Plus Γ‡a Change – 1,133

Doctor/Gate team member= Light Duty by yin_again – 1,213

Doctor/Military = Welcome to Atlantis by lillyjk – 2,091

Doctor/Pickup = To Fly Without a Plane by melonbutterfly – 5,171

Doctoral candidate/Aerospace consultant = Mathematician by elementalv – 4,331

Dog musher/Veterinarian = Happy Trails by Merrov – 20,019

Dog Sheppard/Cat McKay = Cats and Dogs by mystic – 10,386

Dog walker/Doctor of physics = Walk This Way ‘verse by yin_again
(Beware! Some Wayback links go to forced download site! We think these are safe, but the fics are also available by email upon request.)
Walk This Way – 7,065
Walk This Way illustration by zoetrope
Stray Cat Strut (a remix) by Moosesal – 1,104
Pretty Persuasion – 298
Flying Weekend – 542
Lateral Stability – 4,718
Lateral Stability Cover art by steammmpunk
Small Packages – 147
Undercover – 102
A Grave Undertaking – 913
Changes – 906

Dom/Sub = The Spaces Inside by lavvyan – 8,078

Drag queen/drag queen = Puddlejumper, Queen of the Desert by Siria – 5,054

Dragon/Journeyman smith = On the Wings of Imagination by X-parrot – 3,762
**Sequel: With Healing in his Wings – 6,928

Dragonrider/Dragonrider = Catch Me as I Fall by codemonkey – 7,298

Dragonrider/Dragonrider = Dragonlord by Icarus – 88,471

\o/Dragonrider/Dragonrider = Under the Dragon’s Wing by Rinkafic – 7,404
+++**Sequel: Reclaiming the Sky – 4,310

Dragonrider/Healer = Acceptance by Macx – 21,161

Dragonrider/Mage = The Mark of the Dragon by flitterflutterfly – 5,107

Driver & novice actor/Actor = East Bound and Down by Elayna – WIP (link goes to DW tag page, as internal links direct to LJ, which wants you to log in. No.)

Driver/Car designer = Life in the Fast Lane by ldyanne – 16,199

Driver/Mechanic = Fireball ‘verse by celli lane
Fireball – 27,401
3 Fireball deleted scenes – 1,754
Wrecks – 2,121

Driver/Pit mechanic = Stick Shift by ras_elased – 4,230

Druggie/Supplier = Station by Dianann – 984

Drugstore clerk/Drugstore clerk = Building Bombs by busaikko – 25,249

Drummer/Guitarist = Everything Else is Secondary by skoosiepants – 5,437

Duke/Lady = To Marry a Duke by Sal and salsgal – 10,028


Earth sprite/Water sprite = High-Water by lavvyan – 1,607

Ecdysiast/Groom-elect = Ecdysiast by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 1,949

Editor-Assistant-Cook-Husband/Author = Sign by pollitt – 1,140

Educator/Educator = Violating the Prime Directive by DJIN7 & Reddwarfer – 10,495

Electrician/Plumber = Wrench by Toft – 2,153

Elf/Elf = Elf (or It’s a Wonderful Elf Life) by Siria – 969

+++Elf/Elf = Reason to Fly by velocitygrass – 248

Elf/Human = Elf by velocitygrass – 790

Elf/Prince = Le Beau En Stasis by Rachael Sabotini (wickedwords) – 2,496

Elf?/Shopper = Jingle Wings by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 5,469

Emergency responder/Volcanologist = Volcano by shrift – 8,797

Energy company exec/Dot-com millionaire = Workin’ Men (Somewhere To Go) by nolonger19 – 7,700

Engineer/Air Force = War Stories ‘verse by busaikko – 25,496 (7 stories)

Engineer/Egyptologist – The Alexandrian Tablet by giogio – 60,000+ (goes to a list of chapter links)

Engineer/Professor = Prove Your Hypothesis Right by pinn – 5,180

Engineer/Scientist = Dinner Party by Allyndra – 3,300
**Sequel: Dinner Party: Part 2 – 1,768

Engineer/Scientist = Prolegomenon by forcryinoutloud – 4,088

\o/ER doctor/Patient = Untitled ER AU by kisahawklin – 17,982 (caution: this WIP has been abandoned)

Escaped subject/Researcher = Hegira by kellifer – 23,478

+++Escort/Inventor = All That Money Can Buy by velocitygrass – 4,068

$$$Escort/R&D company owner = Something Borrowed by Brumeier – 13,334

Evil overlord/Rodney = Evil Overlord Sheppard by graceandfire – 6,241
**Sequel: Evil Overlord Sheppard Visits Atlantis – 8,473

Ex-Air Force/Astrophysicist = Guessing Game by that_which – 10,176

~~~Ex-Air Force/Boss = Nine Hearts by Llama – 3,006

Ex-convict personal assistant/Composer = Counterpoint ‘verse by nestra – 12,918 (5 stories)

+++Ex-military/Architecture professor = And Maybe A Little Bit Wiser by Goddess47 – 33,086

Ex-military/Author = Grounded by velocitygrass – 20,435

Ex-military/Professor = Eat Your Vegetables by Siria – 1,199

+++Ex-military/Scientist = Falling into Place by ca_pierson – 19,266
+++**Sequel: Christmas – 1,474

$$$Ex-military/Scientist = From the Ashes ‘verse by Brumeier – 17,310 (5 stories)

$$$Ex-military/Scientist = Here in California ‘verse by mattygroves – 6,455 (8 stories)

Ex-military/Scientist = Moving Day by altyronsmaker – 968
**Sequel: Handy Man – 460

Ex-military/Scientist = The Observer by Elayna – 12,384

Ex-military/Scientist = The Temptation of Adam by rhiannonhero – 9,058

Ex-military bartender/Artist = Chasing Sheppard by scrunchy – 13,604
**Part Two (internal link goes to purged LJ)

Ex-military lost man/Collector = Socks and Keys and Stuff (and John) by lavvyan – 1,502

Ex-Navy/Scholar = Escapade by Siria – 2,212

Ex-pilot/Merman? = The Lonely Sea by Tarlan – 26,732

Ex-pilot/Astrophysicist = A Stop at Willoughby by danceswithgary – 36,534

Ex-pilot/Astrophysicist & engineer = Tomorrow is Another Day by velocitygrass – 12,904 (contains MPREG)

Ex-pilot/Author = Entangled Particles ‘verse by Zinnith & the_cephalopod – 139,712+ (21 stories, not counting those below)
Electronic Love Song – 779 (after Migration Pattern)
Nonverbal Messages – 694 (after Probability Theory)
**Bits N Pieces: 7 stories (Puddles, Some words concerning John and photography, Some words concerning the Nobel prize, Some words concerning a late evening and a snoring family, Some words concerning the move to the house, Some words concerning a day at the beach, Lux) – 2,759 (link goes to LJ masterlist. Ctrl-F ‘Puddles’)
**Companion: Subtle Realignment, The Physics of Ferris Wheels, and Reciprocity by the_cephalopod – 7,996 (3 stories in one Wraithbait link)

Ex-pilot/Brothel owner = A Fate So Sweet by Telesilla – 13,730
**Sequel: I Have Made My Choice – 2,214

Ex-pilot/Businessman = Heaven Is A Place On Earth by moodymuse19 – 24,200

Ex-pilot/Businessman = Ring Out, Wild Bells by skoosiepants – 6,404

Ex-pilot/Cat whisperer = The Cat Whisperer by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 16,174

Ex-pilot/Concert pianist = Solitary man by Bluespirit – 40,002

+++Ex-pilot/Engineer = Steampunk Atlantis ‘verse by mific – 1,205 (2 unrelated stories, each with accompanying artwork)

Ex-pilot/Maze designer = Not Without a Plan by argosy – 20,667

Ex-pilot/Physicist = Blink by lavvyan – 4,884

Ex-pilot/Physicist = Hostage by dvs – 9,865

Ex-pilot/physicist = Jungle Fever by cupidsbow – 8,887

Ex-pilot/Physicist = Push/Pull by Jane Elliot – 66,532 (It’s off the web again, but I can email you a copy.)

Ex-pilot/Scientist = Liminal by GloriaMundi – 56,254

Ex-pilot adoptive father/Boyfriend = Surrogate Father by hackthis – 1,464

Ex-pilot aerospace design consultant/Undisclosed = Sugar by yin_again – 925

~~~Ex-pilot author/Reporter = Arctic by clotpoleofthelord (plantainleaf) – 6,943

\o/Ex-pilot baker/Physicist = Atlantis, a coffee shop story by scriptgrim (mamaesme) – 10,161 (available by email upon request)

Ex-pilot businessman/Professor = (Loosely Inspired By) The Parent Trap by Elayna – 15,288

~~~Ex-pilot CEO/Research scientist = Division Q by clotpoleofthelord (plantainleaf) – 8,854

Ex-pilot chaser/Scientist = Transitions and Revelations by sethoz – 3,674

Ex-pilot corporate playboy/Scientist = The Playboy and the Scientist by puddleofgoo – 105,105

Ex-pilot cowboy/Scientist = Cervantes Ranch by squidgie and elderwitty – 22,929
+++**Snippet: A Glimpse at the Future – 211

Ex-pilot crime stopper/Scientist = Live Life Ordinary by lavvyan – 4,587

Ex-pilot cruise line owner/Ex-pop star musical director = The Devil Will Drag You Under by HYPERFocused – 5,496

Ex-pilot demob/Scientist = Of Cold Making Warmth by Siria – 3,717

Ex-pilot divorcΓ©/Author = Slipped Past by Freyja – 2,216

Ex-pilot grocery owner/Professor = A Supermarket in California by taffetablue – 7,603
**Coda: City Hall – 291

Ex-pilot handyman/Astrophysicist = Friendly Persuasion by billietallent – 4,397

Ex-pilot hockey leaguer/Scientist = One and All by aesc – 6,730
**Sequel: Playing the Body – 1,435

$$$Ex-pilot hunter/Demon = Let’s Make a Deal by ami_ven – 4,382

Ex-pilot kennel minion/Veterinarian = It’s All Your Fault Radek, You Meddling Bastard by fawkesielady_ed – 65,529

~~~Ex-pilot math guy/Airplane designer = Our blessings one by one by mayachain – 4,157

Ex-pilot mocha latte buyer/Barista = Coffee and Sarcasm by inbarati – 2,681

Ex-pilot odd jobber/FBI agent = Lean on Me by Elayna – 14,692

~~~Ex-pilot physical therapist/Professor = Universal Gravitation (Metaphorically Speaking) by danceswithgary – 13,043

Ex-pilot prey/Vampire = Bite Me by Flamedancer33 – 13,820

Ex-pilot prisoner/Inventor = How the Gallows Smile by lifesscar – 17,617
**Part 2

Ex-pilot prisoner/Teacher = Sky Full Of by rageprufrock – 31,324

Ex-pilot radio host/Scientist = Alaska to Florida – – the Long Journey of Finding Yourself by velocitygrass – 29,155

Ex-pilot salesman/Traveler = Planes, Trains and Automobiles by skoosiepants – 2,256

Ex-pilot scientist/SGC Scientist = Blast From the Past by pollitt – 4,100
**Companion: Wake Up Call – 1,200

\o/Ex-pilot shopper/Toy maker = Toyshop by busaikko – 98

+++Ex-pilot single dad/Tech Designer = Discreet Arrangements by Brumeier – 6,911

Ex-pilot soap opera actor/soap opera actor-writer = Daytime Drama by HYPERfocused – 9,592
**Sequel: Zestful – 1,096

$$$Ex-pilot TA/Professor = Incipere by TheWickedWitchofDammitJim – 5,682
$$$**Sequel: Brachium Eius – 5,465

$$$Ex-pilot tattoo seeker/Tattoo artist = All The Way To The Bone by respoftw – 13,456

Ex-pilot thief/Ex-civilian contractor = Welcome to the Darkside by Mystic – 30,606

Ex-pilot trophy husband/Physicist = Rules of Engagement by velocitygrass – 21,956

Ex-pilot US Marshal/Astrophysicist = Safe Surrender by zoemathemata – 42,526

Ex-soldier/Betrothed = John Sheppard’s Deal with the Devil by squidgiepdx – 1,836

Ex-soldier/Composer & pianist = Double Escapement by GloriaMundi – 7,137

$$$Ex-soldier/Inventor = Home On the Range ‘verse by ami_ven – 4,928 (8 stories)

Ex-soldier/Inventor = The Road to Nowhere by lemotmo – 16,916

$$$Ex-soldier/Physicist = Paint My Love by nagi_schwarz – 6,441

Ex-soldier/Physicist hacker = abriter quelqu’un by melonbutterfly – 2,071

Executive producer/Writer = Winding Up by elandrialore – 1,000


Fairy Godfather/Cinderella = The Tale of CinderRodney and the Fairy by melagan – 5,484

Fairy Prince/Rodney = Fair by minnow1212 – 18,459

Fairy Prince/Thumbling = Thumbling Down by lavvyan – 1,684

Falconer/Physicist = Falconry for Beginners by bluflamingo – 3,622

Fallen angel/Angel = Grace, Too by perspi – 1,371

Farmer & handyman/Physicist = A Farm in Iowa ‘verse by sheafrotherdon, dogeared, aesc, esteefee, and Siria (with contributions from most of fandom, it seems πŸ˜€ ) – 166,886 (47 stories)
+++Newest snippets: August – 991
+++Homecoming – 846
+++A Christmas Waking – 509
\o/**Apocrypha: Farm in Iowa Apocrypha. by sheafrotherdon – 12,512 (16 stories)
**Associated works:
\o/50% American Day by Siria – 832
\o/Chibi Mcshep – 2009-04-28 – Iowa Wedding by chkc – (inspired by Life)
\o/Entropy Dance by esteefee – 501
\o/He Kissed Me First by Losyark – 7,918
$$$Works by squidgie, elderwitty, and librarychick_94 – 10,368 (9 stories and 2 podfics)

Farmhand actor/Businessman = O Little Town by Toft – 5,762

FBI agent/Detective = Impossible Choices by zibal_01 – 5,477

~~~FBI agent/FBI agent = One Defining Moment by Brumeier – 1,066

FBI agent/FBI agent = The Truth Is Out There, And So Are Those Life-Sucking Green Things by strangefrontier – 2,443

FBI agent/Pianist = The Real McCoy by dvs – 10,274
$$$**Sequel: Things Are Better Now by McParrot – 1,955

FBI agent/Physicist = Hindsight ‘verse by rageprufrock – 61,998 (3 stories and +++a DVD commentary)

FBI agent/Scientist = Gift Horse by misspamela – 7,505

FBI agent/Scientist = You Don’t Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression (But If You’re Going To Do Something, You Might As Well Keep At It Until You Do It Right) by Sian1359 – 15,783

FBI agent/Surveillance expert = The Rules of Attraction by seperis – 43,605 (caution: WIP)

Fed/Forensic anthropologist = Joyeux NoΓ«l by icantfollow – 1,300

Festivalgoer/Musician = Glastonbury ’87 – ’07 by rasah – 9,781

Figure skater/Coach = Out of Bounds by icarus – 223,996

Figure skater/Curler = Broomstacking by scriptory – 2,186

$$$Figure skater/Figure skater = I’ll Keep You Company by nagi_schwarz – 2,970
$$$**Sequel: I Would Risk Everything – 8,419

Figure skater/Hockey player = Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010) by sardonicsmiley – 6,451

Financier/Scientist = Slept too Long by fawkesielady – 22,969

+++Firefighter & Paramedic/Surgeon = Love on the Radio by ami_ven – 2,338

Firefighter/Astronomer – A Re-Telling of Roxanne by PaleoM – 36,707

Firefighter/Fire victim = Fight Fire With by elandrialore – 2,227

$$$Firefighter/Inventor = Lighting A Fire by Brumeier – 2,692

Firefighter/Physics researcher = By the End of April by lavvyan – 10,789
**Sequel: August Blaze – 2,200

$$$Firefighter/Physicist = How I Met Your Father by respoftw – 1,685

$$$Firefighter/Scientist = Lantea Fire Station ‘verse by ami_ven – 3,359 (7 stories)

~~~First officer/Chief engineer = These Are The Voyages by aadarshinah – 1,600

Fisherman/Chef = Romance at the Roadkill Grill by lamardeuse – 22,349
**Drabble: Pie by dogeared – 100

Fisherman/Fisherman = Mayday by seekergeek – 4,579

Flight instructor/Professor = Austin ‘verse by Bluespirit – 4,031 (4 stories)

Florist/Florist = War of the Silver Birch by kat reitz and tzigane – 8,015 (available by email upon request)

Football coach/Teacher = Open Your Eyes by thedeadparrot – 25,660

Fratboy/Grad student = Under the Sea by astolat – 4,405

Friend/Oblivious = Death by Chocolate by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 2,631

Frog/Prince = The Frog Prince by neevebrody – 3,701

Fry cook/College teacher = Out of the Frying Pan by kisahawklin – 18,395
**Sequel: Into the Fire – 1,955

Fugitive/Engineer = Freedom’s Chance by ladysorka – 19,373


Garage saler/Psychic professor = Sixth Sense by Bluespirit – 587

+++Gargoyle/Professor = Stone Heart by esteefee – 17,764

Genie/Physicist = 1001 Nights Aren’t Enough by lavvyan – 1,983

Gentleman rescuer/Kidnap victim = A Dangerous Desire, or McKay Makes a Match by janne_d – 48,073

Ghost/Ghost = Heaven on Their Minds by moonmip – 1,762 (need working link or a copy)

Ghost/Student = Able to Fly by busaikko – 25,344

\o/Ghost/Writer = Ghostwriter by zorb – 1,815

Ghost hunter/Talk show host = Fearless, Mindless Fancy by Giddygeek – 4,356

Gigolo/Pimp = To Pimp or Not to Pimp by lemotmo – 2,095

Girl scout cookie/Girl scout cookie = The Epic Tale of John and Rodney, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love by bitter_crimson (Krim) – 423 (plus images)

Gladiator/Senator = Morituri te Salutant by ras_elased – 24,996

Goblin King/Doctoral student = Step Through by snarkydame – 10,220

Golfer/Journalist = Holding up a 1-Iron by sparrowhawk17 – 9,654
+++**Sequel: Holding up a 1-Iron Shorts – 678

Grad student/Grad student = The First Circle by aesc – 950

\o/Grant processor/Grant applicant = SGA goes to Johns Hopkins and applies for a grant by kisahawklin – 1,665 (caution: this work has been abandoned, but can stand as a snippet)

Groom-elect/Spy (worst ever) = Tomorrow Might Be a Good Day by kHo – 2,719

Guard Captain/Prince = Once Upon a (Prescription) Mattress by that_which – 1,419

$$$Guardian/Guardian = Another Day at the Office by mific – 7,172

$$$Guide/Paladin = The Unmatched by MillieMae – 1,413

~~~Guide/Sentinel = I’m gonna make this place your home by darkmoore – 11,227

Guide/Sentinel = Imperfections: John and Rodney by Dasha – 36,328

Guide/Sentinel = Like Strawberries in Summer by darkmoore – 34,743

Guide/Sentinel – Sentinel 101 β€˜verse by Orithain and Rina9294 – 203,544 (+++5 stories, 1 more than last time)

Guitar store owner/Selmelier = Hard Sel by aesc – 3,400
**Sequel: A Day of Salt and Newspapers – 2,960
\o/**Chibi: Chibi Mcshep – 2009-09-17 – Salted Caramel by chkc – (inspired by The Hard Sel)

+++Gym owner/Astrophysicist – Interstellar Penetration by hazel – 2,513 (available once again)


Hairdresser/Colorist = True Colors ‘verse by yin_again
(Beware! Some Wayback links go to forced download site! We think these are safe, but the fics are also available by email upon request.)
True Colors – 2,081
True Colors artwork by anna_luna
True Confession – 296
Student – 201

Haunted homeowner/Ghostbuster = Entity by dvs – 27,140

Head of Security/Corporate thief = The Atlantis Stone by Mystic – 69,600

Headphone tester/Telecommuter = SYN/ACK by anjanka7 – 4,850

Herald/Herald – Companion ‘verse by seekergeek – 55,490 (+++24 stories, 3 more than last list)

High school coach/High school hooker = My New Achilles Heel by kyuuketsukirui – 100
**Remix: Ganymede’s New Groove (The Erastes Expansion) by sabinelagrand – 3,909

High school football player/High school geek = Run, Fight, Win by Epiphanyx7 – 1,032

High school senior/High school senior – The Best Things in Life are Free ‘verse by smittywing, et al – 100,000 (10 stories)

High school senior/High school senior = Stars of Track and Field by unamaga – 6,731
**Sequel: Always Get Your Way by kashmir and unamaga – 3,043

$$$High school student/High school student = Bottoms Up by Brumeier – 2,444

~~~High school student/High school student – Choices ‘verse by Orithain and Rina9294 – 102,530 (3 stories)

High school student/High school student = Class of 2005 by coreopsis – 34,567

$$$High school student/High school student = Cruisin’ by Brumeier – 2,911 $$$
**Alt view/expansion: When the Time Is Right – 16,006

\o/High school student/High school student = Dragonstrike! by Cesare – 300

+++High school student/High school student = Falling for the First Time by velocitygrass – 35,544

High school student/High school student = The Happiest Place on Earth by DevilDoll – 7,489

\o/High school student/High school student = High School Confidential ‘verse by Elayna – 40,700 (7 stories)

$$$High school student/High school student = The Lean by Brumeier – 1,202

\o/High school student/High school student = Like a Duck to Water by kisahawklin – 3,691

High school student/High school student = One Crazy Weekend by skoosiepants – 8,047

~~~High school student/High school student = Stalemate by dementorsatemysoup – 28,708

~~~High school student/High school student = The Sun Leads Me On by allofspace – 5,051

$$$High school student/High school student = Whistling in the Dark by Brumeier – 1,190

High school student/Private school student = Hands-On Science by nindulgence – 4,545

$$$High school student/Slayer = The Chosen One by Brumeier – 1,628

$$$High school teacher/Scientist = The Last Blind Date by Brumeier – 1,577

High school student/Teacher = Lock the Door by rageprufrock – 6,655

~~~High school student to ex-pilot/High school student to airplane designer = The airport series ‘verse by mayachain – 3,303 (3 stories)

Hockey player/goalie = Stanley is Just a Cup by mystic – 14,542

Hockey player/Hockey game attendee = Life Experiences by ranereins – 1,463

Honkytonk singer & carpenter/Physicist = Trouble ‘verse by sheafrotherdon
A Whole World of Trouble – 8,583
**Deleted scene: Snippet – 142
**Companion: Little Things You Say and Do by argosy – 1,639

Hooker/Astrophysicist = King of Wishful Thinking by magarks – 19,666

Hooker/Astrophysicist = With This Ring by rabidfan – 27,450

Hooker/Scientist = Gentleman of Pleasure by ForCryinOutLoud – 1,879 (available by email upon request)

Hooker/Scientist = Hook or Crook by rageprufrock – 2,397

Hooker/Scientist = House Call by Lenore – 749
**Sequel: Three Visits and One Date – 1,292

Hooker/Scientist = Not a Blonde by KaylaShay – 1,814

Hooker/Scientist = Rentboy β€˜verse by Liondragon – 28,069 (23 stories)

$$$Hostage/Research Scientist = Two Guys Walk Into A Bank by Brumeier – 6,687

Hotel receptionist/Wedding planner = Hotel Atlantis by Siria – 3,418

\o/Hotline staff/Caller = Part-time Job by busaikko – 199

+++House buyer/House haunter = A Life by Design by ozsaur – 10,080
**Part Two

Househusband/Professor = Misinterpretations by vanwaelda – 11,010

Human/Tree guardian = Into the Wood by Neo_star0114 – 3,108
**Sequel: Searching for Truth – 2,830

~~~Hunter/Man of Letters = Wendigo Blues by clotpoleofthelord (plantainleaf) – 3,443

Hygienist/Dentist = Able to Zoo by Punk – 2,783 (there are 26 snippets here, and several are McShep)
**Sequel to P (Pander): Zing – 638 (not explicitly stated as a sequel)


Ice cream man/Doctor = Pete’s Ice Cream by velocitygrass – 489

Ice cream man/Masters student = Aspects of Divinity (the world is my oyster) by kariye – 13,246

Inceptor/Inceptor = If I Were To Go Back To College by auburn – 10,120

Infomercial host/Inventor = But Wait, There’s More! ‘verse by lavvyan – 17,126 (3 stories)

Ingrid/Cary = Entanglement by linaerys – 25,088

Inmate/Inmate = But For the Grace by kellifer – 2,059

Insurance agent/PA = The Amazing Quest of John Sheppard by f0rcryin0utl0ud – 12,131

Interior designer/Businessman = Major Redesign by shusu – 9,800

Interior designer/Interior designer = Technical Perspective: A Civilised Discourse in Interior Design by Pennyplainknits – 13,709

Interior designer/Scientist = Taking The Cake by miasnape – 3,118

Inventor/Chief scientist = The Touchstones of Our Characters by velocitygrass – 35,063

+++Investigator/P.I. = The Case of the Sticky-Fingered Son by melagan – 13,139

Iratus-bug-modified soldier/Android = Stargazing by lavvyan – 4,070

$$$Iron Man/Hulk = Assemble by nagi_schwarz – 1,984

Ironworker/Food critic = My Dinner with Rodney by squidgie and elderwitty – 3,485

IT guy/Professor = Sorry, Wrong Number by omg_wtf_yeah – 16,820


$$$Janitor/College student = To See Me The Way That I Am by nagi_schwarz – 18,797

Jessica Rabbit spy/handler = John Sheppard Is Not Bad. He’s Just Drawn That Way by beadattitude – 921

Jewish student/Jewish student = A Narrow Bridge by Kass – 18,178

Job seeker/Employee = I Only Want the Same as Anyone by kyuuketsukirui – 1,200

Jogger/Chalk-snitching physicist = Not a Porn Star ‘verse by melonbutterfly – 11,375 (5 stories)

+++Jogger/Watcher = The Jogger by velocitygrass – 1,090

~~~John/Hooker = A new life by darkmoore – 1,000

$$$John/Sherlock = It’s Elementary, Stupid! by Brumeier – 300

$$$Journalist/Baker = Lemon Zero by Brumeier – 2,250

$$$Journalist/Senate staffer = Exclusivity and Damage Control by Brumeier – 1,705

Junk store clerk/Professor = Junk Cheap by DevilDoll – 13,546

Juror/Juror = The Case of the Cunning Kidnapper by 2of7 – 9,209


Karate instructor/Lawyer = Karate John & Uncle Rodney by seikaisukimizu – 4,715
**Sequel: Why Rodney Became a Lawyer – 3,118

\o/Kid/Kid = The Gift by Selenic – 696

Kid/Kid = Paper Airplanes by neevebrody – 773

Kid/Kid = Kindergarten by nakedwesley – 1,117
**Sequel: Kindergarten II – 939

Kid/Kid = The World That We Live In (No, We Can’t Go Back) by kyuuketsukirui – 1,374

+++Kid contestant/Kid contestant = The Legend of the Lost City of Atlantis by bitter_crimson (Krim) – 6,246
++**Sequel: We’ll Always Have Orlando – 2,738

Kidnappee/Kidnapper = The Hostage Major by Frostfire – 15,600

\o/Kidnapper/Forensics expert = The Brazil Misadventure by Lenore – 1,668 (caution: this WIP will most likely NOT be continued)

King/Artist = Torchlight by scatterglory – 2,665

~~~King/Chief science officer = Making A Choice by popkin16 – 6,679

King/Prince = The Kiss: A Fairy Tale Story by ca_pierson – 2,670

Kite store owner/Physicist = Fly Wishes to the Sky by cathalin – 24,884

Kitten owner/Veterinarian = A Stitch in Time Saves a Trip to the Emergency Room by kisahawklin – 4,850

$$$Knight/Alchemist = True Love’s Sacrifice by ami_ven – 5,751

Knight/Monk = Nunc Dimittis by temaris – 5,564

$$$Knight/Wizard = A Wizard, A Knight, and A Dragon by Brumeier – 1,476


Lab assistant/Scientist = On Life and Living β€˜verse by wesleysgirl – 73,705 (8 stories)

Lab assistant spy/Scientist = The Stargate Affair by lovelokest – 13,388

$$$Labyrinth emissary/Sister seeker = Within You by Brumeier – 24,008

Landscaper(?)/Dot-com billionaire = Plan C, or How Rodney McKay Lost His Wife and Gained a Galaxy by toomuchplor – 8,938
**Sequel: Plan D, or How Rodney McKay Went Offworld and Found His Way Home Again – 1,972

Law student/Lawyer & professor = In the Interest of Full Disclosure by viklikesfic (v_angelique) – 4,153

+++Lawyer/Client= Prenuptial Agreement by velocitygrass – 1,660

$$$Lawyer/Lawyer = Juris Imprudence ‘verse by nagi_schwarz – 37,911 (38 stories)

Lawyer/Pianist = Atlantic City by Tafadhali – 9,626

Lawyer/Prince = love like a storybook story by Siria – 19,909

Liar/Physicist = The Sheppard Equation by jenny_wren – 22,857

~~~Liaison/CEO = When Called by ami_ven – 1,008
~~~**Sequel: Morning After – 601

Librarian/Bookstore owner = Bookverse by The Acrobat (the_acrobat, rue_du_hoquet) and Ekaterinn (ekaterinn)
The Imperfect Enjoyment by The Acrobat – 555
I ♥ Boston (Five Things About John Sheppard, Librarian) by The Acrobat – 1,138
I ♥ Boston (The Amanda Dillingham Young remix) by paradisecity – 2,444
Drawing Hearts on Lattes by ekaterinn – 521
Something Like Flying by The Acrobat and Ekaterinn (alternate, Sheppard/Lupin ending to series) – 4,977

Librarian/Physicist = Plenty of Paper by unamaga – 3,810
**Sequel: Reference = 1,432

Librarian/Professor = After the Other ‘verse by Siria – 25,372 (10 stories)

Lifeguard/Algae biologist = What (Who) I Did on My Summer Vacation by yin_again – 2,801
**Sequel: Summer Nights – 222

Lifeguard/Camp counselor = Campfire Law by notpoetry – 11,500

Lifeguard/Retired physicist = Converging by Purna – 26,939

Lifeguard/Student = 80 Proof by Lyra Sena – 1,958
**Sequel: Pier 8 – 2,940

Linguist/Linguist = OT(P) by sabinelagrande – 314
**Sequel: A Walk on the Slippery Rocks – 733

\o/Linguist/Taxi driver = My Fair Linguist by Pares (kormantic) – 1,541

Literature professor/Physics professor = Academic by rageprufrock – 5,506

+++Lord/Astrophysicist = Cost Effective by Azilver – 4,070

Lord/Brothel servant = The Licentious Lord by Pouncer – 2,267

Lord/Butler & valet = Master of the Manor by _inbetween_ – 6,700

~~~Lord/Doctor of natural philosophy = A Civil Contract by sgamadison – 32,874

~~~Lord/Gentleman = Gentleman’s Revenge ‘verse by Tarlan – 12,552 (7 stories)

+++Lord/Inventor = Indebted to Lord Sheppard by velocitygrass – 15,824

Lord/Inventor = Lord John’s Aerial Affair by melagan – 21,117

+++Lord/Inventor = A Man of Reputation by velocitygrass – 16,090

Lord/Writer = Time and tide ~ a love story with interruptions for murder by Bluespirit – 40,448

Lumberjack/Environmentalist = Tree Hugger by lavvyan – 4,272

Lysander/Hermia = A Midsummer Night’s Tale by lavvyan – 11,765


Mage/Astrophysicist – Whale ‘verse by friendshipper, naye, and xparrot – 100,000+ (19 entries, includes entries not linked in the AO3 version)
\o/**AO3 link: Whaleverse – 118,168 (includes 2 stories not on LJ)

+++Magician/Anchor = Anchor Me by Popkin16 – 1,998

Magician/Designer = Now You See It, Now You Don’t by yavannauk – 1,706

Magician/Student = Any Technology Sufficiently Advanced by soleta – 5,260

Mailman/Physicist = They Say He Was On the Moon by Freyja – 2,275
**Sequel: Neither Sleet nor Snow nor Rain, Rain, Rain… by neevebrody – 1,160

Male-to-Female transgender/Female-to-Male transgender = You’ve Written Your Own Directions (And Whistled the Rules of Change) by kyuuketsukirui – 2,505

Mall employee/Mall employee = A Three-for-Two Special, Thursdays, After Six by aesc, ca_pierson, HYPERfocused, sheafrotherdon, Siria, and strivaria – 4,292

Marching band conductor/Band designer = The Corps by kisahawklin – 13,705
**Deleted scene: Water Fight – 1,044

Marine tech/Veterinarian = Wide Open Ocean by setissma – 10,516

Marquis/Astronomer = Marrying the Marquis by zoemathemata – 46,072

~~~Master/Slave = Own Me! by Hyx_Sydin – 844

Matchmaker’s receptionist/Professor = Playing With Matches by activevirtues – 10,823

Math department head/Physics & Engineering departments head = The Barking Dog Winery β€˜verse by pinkdiamonds 105,437 (+++13 stories – first three and last one are Jack/Daniel) (3 more stories than last list)

+++Math professor/Astrophysics professor = Breathing Right by lemurgrrrl – 6,199

Math professor/Physics professor = Stress Relief by velocitygrass – 4,433

Math teacher/Soloist = Ancient Music by linaerys – 18,671

$$$Math teacher/Actor = Trig Functions and Mega-Hot Superstars by nagi_schwarz – 5,074

Mathematician/Mentor = Phantom of the Laboratory by elementalv – 11,026

Mathematician/Mountie = Teamwork by onthewaters and Methaya – 24,090
**Deleted scene: in the AO3 comments or at Deleted scene – 510

Mathematician/Physicist = The Jump to the Left ‘verse by glitterandlube – 17,258 (all 18 stories in one AO3 entry)

$$$Mathematician/Professor = Fluff and Fold by Brumeier – 2,181

Matrix technician/Physicist = The Ghost Wind by OtherCat – 1,337

Matrix!John/Physicist = Out Into the Real World by Mithreon – 21,229

Mechanic/Astrophysicist = Hearts in Disguise by teh_helenables – 1,498

Mechanic/Genderfucked Rodney = With Bones Like That by torakowalski – 9,000
**Companion: The One You Believe – 1,081

Mechanic/Physicist = God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe, But I Will by elenlilta – 4,800

Media consultant/Scientist = Uncovered by pollitt – 1,121

~~~Mercenary/Inventor = Against Such Mighty Dreams ‘verse by Tarlan – 5,855 (3 stories)

Mercenary/Scientist = StarGA(Y)te Safari by hellpenguin – 4,727

Mercenary/Vegas!Rodney – All Worlds Converge To Where You Are by gottalovev – 45,776

Merman/Prince = What Is Idle Babble For? By omg_wtf_yeah = 12,878

Meteorologist pilot/Meteorologist mathematician = Cloud Nine by Cesare – 17,769

$$$MI5 agent/Research scientist = Hunted by Daisy_May – 90,467

Military/Angel = The Power of Love by Rachel Sabotini (wickedwords) – 1,766

~~~Military/Military spouse = Yellow Ribbons by darkmoore – 744
~~~**Sequel: Holding on – 827

Military/Serial killer = That Sweet Moment by pushkin666 – 462

Military commander/Chief recordkeeper = The One Adventuring Atlantean by Lenore – 6,704

+++Milkman/Astrophysicist = Milk Run by escriveine – 1,896
\o/**Sequel: Special Delivery – 896

Miller’s son/Puss = Rodney-in-boots by Fenchurch – 2,169

Mistletoe victim/Mistletoe victim = Festive by Siria – 1,003

Mobster/Mob boss = A Mobster’s Work is Never Done by springwoof – 2,895

Model/Designer = The Clothes Make the Man by Rina9294 and Orithain – 26,678

Model/Designer = Project Atlantis by rageprufrock – 802

Model/Painter = Complementary Colours by yin_again – 12,868
**Sequel: Analogous Colors – 4,423 (available by email upon request)

Model/Reporter = Phi by Siria and aesc – 8,702

Model/Student = Art Appreciation by laytoncolt – 1,316

Motorcyclist/Cop = Speed Trap by florahart – 1,522

Mountie/Forensic anthropologist = Mountie on the Mountain by bergann – 6,154

Musical theater star/Reporter = Don’t Ask Anymore by lavvyan – 2,300

Musician/Agent = Baseline by rageprufrock – 2,168

Musician/Intern = Sing Me a Love Song by littlebuttercup – 759

Musician/Millionaire = Skirting the Issue by _inbetween_ – 582

Musician/Multi-millionaire = Some Like It Cool by Mystic – 44,920

Musician/Musician = Iratus: the Revival by mific – 18,747

Musician/Musician = Honky Tonk Blues by Brumeier 23,049 (+++16 stories, 5 more than last list)

$$$Musician/Musician = Play Along ‘verse by nagi_schwarz – 47,004 (37 stories)

Musicologist/Conductor = Tactus by toomuchplor – 4,028
**Sequel: Fermata – 432

Mutant/Mutant = Earthquakes and Supernovae ‘verse by melonbutterfly – 4,395 (3 stories, first one is gen)

Mystery/Aerospace designer = A Question of Quantum Physics, Molecular Attraction and Timing by gottalovev – 18,000

Mystery/Professor = A Beautiful Mind by bergann – 5,475


Naked guy/Scientist = Pleasant Surprises by sakuracorr – 2,471

Nanny/Businessman = And a Roost for Every Bird by Siria – 10,854

NCIS Agent/NCIS Agent = Frame Up by wingwyrm – 2,701

$$$Neighbor/Neighbor = Fuck You, Thunder by Brumeier – 1,166

\o/Neighbor (nice)/Neighbor (trouble) = Roommates by aesc, dogeared, and sheafrotherdon – 2,654
\o/**Sequel: Two comment snippets by aesc – 457 and 564 (first and fifth comments)
\o/**Snippets: Untitled by dogeared – 288

Neo/Trinity = The One by elandrialore – 776

New neighbor/Lawn genius = And the Green Grass Grows All Around by bitter_crimson (Krim) – 2,280

Newspaperman/Newspaperman = The Atlantis Herald by Pistol – 6,421 (need working link or a copy)
\0/**Associated work: Podfic by kisahawklin

Nightflyer/Awaiter = Light On by lavvyan – 709

Nobleman/Scientist = Easily Persuaded by Tarlan – 5,691

~~~Not Katie/Scientist = Wrong House by atlanteanwhovian – 365

~~~Notary/Astrophysicist = The Effects of Short-Term Exposure to Guys Who Wear Too Much Black by kisahawklin – 2,574

Nude model/Photographer = Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like… by Lenore – 2,809

$$$Nurse/Doctor = Crisis? What Crisis? by mific – 6,320

Nursery school teacher/Clown = Fun with Blind Dates by busaikko – 294


$$$Office drone/Underwear model = Intelligence Is Like Underwear by Brumeier – 2,929

Office worker/Office worker = Open Office by velocitygrass – 1,022

Office worker/Office worker = A Wilted Rose and a Kiss by Ru_salki99 – 1,109

+++One-night stand/Wizard = Magical by velocitygrass – 1,796

Oni/Oni = Kuro to Ao (Black and Blue) by Xparrot – 8,341

Outlaw/Scion = Hero of the Prairie by Neery – 6,606

$$$Outlaw/Tutor = In Bane or Bliss by nagi_schwarz – 29,473


PA/Scientist – Monk AU ‘verse by Neo_Star0114
It’s a Jungle Out There – 12,238
Three Snapshots – 3,280
Disorder & Confusion Everywhere – 1,231
Might Just Kill You – 5,510
Hey, Who’s in Charge Here? – 6,825

Parent volunteer/Substitute kindergarten teacher = Kindergarten Rodney by honey_babes – 3,904 (need working link or a copy)

\o/Passenger/Physicist = Atlantis Titanic by in_the_bottle – 717

$$$Patient/Cuddler = Embracing Your Inner Self by Goddess47 – 753

+++Patient/Doctor = Not a Big Deal by reeby10 – 547

$$$Patient/Massage therapist = The McKay Method by outsideth3box – 1,485

Patient/Patient = I Saw You There (So Unaware) by teh_helenables – 761

Pawn store owner/Pawn store owner = J & R Pawn by apple_pi – 1,042

Peep/Peep = Jumping Into the Peep End by danceswithgary – 751

Peter Pan/Wendy = Second Star to the Right by icantfollow – 11,000

Phantom/Pianist = Stranger Than You Dreamt It by Cesare – 569

+++Phlebotomist/JPL project manager = The Hot Phlebotomist by Punk – 3,695

\o/Phone sex operator/New hire = Ronon Dex’s Pornstar Empire by squidgie – 1,320

Phone sex operator/Theoretical astrophysicist = Hotline ‘verse by laytoncolt
The Hotline – 4,203
The Partyline – 1,534
Ring Off – 1,992

Photographer/Food artist = Clean Plate Club ‘verse by yin_again
(Beware! Some Wayback links go to forced download site! We think these are safe, but the fics are also available by email upon request.)
Clean Plate Club – 7,960
New Day – 215
Picture This – 679
Picture This illustration by summertea – 679
Soup Weather – 811
Taste Test – 189
Photo Story – 361
Focus – 142
Distraction – 3,544
Pickup – 223
Tempered – 2,330
Best in Show – 536
Assignment – 540
Proposal – 401 (third one down)
Two Drabbles – 284 (scroll down for second one)

Photojournalism student/Herpetology student = Lionel’s Story by Bluespirit – 29,246

Physicist/Biologist = Biological Imperatives by Elvichar – 20,194

~~~P.I./Client = The Sweetheart Murder by melagan – 17,242

P.I./M.E. = Case at Hand by neevebrody – 12,753

P.I./Professor = The Little Sister by Martha – 53,208

\o/P.I./Scientist = Atlantis: City of the Future by carleton97 – 2,196 (caution: this WIP has been abandoned, but there’s an outline your imagination can build on)

Pianist/Phantom of the Opera = All I Ask by lavvyan – 1,200

Pilot (air ambulance)/Doctor = Buffalo Wings by omglawdork – 15,705

Pilot (air ambulance)/Geophysicist = A Hundred Happy Things by busaikko – 30,003
**Sequel: At the Company Picnic – 576

+++Pilot (Air Force)/Airplane designer = Not A Fairy Tale by velocitygrass – 7,529

$$$Pilot (Air Force)/Angel = Relunctant Angel by melagan – 10,035

Pilot (Air Force)/Astrophysicist = Anallagmatic by sian1529 – 39,617 (pre-slash)

Pilot (Air Force)/Astrophysicist = The Atlantis Factor by sian1359 – 88,463

Pilot (Air Force)/Astrophysicist = I Believe in Wishful Thinking by pentapus – 22,400

Pilot (Air Force)/Astrophysicist = Last Will and Testament by Speranza – 23,191

Pilot (Air Force)/Elf = Welcome to Antarctica by planetkiller – 2,643

Pilot (Air Force)/Grad student – Fading Skies by Diamond_Raven – 62,384

$$$Pilot (Air Force)/Jaeger technician = Drifting Back by Tarlan – 3,144

Pilot (Air Force)/Lawyer = A Moment’s Consideration by monanotlisa = 9,246

Pilot (Air Force)/Music teacher = All You Can Be by beingothrwrldly – 4,348

Pilot (Air Force)/Niece-adopting physicist = Small Primes & Square Roots by Liviapenn – 12,533

Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Apocalypse Rising by sian1359 – 81,681

Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Everything But Love by cottontail – 24,200 (available by email upon request)

Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Fighting Falcon by yin_again – 5,749

Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Harmonic Function by shaenie – 8,281

~~~Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Salvation by Tarlan – 4,911

Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Unhealthy Attachment by amireal – 6,837

Pilot (Air Force)/Scientist = Final Order by velocitygrass – 20,442

$$$Pilot (Air Force)/Scientist = Friendship at the Edge of the World by Brumeier – 2,116

Pilot (Air Force)/Scientist = Still the Same by secondalto – 1,823

Pilot (Air Force)/Trauma surgeon – The Architects of Fate β€˜verse by Tarlan – 65,856 (+++5 stories, 1 more than last list)

$$$Pilot (Air Force)/Treasure hunter = Treasure Hunt by melagan – 6,189

$$$Pilot (Air Force)/Unspecified = All Downhill From Here by Brumeier – 1,078

Pilot (Air Force)/Wizard = Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology by Quasar – 23,072

Pilot (airline)/Flight attendant = Pegasus Airline AU by star_language – 11,830 (5 stories)

Pilot (airline)/Mechanic = Sky of Longing by eternallycait – 15,000

Pilot (airline)/Professor = When You Know You Were Born to Fly by justbreathe80 – 15,528

Pilot (airline)/Teacher = Stranded at the Drive-In by kashmir – 1,909

Pilot (airship)/Inventor = The Amorous Adventures of the Air Pirate and the Inventor; or, The Dragon’s Tale by seleneheart – 5,070 (available by email upon request)

Pilot (Ancelsterrian)/Prince = An Eleven-Step Guide to Survival by Prince Meredith (ed. by John Sheppard) by theravenwrites – 8,507

Pilot (barnstorming)/Mechanic = To Walk on the Wind ‘verse by danceswithgary – 1,570 (3 stories)

$$$Pilot (bush)/Research scientist = Life in the Yukon ‘verse by Brumeier – 17,876 (~~~8 stories, one more than last list)

Pilot (bush)/Jesuit priest = Si Muovo by Kass and Sihaya Black (beledibabe) – 39,146

Pilot (Cavalier)/Physicist = Buckaroo Zelenka and the Atlantis Cavaliers by sian1359 – 23,554

Pilot (charter)/Amnesiac Physicist = Unidentified ‘verse by fiercelydreamed – 42,136 (3 stories)

$$$Pilot (charter)/Astrophysicist = Signs From The Universe by popkin16 – 8,918

Pilot (charter)/Billionaire scientist – Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future by puddleofgoo – 126,482

Pilot (charter)/Businessman = The Billionaire Who Bought Christmas by valderys – 2,911

Pilot (charter)/Businessman = Romance Not Included by danceswithgary – 19,851

Pilot (charter)/Computer security expert = It’s Magic by lamardeuse – 23,578

Pilot (charter)/Consultant = Hair Today by Zinnith – 8,623

Pilot (charter)/Medical researcher = Flying Into History by squidgie – 1,003

Pilot (charter)/Physicist = Nantucket ‘verse by aesc, dogeared, sheafrotherdon, Siria, and steammmpunk – 84,616 (78 stories)

Pilot (charter)/Scientist = Romancing Alaska by ionaonie – 34,067

Pilot (charter)/Tourist(?) = Heat by dvs – 45,197

$$$Pilot (commercial)/Diner = Overheard Conversations by squidgie – 3,395

$$$Pilot (commercial)/Unspecified = Atlantis Air by Brumeier – 600

$$$Pilot (commercial)/Veterinarian = ‘Twas the Night by danceswithgary – 3,019

+++Pilot (flight instructor)/Pianist = The Pianist and the Pilot by velocitygrass – 4,271

Pilot (flight instructor)/Scientist = Meteor Shower by velocitygrass – 2,534

+++Pilot (flight instructor)/Scientist = Speed Dating by velocitygrass – 1,562

~~~Pilot (freelance)/Information specialist = Lost and Found by melagan – 14,125

Pilot (freelance)/Tech specialist = Code of Honor by Reddwarfer – 41,732

Pilot (helicopter)/Engineer = Bridges by busaikko – 52,003

Pilot (helicopter)/Paleontologist = Las Cinco Muertes by Tarlan – 17,459

Pilot (helicopter)/Physicist = Thaw by lamardeuse – 5,088

Pilot (helicopter)/Porn King = The Porn King: A Fractured Fairytale by mischief5 – 2,663

~~~Pilot (helicopter)/Professor = One day at a time by Hyx_Sydin – 12,557

Pilot (helicopter)/Scientist = Black Helicopters ‘verse by whizzy – 141,049 (6 stories)
+++**Next episode: Blackout Conditions – 102,300 (in four downloadable formats)
\o/**Alpha version: Fade to Black – 25,256

\o/Pilot (helicopter)/Tech company owner = Finding Home for Christmas by DraconisWing24441 – 54,557

\o/Pilot (helicopter)/Traveler = Coming Down by Perfica – 3,612

Pilot (Independence Day)/Scientist = Throttle by kashmir and unamaga – 2,630

Pilot (Med flight)/DARPA project manager = Northside Social by esteefee – 15,495

Pilot (military)/Millionaire = Reaching for the Moon by kateshortforbob – 1,706

Pilot (news helicopter)/Astrophysicist = Wet by yin_again – 10,804

Pilot (pirate)/Scientist = Dreams Beneath Our Feet by neevebrody – 9,560

Pilot (pirate)/Scientist = Recruitment Drive by bluflamingo – 5,644
**Sequel: Penguins & Sparrows & Stars – 9,837
**Remix: Penguins, Sparrows & Stars {Be Free to Fly remix} by thisissirius – 5,068

Pilot (RAF)/Cryptographer = The Ethical Life by sabinelagrande – 5,981

Pilot (rescue)/Talk radio host = Cosmic Snake Eyes by skinscript (Infie) – 6,775

\o/Pilot (seaplane)/Swimmer = The Water Is My Sky by busaikko – 100

Pilot (SGA)/Scientist = In the Absence of Intention by silverraven – 8,494

Pilot (space)/Engineer = Flight by velocitygrass – 24,721

Pilot (space fighter)/Alien = Maybe, Baby by omg_wtf_yeah – 27,885

\o/Pilot (spaceship)/Mechanic = In Remembrance Bear by Siria – 1,976

Pilot (student)/Mechanic = Atlantis Flight & Cargo β€˜verse by sloganeer and slodwick – 5,921 (+++5 stories, 1 more than last list)

Pilot (taxi)/Scientist = The Promotion by laytoncolt – 2,665

$$$Pilot (test)/Aircraft designer = Rodney’s No Good, Very Bad, But Getting Better Day by Brumeier – 831

$$$Pilot (test)/Airplane designer = Encore by respoftw – 27,080

$$$Pilot (test)/Airplane designer = Fantasy Island by melagan – 6,577

+++Pilot (test)/Airplane designer = Teaching a lesson by velocitygrass – 2,803

Pilot (test)/Astrophysicist = Sting of Destiny by jade_dragoness – 9,900

~~~Pilot (test)/Chairman = Steal In by aadarshinah – 2,356

Pilot (test)/Dot-com millionaire = Your Glasses by velocitygrass – 2,055

Pilot (test)/Engineer = Missed the Saturday Dance by zoetrope – 11,884 (plus images)

Pilot (test)/Engineer = My Favorite Colonel by pir8fancier – 14,625

Pilot (test)/Engineer = The Road to Nevada by lamardeuse – 38,342

Pilot (test)/masseur = Rub You the Right Way ‘verse by yin_again
(Beware! Some Wayback links go to forced download site! We think these are safe, but the fics are also available by email upon request.)
Rub You the Right Way – 3,129
Graduation Present – 799
Stacking the Deck – 264
Playing Your Hand – 147
Paper – 118

$$$Pilot (test)/NASA scientist = Symbolic Activities by mattygroves – 1,450

$$$Pilot (test)/Physicist = Bouncing Back by Brumeier – 2,278

Pilot (test)/Scientist = See No Evil by Greyias – 88,903

Pilot (test)/Sex toy inventor = Purely Scientific Reasons, of Course by Zinnith – 5,123

Pilot (widowed)/Nanny = The Sound of Science by lemotmo – 32,549

Pilot (WWII)/Ground crew = Something to Remember You By by hestia_lacey – 17,119

Pilot (WWII)/Mechanic = Returning Hero by rasah – 6,683

Pilot (WWII)/Physicist = The Providence of Stars by melagan – 23,888

Pilot (WWII)/Scientist = After You’ve Gone by moodymuse19 – 32,000

~~~Pirate/Pirate = A Pirate’s Life by PaleoM – 38,678

Pirate/Plantation owner = The Privateer by Sandy – 2,522
**Sequel: The Winds of Change by Mystic – 31,668

Pitcher/Catcher = Baseball Boogaloo by skinscript (Infie) – 13,122

Playboy/Scientist = Entanglement by linaerys – 25,088

Playboy/Unpaid assistant = An Affair to Remember – McShep Style by tiranog – 89,904 (though it says ‘2/?’, the fic is complete)

Pool boy/Programmer = Pool Boy ‘Verse by mckays_girl – 9,376 (3 stories)

Pope/Monk = Pope John ‘verse by esteefee and squidgiepdx (23 entries)

Porn newbie/Fluffer = Action by ulthyrja – 1,464

Porn star/Porn star = Contractual Obligations by velocitygrass – 4,421

Porn star/Porn star = The Doctor and the Colonel by elandrialore – 605

Porn star/Porn star = Gpfg Studios (link to the community)

Porn star/Porn star = Hank and the Handyman by thegrrrl2002 – 4,763
**Hank and the Handyman 2 by outsideth3box – 3,600
+++**Hank and the Handyman 3: Trading Places by neevebrody – 5,931

\o/Porn star/Porn star = Let’s Try That Again by Perfica – 2,151

Porn Star/Porn Star = Plumber Players 2 by Toft – 3,268

President/Campaign manager = As Wide as the Sky by Seperis – 10,899

President/Chief of Staff = Rights of Man by unamaga – 2,305

President/First Husband = Executive Decision by Siria – 1,226
**Companion piece = Snippet – 454

Priest/Businessman = And I Am There by tigerlady (shetiger) – 31,790

Priest/Sin = Revelations by trinityofone – 3,400
**Backstory: Prior Enlightenment by not_sally – 410 (need working link or a copy)

\o/Prince/Captain = As Time, Unending by LdyAnne – 18,461

Prince/Cinderella = Size 7,5 by lavvyan – 10,321

Prince/Doctor = The Doctor and the Pea by ca_pierson – 921

Prince/Fox = Outfoxed by Cesare – 10,992

Prince/Magi in training = Honor, Among Thieves by Rinkafic – 6,156

Prince/Magician = The Sorcerer King by Tarlan – 13,479
**Sequel: The Great Well – 1,760

Prince/Noble = The Shield and the Puddlejumper by Fenchurch – 21,538

$$$Prince/Prince = A Bride for the Prince by Antares – 3,493

Prince/Prince = Everything Worth Having by teh_helenables – 8,112

Prince/Prince = No Myth by skoosiepants – 11,327
**Remix: Choose Your Own Adventure (The Someone to Dance With Remix) by Livia Penn – 4,732 (available by email upon request)

Prince/Prince = The Ordinary Prince by fenchurch1 – 13,691

Prince/Prince = The Prince with the Golden Balls by Antares – 804

Prince/Prince = Soraya Didn’t Have to Deal With This by melonbutterfly – 39,810

Prince/Prince = The Vagabond Prince by Cesare – 7,477

Prince/Prince-Consort = The Lab Boy by ca_pierson – 8,153

Prince/Prospective princess = Once Upon Atlantis by celli – 7,657

Prince/Scholar = The Maverick Prince by goddess47 – 14,500

Prince/Scholar = When It All Ends, We’ll Write Our History in the Sky by calcitrix and gblvr – 62,380

Prince/Science minister = The Spare by Rachael Sabotini (wickedwords) – 13,319

Prince/Scientist = The Prince & The Ego by Never – 2,691

Prince/Servant = The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Moon_Destiny Dahlia_Moon) – 3,438

Prince/Tower tenant = Fairy Tale Dynamics by icantfollow – 10,300

Princess/Prince = The Princess and the P-90 by darkrosetiger – 699

Prisoner/Mirdith = Who Could Claim the Sky by lavvyan – 17,465

\o/Prisoner/Prisoner= Crimes Against Humanity ‘verse by seperis – 61,836 (4 stories)

Prisoner/Prisoner = “M” Is for Monster by seleneheart – 12,166

Prisoner of war/Prisoner of war = Primum Mobile by ella_minnow – 2,053

Privateer/Naturalist = Passion du Corsair by Miss Pamela – 2,857

\o/Privateer/Rescuee = The Privateer Atlantis by busaikko – 100

Pro volleyball player/Physics professor = Match Point by foxxcub – 3,600

~~~Professor/Adventurer = Driftglass by melagan – 7,798

Professor/Doctor = We Looked Like Giants by hellpenguin – 967

Professor/Physicist = Blind Date by Bethynyc – 1,081

Professor/Pianist = Coffee and Juice Boxes by sam_gamgee – 37,934

\o/Professor/Professor = First First Kiss by SecondSilk – 326
\o/**Sequel: Second First Kiss – 431

Professor/Professor = Head of the Class by pir8fancier – 20,167

+++Professor/Professor = Math Covers a Multitude of Sins by reeby10 – 2,010

Professor/Professor = A Meeting of Minds by Keira Marcos – 5,039

\o/Professor/Professor = There Still Remains This Turtle by chiasmus – 392

Professor/Professor = Thumpa Thump by inthekeyofd – 1,840

Professor/Tech inventor = Out of West by rageprufrock – 24,985

~~~Program manager/Biotech scientist = Here’s A Story… by squidgie and elderwitty – 9,450

+++Prospector/Inventor = Roped, Trussed and Branded by mific – 7,054

Psychiatrist/Amnesiac patient = Starting Over by lavvyan – 5,145

Psychiatrist/Astrophysicist = It Takes a Week to Form an Ulcer by gluecklich – 11,009

Psychic/Detective = Communing with Atlantis by indusm – 5,775

Publisher’s agent/Author = Selections From A Scientific Passion by celtiknot – 1,860

Pursuer/Coffee fiend = Five Times Rodney Ran Out of Coffee by dogeared – 1,410


+++Queen’s Commander/Queen’s Inventor = Follow a Star by esteefee – 5,716

Quidditch player/Broommaker = McKay’s Quality Brooms & Sundry Oddments (est. 1842) by busaikko – 3,029


$$$Racecar driver/Professor = My Racing Heart by DraconisWing24441 – 44,633

$$$Rake/Scholar = The Very Devil of a Plan by mific – 21,335

Ramen stall owner/Customer = Thanksgiving Soup by esteefee – 334
**SGA Chibi – 2011-10-09 – Ramen by chck

Reality show host/Contestant= King of Bling by Lenore – 1,562

Realtor/Businessman = Puddlejumper Estates and ZPM Enterprises by wyngwyrm – 14,304

Realtor/Scientist = Location, Location, Location by Pennyplainknits – 10,020
**Sequel: Pancakes – 415
\o/**Chibi: Chibi Mcshep – 2009-01-31 – For Pennyplainknits’ “Pancakes” by chkc

Reaper/Reaper – Dead Like Them β€˜verse by nixajane and f0rcryin0utl0ud – 40,453 (4 stories)

Reaper/Scientist = The Man in Black by JyaGhost – 3,452
**Sequel: Gentle Is Your Hand – 1,610

$$$Rebel soldier/Union soldier = Philosophical Differences by nagi_schwarz – 1,443

Receptionist/Computer programmer = The One With the Staplers by icantfollow – 4,742

$$$Record store clerk/Customer = Atlantis Records by nagi_schwarz – 2,849

Record store clerk/Student = Stakeout by hellpenguin – 3,107

Relationship coach/Businessman = 101 Ways To Get Lucky (In Love) by Lenore – 18,229

Reporter/Analyst = History on the Run by sharkie335 – 4,861

+++Reporter/Baker = Lemon Zero by Brumeier – 2,250

Reporter/Derivatives trader = The Interview by seikaitsukimizu – 9,347 (caution: this WIP seems to have been abandoned)
Part 2
Part 3

Reporter/Pundit = No Business Like It by Siria – 1,166

Reporter/Scientist = The One Where They Meet Online by doctorfumbles – 10,244

Reporter/Superhero = The One With the Kittens and the Packing by nudaydreamer – 1,700 (need working link or a copy)

Reporter/Superhero = Unconventional Heroism by sardonicsmiley – 27,630
**Snippet: Unconventional Heroism Snippet – 726

Research assistant/Physicist = If It’s Wednesday, It Must be Pumpernickel by lamardeuse – 1,612

Researcher/Investor = Lure of the Deep by melagan – 6,095

Resistance fighter/Skynet creator = Ars Machina Act I by dmchoi87 – 34,714

Restaurant manager/Chef = Kitchen Atlantis by laytoncolt – 1,762

Retiree/Retiree = Storm Damage by Bluespirit – 488

Rich guy/Paleontologist = Home is Where the Heart Is by morena_donn – 3,854

$$$Rich kid/Ice cream clerk = Summer in the Adirondacks, 1955 by Brumeier – 1,000

$$$Rich man/Slave = Forever in Your Debt. ‘verse by McKennaSevrin – 26,676 (3 stories) **Please note the warnings**

Rich pretty boy/Academic = To Quote Vince Lombardi, If Winning Isn’t Everything, Why Do They Keep Score? by Tex – 1,759

Rider/Trainer = Stirrup Cup by enviropony – 873

Road warrior/Scientist = Atlantis 2505 β€˜verse by OtherCat – 14,390 (4 stories)

Robber baron’s son/Inventor = Blue Colorado Skies by Xparrot – 11,364

Robin Hood/Alchemist = Oo-De-Lally by skoosiepants – 8,227

Robot/Accountant = Quantum Spirits by melagan – 3,703

Robot/Robot = RD-NE by danceswithgary – 4,356

Rock star/Astrophysicist = When You Piece It All Together, It’s A Love Story by Berty – 10,517

\o/Rock star/Groupie? = Good Night, Toronto! by Brumeier – 299

Rodeo rider/Chuckwagon driver = Ten Days in July by blissfire – 4,658 (caution: abandoned WIP)

Rodeo rider/Veterinarian = Animal Husbandry by casspeach – 27,438

$$$Roman tribune/Healer = Britannia, AD 61 by Antares – 9,093

Ruler/Concubine = Ruler and Concubine by madd4the24 – 4,400


Sailor/Repairman = After the Flood by cobweb-diamond – 5,909

$$$Salesclerk/Salesclerk = Pegasus Stores by mific – 1,709

Salesman/Scientist = Corporate Spin by grammarwoman – 2,100

Sandwich shop guy/Mattress store guy = Bed and Board by HYPERfocused – 1,084

\o/Scientist/Astrophysicist = Matchmaker by reen212000 – 1,334

Scientist/Military = Parallels ‘Verse by sardonicsmiley
Taking the Long Way Home – 18,550
Taking the Long Way Home snippet – 482
Rising – 3,470
Enough – 3,620
Thirty-eight – 5,320
Dr. Sheppard and Col. Rodney McKay snippet – 1,048
Long Way Home snippet II – 440
Parallels ‘verse snippet – 474
Surprises – 1,240
Easy Like Sunday Morning – 2,350
Easy Like Sunday Morning snippet – 2,700
Come to Bed – 5,800
Come to Bed snippet – 1,395
Out of Place – 4,500

Scientist/Scientist = Just One Drop of Water by Orithain and Rina9294 – 24,806

Scientist/Scientist = Situation, Presented by pollitt – 5,820

Searcher/Searcher = A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours by trinityofone – 25,000

Secret agent/Secret agent = Mission: Improbable by sageness – 7,660

Secret agent/Super villain = The Fiendish Plan of Dr. Macabre by cupidsbow – 2,981
**Sequel: Offspring of the Fiendish Plan of Dr. Macabre – 604

$$$Security Chief/Science Officer = Touching and Touched by ami_ven – 6,837

Security guard/Grad student = See You When I Get There by lilac_way – 9,982

Security guard/Maintenance supervisor = Down Where It’s Wetter by icantfollow – 2,858

Seducer/Pianist = Twelve Herculean Concerts of Rodney McKay by fenchurch1 – 10,701

Sentinel/Guide = A.W.O.L. by esteefee – 7,502
**Sequel: Foothold – 28,486

Sentinel/Guide = A Contemporary Re-examination of Sentinels and Guide Pair Bonding in North America by Creed Cascade (creedcascade) – 3,551
**Sequel: The (Scary) Paper Trail Left in the Wake of Sheppard and McKay – 2,203

Sentinel/Guide = Diploma by internetname – 41,433

+++Sentinel/Guide = Disqualified by velocitygrass – 29,551

+++Sentinel/Guide = From Blue to Green by Keira Marcos – 12,981 (user must sign up to view)

Sentinel/Guide = Lost and Found by RosiePaw – 13,286

+++Sentinel (& FBI Agent)/Guide (& Mountie) = Mosquito, Gnat, and Midge Season by esteefee – 16,618

Sentinel/Guide – The Sentinels of Atlantis by keiramarcos – 333,603 (+++20 stories, 1 more than last list)

\o/Sentinel/Guide = Signs by flitterflutterfly – 18,782

Sentinel/Guide = The Unlikely and the Unwilling by ladyholder – 41,913 (+++7 stories, 1 more than last list)

Sentinel/Guide = What a Sentinel Has To Do by Arnie – 1,857

Sentinel (& USAF Major)/Guide (& Scientist) = When I Get Older by chap1870 – 44,000

Sentinel/Guide = Young Sentinels and Guides by Ladyholder – 28,610 (+++5 stories, 1 more than last list)

Selkie/Fisherman(?) = What the Sea Has to Give by Siria – 1,678

Serial killer/FBI agent = Killer Instinct ‘verse by Brumeier – 8,840 (5 stories)

Servant/Master = At Your Service by velocitygrass – 60,211

Sexbot (& not)/Scientist = Male Enhancement variations by lavvyan
Flesh and Blood version – 9,103
Tin Man version – 9,959
**Remix: Scruffy AI ‘verse by Taste_is_Sweet – 281,116 (6 stories)

SGA Lt. Colonel/Sci-fi author = The Long Journey Home by skoosiepants – 10,938

SGC Major/Tok’ra – Tongues of Men and Angels by Mad_Maudlin – 58,523

+++Sheep herder/Craftsman = The Fallen Star by velocitygrass – 15,464

Sheik/Astrophysicist = Sandstorms by tahariel – 5,847

Sheik/Harem boy = Shagging the Sheik by lavvyan – 2,700

Shelter volunteer & math professor/Cat adopting astrophysics professor = Forever Home by Bluespirit – 876

Shepherd/Sheep rustler = No Puns, Please by 1ightning – 4,500 (need different link or a copy, as you have to login to LJ to read it)

Sheriff/CSI = The Silent Land by teh_helenables – 2,000

Sheriff/Physics writer = The Sheriff and The Physicist by Sandy – 11,129

Sheriff/Quaker = High Noon by czarinakathryn – 5,523

Sheriff/Scientist = A Perfect Thirty-Nine Megahertz by honey-babes – 1,700 (need working link or a copy)

Shield/Blade – Reincarnates ‘verse by ca_pierson and darkmoore – 57,353 (+++teaser fanvid and 2 stories, 2 more than last list)

Shipwrecked sailor/Shipwrecked professor = An Unreliable Narrative by mific – 11,425

Shoe salesman/Guest services = Mallrats ‘verse by yin_again
(Beware! Some Wayback links go to forced download site! We think these are safe, but the fics are also available by email upon request.)
Links below go to LJ, which may be friend-locked.
The Dorky One Where They Work at the Mall – 1,490
John Sheppard Goes to the Mall – 910
Rodney and the Movie-Star Bed – 398
Too Early for this Shit – 187
Curious – 715
Military School: All This and a Traumatising Haircut, Too – 931
You Can Go Home Again. And You Can Bring Your Friends – 2,133
PDA – 139

$$$Shopping escort/College student = Models by nagi_schwarz – 1,085

Sideshow freak/Sideshow freak = Soul to Squeeze by perspi – 1,479

Singer/Keyboard player = Four Quarters ‘verse by trinityofone
Four quarters – 8,178
The Sea It Swells – 958
The Bellerophon Brothers – 1,627
Bootleg: The Best of the Puddlejumpers – 3,872
Tokyo Drift – 4,205
Five Covers the Band was Featured On (and why Rodney hates them) – 462
La Familia – 2,334

$$$Singer/Physicist = Mountain Magic by Brumeier – 21,682

$$$Singer/Researcher = The Seer by esteefee – 848

Singer/Singer = Kiss Me, Arthur by Goddess47 – 42,670

$$$Single dad/Sugar daddy = Discreet Arrangements by Brumeier – 6,911

Sith/Jedi = The Dark Side by astolat – 7,497

Sith acolyte/Technosage = Ascension by Soraya (soraya2004) – 11,757

Skier/Ski run designer = The Twenty Year Thaw by denynothing1 – 17,312

Slave/Inventor = Like Deep Pools of Glass by Cerri44 – 2,000

~~~Slave/Master = Trust, Fidelity, Love by admiralandrea – 10,654
~~~**Sequel: Ridden Hard – 1,026

\o/Slave/Musician = Rodney McKay and the Forty… maybe Sixty thieves… by Fenchurch – 7,850

Slave/Scientist = Dearest ‘verse by lavvyan – 8,666 (3 stories)

Slave/Senator = The Blade by Kellifer_fic – 22,008
**Sequel: Aegis – 6,741

Smokejumper/Emergency management official = Flash Point by altyronsmaker – 19,331

Snow White/Grumpy = An Afternoon in Fairyland by melagan – 146

Snow White/Prince = Snow-White by lavvyan – 407

Soccer player/Coach = Goal by velocitygrass – 5,708

Soccer player/Goalie = Sheppard’s Goal by seikaitsukimizu – 670

Sociolinguist/Theoretical syntactician = OT(P) by sabinelagrande – 314
**Sequel: A Walk on the Slippery Rocks – 733

$$$Solar farmer/Repairman = Pale Green by mattygroves – 1,219

\o/Soldier/Doctor of natural philosophy = The Unexpected Guest on the Balcony by wobblyheadeddollcaper – 1,513

Soldier/Magician – The Return of the Dragons β€˜verse by Mithreon – 93,395 (4 stories)

\o/Soldier/Prince = A Royal Pain in the Ass by vinniebatman – 15,339

Soldier/Professor = Lie to Me by Ceares – 7,805

~~~Soldier/Resistance fighter = The Soldier and the Resistance Fighter by naelany – 4,102

Soldier/Sapper = This Versatile Genius by sentientcitizen – 6,367

Soldier/Scholar = (Almost) Rapunzel by lavvyan – 661

\o/Soldier/Scientist = The Twelve Sleepy Scientists by flitterflutterfly – 1,400

Soldier/Sorcerer = The Ice Queen by lavvyan – 9,236

Soldier/Soldier = Foxhole by velocitygrass – 620

Soldier/Soldier = saw sunset glow by stellarwobble – 376

Soldier/Soldier = True Peace by velocitygrass – 2,274

Soldier/Student = Outnumbered Like the Alamo by Cinaed – 14,666

Soldier/Waterbender = Cycle and Circuit by Alloy – 8,516

Space pirate/Rodney = The Last Hail Mary You’ll Ever Need by chase_acow – 9,335

Space pirate/Space pirate – Gypsies, Pirates and Thieves ‘verse by auburn – 372,206 (+++5 stories, 2 more than last list)

~~~Space salvage/Scientist = Auction Day by melagan – 16,900

Special agent/Scientist = Life in the Fish Bowl by clockstopper – 2,411

Special Ops/CIA = Honor and Country by bluflamingo – 24,960

Sports therapist/Head coach = The Colorado Springs Gate Keepers by Ladycat – 2,627

Sportscaster/Sportscaster = Devil Made Us Do It by Nny – 3,702

Spy/College professor = Scarecrow and Dr. McKay by lallybroch – 2,595

Spy/Physicist = Man of Mystery by elandrialore – 827

Spy/Physicist = Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Physicist by valderys – 3,530

Spy/Spy = Interlaced by danceswithgary – 17,507

$$$Squirrel feeder/Beachgoer = Not Just Another Day at the Beach by Brumeier – 2,314

+++Stay at home dad/Scientist = Becky’s Family by velocitygrass – 7,366

Stepson/Prince = Le Beau et la Bete by fenchurch1 – 15,424

$$$Store clerk/Customer = Rag & Bone by esteefee – 690

+++Store owner/FBI agent = Area 51 by melagan – 7,786

Store owner/Professor = Ventura Highway ‘verse by Telesilla – 14,745 (+++18 stories, 1 more than last list)

Street musician/Professor = The Street Musician by bergann – 2,380

Street musician/Professor = Tennessee Flat-Top Box by hellpenguin – 1,146

Stripper/Astrophysicist = Adventures in An Astrophysicist’s Life by Elayna – 22,641

Stripper & TA/Physics professor = Bell Curve ‘verse by rageprufrock – 63,164 (7 stories)

Student/Aquarium diver = Spock the Whale by seikaitsukimizu – 1,228

Student/Professor = Breaking the Bank by Rachel Sabotini (wickedwords) – 998

Student/Student = Anywhere But Vegas ‘verse by reddwarfer
Anywhere But Vegas – 2,909
Just A Few Detours – 1,752
A Collision of Habits – 1,362

Student/Student = Bagglevarger’s Theory of Inversive Magic ‘verse by skoosiepants – 21,338 (4 stories, 3 more than last list)

Student/Student = The Call by MistoKitt – 11,240

Student/Student = Hogwarts: The Atlantis Years by Bluejbird – 8,350

Student/Student = Made for Each Other by velocitygrass – 2,281

~~~Stuntman/Science advisor = The Harder They Fall by omg_wtf_yeah – 10,625

Superhero/Butler = Batman and Ronon by haitchem – 1,800

Superhero/Physicist – Mightier Still by meansgirl – 43,497

\o/Superhero/Physicist = On Being a Superhero by flitterflutterfly – 1,376

Superhero/Reporter = Not in Kansas ‘verse by Siria – 8,663 (3 stories)

Superhero/Superhero = Flyboy and the Brain by darkrosetiger – 2,500

Superhero/Superhero = Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White by Nel – 31,000

Superhero/Superhero = High School Heroes ‘verse by sardonicsmiley – 165,000 (13 stories. Link goes to first story, with internal links through ‘Over Coffee’)
+++**Variably Vacationing – 33,000 (without missing scenes) or 42,700 (with)
+++**High School snippet – 333
+++**Sophmore Slump snippet – 458
+++**Future HS snippet – 1,085

Superhero/Superhero = The Superhuman Crew By Mad_Maudlin – 6,438

$$$Superhero/Tech CEO = Man on the Ground by Brumeier – 10,632

Superhero (Superman)/Superhero (Batman) = Public Enemies by PaleoM – 31,803

$$$Surfer/Merman = Home to the Sea by Tarlan – 891

\o/Surfer/Djinn = I Dream of Rodney by Bettina (skybs) – 766

Surfer/Scientist = Running Blind by CherryIce – 6,151

Surfer/Veterinarian = Sunny, California by mystic – 35,685

Surfer/Video game designer = So Happy I Could Die by reddwarfer – 11,572

Surf shop owner/Bookstore owner = Event Horizon Books by daughtershade – 23,505

$$$Suspect/Lawyer = proof of innocence by Romennim – 1,665


$$$T’Eyrie soldier/T’Eyrie scientist = Broken Wings by Tarlan – 11,312

TA/Professor = Dark Places, Deep Water, Crowds, and Ducks by ca_pierson – 4,143

Tattoo artist/Physicist = Live a Little ‘verse by squidgie and elderwitty – 6,308 (+++5 stories, 1 more than last list)
~~~**Snippet: 200 Years Of McKay by elderwitty and squidgie – 742 (fifth of five ficlets posted together)

+++Taxi driver/Astrophysicist = Taxi by velocitygrass – 444

$$$Teacher/Actor = Odds Are by Brumeier – 18,310

Teacher/Businessman = The Wedding Date by Elayna – 8,549

Teacher/Student = do. by velocitygrass – 3,366

Teacher/Teacher = The Pegasus School for the Gifted and Talented by hackthis – 2,000

Teacher/Undercover agent = Undercover by cory_silver – 5,537

\o/Teacher/Unspecified = Ridiculous by Siria – 316

~~~Teenage refugee/Teenage refugee = Lifeboat by tzzzz – 6,500
~~~**Sequel: Lantern – 36,871

Teenage runaway/Pedophile & serial murderer = John, When He’s Gone by busaikko – 2,258

Teenage runaway/Teenage runaway = Life (Sometimes It Washes Over Me) by kyuuketsukirui – 5,784
**Associated work: Ring of Fire (Nails Driven Through the Steel) by busaikko – 5,707

Teenager/Carnie = Cotton Candy Was King by alizarin_nyc – 1,373

\o/Teenager/Teenage dancer = Time, and Then Again by ringspells – 401

Teenager/Teenager = Do Not Mock the Children of the Night by Epiphanyx7 – 1,327

Teenager/Teenager = Experience by Resonant – 3,923

Teenager/Teenager = Finding Home by ca_pierson – 12,273

Teenager/Teenager = Integration by Parts by wneleh – 3,754

Teenager/Teenager = Lakewood AU Series by hoktauri – 6,115

Teenager/Teenager = Like Pop Rocks on Your Tongue by Mireille – 1,524

\o/Teenager/Teenager = Plans by busaikko – 96

\o/Teenager/Teenager = Rodney McKay Kills the Car by busaikko – 99

Teenager/Teenager = Teens by velocitygrass – 1,705

Telemarketer/Teacher = Long Distance Call by fawkesielady_ed – 11,023

\o/Temp/Millionaire = The Trophy Husband by cimorene – 18,974 (caution: this WIP has been abandoned, but what’s there is fun)

Tennis player/Coach = Game, Set, Match by Siria – 1,154

Terminator/Composer = Mona Lisa Box by tzzzz – 13,845

Theater worker/Theater worker = Lantis Cinema and the Pegasus Cafe by bergann – 5,460

Theme park employee/Theme park employee = Atlantis Beanery by jujitsuelf – 28,483

Thief/Astrophysicist = Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by ras_elased – 40,830

Thief/Detective = Impossible Choices by puddleofgoo – 19,687

Thief/Insurance investigator = The John Sheppard Affair by JiM_ – 13,449

Thief/Inventor = Dreaming of Blue Skies by flitterflutterfly – 17,236

Thief/Physicist = French Kiss by indy_go – 10,600

Thief/Thief = One Hundred Sixty Acres and a Stitch-and-Bitch Quilt by sheafrotherdon – 4,763

Thief/Thief = Set My Soul On Fire by omg_wtf_yeah – 15,600

Thief/Thief = Sheppard’s Eleven by thedeadparrot – 23,251

$$$Thief/Thief = Taking the High Road by Brumeier – 766
$$$**Sequel: A Good Night’s Work – 696

Thrall/Vampire = You’re All I Ever Wanted (But I’m Terrified of You) by sabinelagrand – 1,502
**Remix: I’ll See It Through (The Texas Two-Step Mix) by Dee_Laundry – 7,692

Time Agent/Time Lord = Doctor Who? Doctor Rodney McKay, Of Course by laytoncolt – 3,373

Tour boat captain/Restaurant owner = Bar Harbor’s Best by wojelah – 8,152

$$$Tourist/Physicist = It Happened In Vienna by respoftw – 10,383

Train robber/Train robber = The Great Pegasus Train Robbery by friendshipper – 10,500

Truck driver/Passenger = On Thin Ice by Bluespirit – 747

Trust assassin/Scientist = Trust Issues by sian1359 – 19,569

Tutor/Student = Boys Gone Wild by Tex – 6,818
\o/**Remix: Boys Gone Wild (The Road Trip Remix) by Kass – 8,200

$$$TV host/Conspiracy theorist = It’s Not Paranoia (If They’re Out to Get You) by Brumeier – 20,216

TV producer/Talk show host = Late Night 101 with Rodney McKay by sardonicsmiley – 8,280
+++**Snippet: Late Night snippet – 679

TV reporter/Game designer = Earth, V. 17 by glitterandlube and astro_noms – 4,371

TV show host/Contractor star = NHMR Productions, Inc by apple_pi – 9,104


+++Unspecified /Art criticizer = Desperately Seeking Susan by velocitygrass – 2,240

Unspecified/Astrophysicist = Must Love Dogs and Genius Astrophysicists (But Not Citrus) by mdime02 – 3,850

$$$Unspecified/Consultant = If Found… by Brumeier – 1,023

Unspecified/Mechanic = The Useless Little Garage in the Middle of Nowhere by lavvyan – 397

~~~Unspecified/Physicist = New Traditions by pinkdiamonds – 2,031

~~~Unspecified/Researcher = “…and then he said, ‘What could go wrong?'” by outsideth3box – 1,025

~~~Unspecified/Scientist = A Life Built Together ‘verse by Hyx_Sydin – 6,549 (6 stories)

Unspecified/Scientist = The Minutes Are Free After Seven by ediblewolfpeach – 2,136

~~~Unspecified/Scientist = Nanny by Ladycat – 1,810

Unspecified/Unspecified = Autumn by velocitygrass – 219

$$$Unspecified/Unspecified = Someone Special by Brumeier – 2,242

Unspecified/Unspecified = Strong Enough to Be (The ‘Not Your Man’ Remix) by kyuuketsukirui – 1,208

\o/Unspecified /Unspecified = Sunday Traditions by Telesilla – 260

UPS man/Mail-ordering physicist = Mail Myself to You by aesc, dogeared, & sheafrotherdon – 4,947


Vampire/High school student = Solar Flare by hoktauri – 1,991

Vampire/Lycanthrope = Dark World by ozsaur – 2,820

$$$Vampire/Scientist = Midnight at the Body Shop by Brumeier – 1,170

Vampire/Unspecified = so that I might be where you are by Moon_Destiny (Dahlia_Moon) – 1,561

Vampire/Not a vampire = Sensual Magic ‘verse by melagan – 25,329 (+++3 stories, 1 more than last list)
**Prequel: Shakespeare Never Wrote a Vampire Play by RosiePaw – 7,904
\o/**Snippet: Sleep of the Undead – 1,508
\o/**Associated works: Potential Gifts – 1,097

Vampire/Priest – Fated For Love by ru_salki99 – 36,141

Vampire/Robot = The Hand That Feeds You by leupagus – 564

~~~Vampire/Scientist = A Bite, A Kiss, A Chance You Cannot Miss by Selenic – 4,648

Vampire/Slayer = Bump in the Night by unamaga – 4,857

Vampire/Vampire = Live Forever by velocitygrass – 6,995

Vampire/Vampire = Non Space Vampires by twilight_la_fae – 1,470
Part Two

~~~Vampire/Vampire = To cross this line by Bluespirit – 1,051
~~~**Prequel: Belong with me – 1,024

Vampire/Vampire = Vampire Love by Cypher – 4,358

Vampire/Werewolf = Underworld: Last Stand by lavvyan – 6,225

Vampire (half)/Vampire hunter = He Came to My Hand Like the Nesting Dove by cupidsbow – 476 (scroll down)
**Remix: Yet You Are More Than Traps Or Nets (The Longer and Uncut Remix) by lilyayl – 5,763

$$$Vampire bite addict/Half-vamp vampire hunter = Joining Forces by Brumeier – 1,987
$$$**Sequel: Lunch at the Crossroads – 1,439

Vampire hunter/Vampire = There’s a New Kid in Town by Lenore – 3,020

\o/Various/Various = Drabble Snack Pack: ClichΓ©s & AUs by Cesare – 1,180 (7 drabbles and a ficlet. Not all are AUs)

Various/Various = 5 Lives John and Rodney Never Led by chellefic – 537

Various/Various = Four Times John and Rodney Furthered the Evolution of Mankind, and One Time They Just Changed History by lavvyan – 1,490

\o/Various/Various = Sorry, I’ll Come In Again by sabinelagrande – 2,368

Various/Various = There Was the Time by elandiralore – 1,304

Veela/Daemon = Supernatural by aesc – 846

Vegas ‘verse stories (Please note that some are gen)

~~~And All You Could Have Been by nagi_schwarz – 25,294

Balance ‘verse by Tarlan – 4,663 (3 stories)

Break and Enter by danceswithgary – 3,009

Breath by sheafrotherdon – 2,433

Collision by rabidfan – 10,320

~~~Colorado Hold ‘Em by ShippenStand – 11,215
~~~**Sequel: Cheyenne Noir – 60,157

Cosmic Balance by Tarlan – 16,481

+++The Curious Afterlife of John Sheppard by enigmaticblue – 16,300

Dead in the Desert by liketheriver – 3,900

Defiance by GloriaMundi – 352

Delicate by hestia_lacey – 1006

Desert Heat by allofspace – 3,477

Directly You Will Be Directed in the Right Direction by Giddygeek – 1,510

Disambiguation by goddess47 – 1,400

Done Gone by irrelevant – 1,543

Dry Nevada Heat by Karmageddon – 504 (need working link or a copy)

fell down not out by irrelevant – 1,314

Gambling Man by Tarlan – 5,366

Give and Take by mific – 15,195

Grow Your Wings by omg_wtf_yeah – 4,581

heads, tails by Siria – 3,048
**Sequel: How Your Heart is Wired – 15,418

Highway to Nowhere by sgamadison – 19,093

Highwayman by pollitt – 1,004

Home to Roost by admiralandrea – 13,395

In Ways You Can’t Possibly Imagine by Telesilla – 3,639
**Sequel: In Ways You Can’t Possibly Imagine 2 – 3,520

Know When to Walk Away by danceswithgary – 4,414

Laying the Groundwork by lar_laughs – 1,259

Like a Silver Chain, Entwined by sholio – 4,837

Lonely Man of Faith by hasida – 1,315
**Sequel: I Said in My Haste, All Men Are Liars – 3,395

The Man He Sees by KellethMetheus – 1,888

Moments in Time ‘verse by Mikey (mikes_grrl) – 36,819 (26 stories)

\o/monstrous by busaikko – 100

Not a Solitary Man Anymore by fenchurch1 – 846

Of Stars and Flying by quiet_december – 750

On the Other Side of the Looking Glass by sandrine shaw – 588

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Paper Ring by monanotlisa – 1,547

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Solitary Man by Shinybug – 5,154

Solitary Man by skinscript – 700

Sympathy for the Devil by kristen999 – 1,600

$$$That Your Eyes Might be Shining for Me by Vanadis (VanadisV) – 28,860

Three Times John Sheppard Woke Up in the Infirmary (and one time he didn’t) by busaikko – 4,329

Too Much Information by Telesilla – 777

+++Unexpected Developments by mific – 14,364

Until I Can Find Me by Telesilla – 523

Until Love Can Find Me by isagel – 10,912

Untitled drabble by esteefee – 102

Weak or Strong by glasgowsmiles – 1,598

What Happens in Vegas by spike 21 – 2,400

Where We Are in the Universe by solvent90 – 2,086

Variations ‘verse by kisahawklin – 31,235 (+++5 stories, 1 more than last list)
**Companion to Variations on a Theme of John Sheppard Fifty-one by danceswithgary – 2,885
~~~**Companion to Interlude = Just Once More by silverraven – 468

~~~Winning Hand by Tarlan – 834

End of Vegas ‘verse stories

Veterinarian/Cat ownee = Cat by ForCryinOutLoud – 137

Veterinarian/Composer = One Hundred Words for Snow by mausi (openice) – 1,830

$$$Vice-president/Campaign manager = Margin of Error by Brumeier – 8,372

Videogame designer/Teacher = Child’s Play by Siria – 1,181

Video game tester/Video game designer = What You Always Wanted by mific – 3,720

Violinist/Composer = String Theory: A Concerto for Violin in D Minor by Toft – 11,518

$$$VP of Operations/Aerospace consultant = Last Minute Decorations by squidgie – 2,472


$$$Waiter/Astrophysicist = This Sucks (Not In The Good Way) by Brumeier – 1,550

Warrior/Priest = Harvest Festival by ras_elased – 6,962

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Water vendor/Frog = The Frog Suitor by Cesare – 3,109

$$$Weatherman/Storm chaser = Embrace the Storm by Brumeier – 23,593

Werewolf/Apocalypse survivor – Wolves of the Apocalypse ‘verse by gblvr & issaro – 65,374 (2 stories so far, with another one planned)

Westley/Buttercup = The Princess Crack (aka Our Brains are Just not Right) by squidgie and elderwitty – 11,282

Widower/Novice = The Sound of Science by lemotmo – 32,549

Widower/Scientist = Sleepless by Nny – 26,189

Wind sprite/Wizard = The Other Lost by teh_helenables – 3,060

Wizard/Demon = Familiar by SGAtlantisLight – 1,349

Wolf (half)/Red Riding Hood = Rod Riding Hood by ChimeraDragon – 1,468

Woodsman/Student = Little Red Rodney Hood by cat_77 – 2,354

Woodstock attendee/Student = The Aquarians by aesc – 2,134
**Sequel: Electric Kool-Aid, Add Fresh Paint – 1,499

Writer/Detective = The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come by sgamadison – 21,379

Writer/Ghost = Ghost Writer by lavvyan – 5,083


Yoga instructor/Physics professor = Strangers on a Six Train by eye_queue – 25,000

$$$YouTube guitarist/YouTube cover artist = Merry Tunes by nagi_schwarz – 1,610


Zombie apocalypse survivor (ex-military)/Zombie apocalypse survivor (ex-professor) = In Another Life by meansgirl – 5,206
**Sequel: first thing that you want (last you’ll ever need) by meansgirl – 1,463
\o/**Associated work: Another Time, Another Place by kisahawklin – 861

440 thoughts on “Giant McShep AU List

  1. I’m sure you’ve been bombard with the new AU links from the last Atlantis Big Bang so I’ll refrain from it :).
    Although I found the AU fic ‘Apocalypse Rising’ ( which is canon compliant AU. John is a himself, Rodney’s himself but Atlantis is still not found, and the Wraith invades Earth. R, 82239 words.

    1. I haven’t had a lot of suggestions, but I do have an eye on the listing over on AOOO.

      You’ve got great timing – I’m updating the list right now!

      Thanks for letting me know – I’m about 1,000 words in and it’s really good so far.

  2. Hi, it’s me again. I’ve surfed AOO yesterday and found the extended version of ‘Nunc Dimittis’ by temaris (you already have sga_santa version on your list, in Knight/Monk category), with the epilogue. It’s here:

    And I’ve read the new Sentinel and Guide story, ‘Lost and Found’ by RosiePaw. John’s Sentinel, Rodney’s Guide. Words: 13404. Rating R.

    1. Thanks! I’ll update the list this weekend. Sorry for the delay in answering…I keep falling asleep in front of the tv, before I even get to logon to the list. I mean, really, what am I? A million already? πŸ˜€

  3. Reincarnate/Reincarnate, Against all odds by ca_pierson and darkmoore, R, 54503 words.

    P.I./Mystery writer, Time and tide ~ a love story with interruptions for murder by Bluespirit,, R, 41094 words

    Pilot (Air Force)/Medical Doctor, Distant Memories by Tarlan,, NC-17, 42320 words

    1. Careful, you’re going to catch up to danceswithgary if you keep up this pace. πŸ˜€

      I’ll have to look at it again, but I think I didn’t put the first one on because it’s not AU enough. Yes, they’re reincarnated, but other than that, they’re pretty much canon J & R (if it’s the one I’m thinking of).

      The second one – I swear I already put it on the list. And, yet, it’s not there. (So now I’m senile, as well.)

      Third one I have no memory of. I’ll have to look at them all while I’m updating this weekend.

      Thanks again!

  4. I found this fic for sgastoryfinders and realized it’s not on your list:

    King of Bling by scribblinlenore
    John: TV show host/emcee/TV show producer (look, it’s crack, OKAY?! *g*)
    Rodney: astrophysicist/wannabe rap artist i.e. gangsta (look, you have to read the story to believe it, but it IS true, I swear)
    word count: 1,565
    McShep slash, natch πŸ˜‰

    1. Okay, so. I’ve checked all the stories you gave me links for. I’ve added Nunc and Time and Tide to the list. The others all take place on Atlantis, pretty much from the get-go, so they don’t really fall so much in the AU guidelines of the list.

      They sure were fun to read, though. Thanks again for the recs, and feel free to through any others you come across my way. πŸ˜€

      (I’m trolling the reel_sga site on LJ for more new stuff right now. Keep an eye out for it!)

  5. Soo, I’m not sure if this one counts: Class of 2005, wherein they’re both Highschool Students (32.991 words). It’s completely AU (what with being set in 2005 and Teyla and other people from SGA, Kolya included, being at the school too) until the Epilogue, which is sort of The Rising.

      1. I’m just that quick. πŸ˜€ (Actually, skaredykat is just that quick.)

        Thanks, though, and keep it up. Better to hear about them twice than not at all. πŸ™‚

    1. I hope it qualifies. It’s already on there. πŸ˜€ It was given to me as ‘Scholar/Scholar’, so that’s where I put it. I haven’t actually read that one yet. Maybe I should go do that now. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Hello! I’ve sneaked back to check out the new goodies. YAY for the Dragonrider’s crossover in particular. John-Dragon is wonderful. :^)

    And in skimming the list looking for +++ I just noticed this typo- it should be ‘Quantum’

    7-year-old –> husband/6-year-old –> physicist = Quantam Entanglements by reddwarfer – 13,000

    Thank you so much for this list and all the work you put into it on a continuing basis. It’s given me many happy hours of reading pleasure.

    1. I like dragon!John as well. He was so determined to have Rodney for his own. Shows his good taste, I think. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for letting me know about the typo. I’d’ve skimmed it a million more time before I noticed it.

      You’re very welcome. I have a lot of fun doing it. I highly recommend it as an antidote for getting any DIY done. At all. πŸ˜€

      1. Thank heaven I’m momentarily caught up on the list. I got a bit of yard work done today & am sewing Christmas presents.:^)

  7. I’m avoiding stuff I should be doing by re-reading stories here. :^)

    I found the link to
    Thumbling Down by lavvyan no longer works–

    so I googled and found the story elsewhere
    Thumbling Down by lavvyan

    And then I discovered it is still on Archive of our own, but the URL is slightly different, omitting the /en/
    Thumbling Down by lavvyan

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Could you please send me a copy of Push and Pull by Jane Elliot that you mention in the list? Thanks in advance and also for creating this list. I’m really enjoying reading some of the stories.

  9. I noticed you don’t seem to have zoemathemata’s fic Marrying the Marquis on here, where John is the aforementioned Marquis caught in an *ahem* compromising position with one Meredith Rodney McKay, nephew to the Duke of Carmichael.

      1. Thanks again! I’m not sure I’ll be able to add, if the site keeps mucking up — it wouldn’t let me reply for some odd reason. HuWeird! I’m gonna try, though.

  10. ‘Twelve Herculean Concerts of Rodney McKay’ by fenchurch1 (, 17-year-old mercenary/seducer (John)/16-year-old pianist (Rodney), ~10,400 words, PG.

    “The Maverick Prince” by goddess47 ( John’s the Prince of Atlantis, Rodney’s Scholar, 14,500 words, R.

    “Santa in a Stetson” by kHo (, John’s a bartender, Rodney’s scientist. 17,000 words, NC-17.

    1. Holy cow! Are you a fanfic bloodhound? Hey, wait a minute … aren’t these from sga_santa? Are you calling me a slacker just ’cause I haven’t added them yet like I said I would. That’s no way to be — I mean, yeah, it’s true and all, but c’mon.

      πŸ˜€ Yes, I’ve been a sad slacker. Poke me whenever needed. Thanks!

    1. Okay, I’m gonna get to work now. It’s not like there’s anything on tv to distract me … until Hawaii Five-0 comes on, anyway.

      Look for an update soon.

  11. Hello again, I just remembered about some Sardonicsmiley’s work that labeled WIP but probably never will be finished. It’s Firefly fusion “Can’t Take the Sky” (, R, and “Can’t Take the Sky snippet”, PG-13 (, Captain/Mechanic (River Tam). And her SGA/BSG fusion ‘Battlestar Atlantis’ (, PG-13, Commander/President.

  12. I see you have Bull/Bull, so how about Superb Bird-of-paradise/Superb Bird-of-paradise? Or maybe just Bird/Bird since I don’t know if people would remember what kind of bird if they’re looking for the fic here.

    Just Another Day in Paradise by lavvyan. Word count ~1,900.

    1. I’m actually trying not to include non-human fics, since there are already good, comprehensive lists for those. There are three or four stories that snuck in somehow, but I’m really trying to hold the line at that. (C’mon! Girl Scout cookies — how could I refuse that? πŸ˜€ )

      I am, of course, going to go read the story right now. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Thanks bunches for the suggestion and please do keep your eyes open for more.

          1. Alas, I fear there is no active list of SGA Animal AUs/ Animal Transformation AUs on the SGA genrefinders list.

            *sigh* The two lists I do see there both belong to the same person who is no longer updating them as they were meant only as personal recs list, not a comprehensive list.

          2. Hmmm, I didn’t know it wasn’t being updated. I have too much on my plate to take on another list compilation, though.

            I think I’ll ask on sga_noticeboard if there is an active list elsewhere or, if not, if debris_k would mind if some kind soul used hers as the basis for an ongoing one … and if anyone would be interested in that position. πŸ˜€

            Hey – what are you doing for the next whatever? :sly grin:

          3. Alas, I’m behind on far too many things already to be able to take on the SGA animal lists. I’m only peripheral in the fandom so wouldn’t be able to find them, anyway.

            I DID just buy all the show on DVD, but haven’t had time to watch! I would like to be able to add some Rodney/John goodness to the list, if I ever get to where I can think of interesting AU scenario for them.

          4. Oh, honey. Once you’ve built your base you don’t have to go hunting for them. People volunteer them. πŸ˜€ The only one I’ve found lately is the dog musher/vet one … and three more people alerted me to it before the day was out. There is a bit of time involved in doing the actual maintenace, but that stems mostly from the fact that I feel compelled to read all the stories that people send to be put on the list. Oh, the hugh manatee.

            I’m glad you now have the whole series in your possession. You’ll watch it when the time is right … and then I’m sure you’ll be adding an entry to our list.


      You will not tempt me with your sweet, adorable, cute, fluffy, fuzzy, curly non-humans. You just WON’T!!! :pokes fingers in ears: lalalalalala

      (Sorry it took me so long to reply…I had to go re-read ’em all. Thanks again! And the birds were a lot of fun, too.)

    1. Thanks! I’ll add it in the next group. The plan is to do it this weekend, but my plans tend to go awry … and then derail in a spectacular fireball of salsa and internet browsing. πŸ˜€

  13. You know, I haven’t checked, but are you accepting any of the Fairy Tales Challenge entries from LJ Comm ‘sga_flashfic’?

    If you are, there’s “Coming True” by Kass (aka kassrachel) — John = Tavern-worker / pilot-wannabe & Rodney = Lord of the Manor’s son / scientist — 4,760wds.

    1. Whoops! Just noticed that I have a typo for the word count… s/b 4,730wds. Sorry about that. See what happens when I’m posting in the wee hours of the morning here? πŸ™‚

        1. So… you’re qualifying human, but do demons / oni count as human since they’re not exactly animals yet not exactly human either? (I think they are human-shaped with a few extras…) If so, then maybe X-parrot’s “Kuro to Ao” should be added. I don’t exactly recall if John had an occupation other than being an oni & Rodney’s companion, but Rodney was, of course, a scientist.


          1. Well, since there are vamps and werewolves, and a merman or two on here already, I’d have to give demons and the like the go-ahead. I’m just trying to exclude animals, robots, and inanimate objects (although I can think of an example or three [cookie, Peep, robot] that break these rules right off the top of my head). I never said I made sense – I’m just trying to keep the list to a somewhat manageable dull roar. πŸ˜€

            I’ll add that one, too, in the next batch. Thanks!

          2. You’re welcome! I forgot to add a word count for “Kuro to Ao,” which is 8,364wds. This week has got me totally discombobulated – between caffeine withdrawal & then slightly overcompensating my caffeine intake when given the opportunity, this week’s been like going fast forward through near-frozen molasses. Hee!

          3. Thanks! I love a word count, as I think we all know.

            I know what you mean about the week. Our office was closed Tuesday due to an ice/snow storm and it threw the whole rhythm off. I didn’t know what time or day it was for the rest of the week. Weird.

          4. Hmmm. Now that I’ve read the story (again – I read it long before I ever considered an AU list), I’m not sure it fits. It seems that my meaning for ‘human’ might be shape-based. But on the other claw, John as a werewolf was not bipedal the entire story, and these guys are.

            Plus, it’s so sweet and perfect that I can’t resist it. Okay, decision made. It’s on!

      1. Thanks! I only got halfway through it before I had to go to work. (Bosses are so annoying – they make me stop reading and do stuff. :scoff:) It’s good to have your reminder, as all the other shiny will distract me.

        I’ll add it in with the next batch.

    1. Or rather, not early, as I forgot that the US is not the entire world, most of which is already celebrating V-day.

      1. Thanks for the rec. I’ll add it in the next batch, which will start in about three minutes. πŸ˜€

        Happy VD to you, too. :big evil grin:

    1. Thanks! I’ll add it in the next batch.

      sorry for the slow reply. I went off to read the story, intending to answer after, and fell into the fanfic, forgetting all else. Oops? πŸ™‚

    1. Holy god, that was dirtyhotwrong! I’ll add it in the next batch, which should be next week some time. I ought to be healed up enough to code by then.

      Thanks for the porn! πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks for continuing to be a fabulout fic finding resource. πŸ˜€

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. There was plenty to get in place before my surgery, then I’ve been slacking in front of the reality tv instead of doing my internet chores. (That restaurant Kitchen trainwreck is just so addictive.) Then my laptop went belly up last weekend, leading to three days of enforced inactivity … but, sadly, it’s mostly done to slacking.

      I’ll add all of these in the next batch, which better happen by Thursday or I’ll be forced to kick my own ass.

    1. Thanks for this – it was a fun read!

      Sorry to take so long to reply. Medical stuff (not too serious, so don’t worry) plus time off work leads to less productivity and more tv viewing that I had envisioned. I’m getting myself in gear, though, and will be adding to the list this week. Or else! Duh-duh-dun!

    1. Thanks very much! Sorry for the delay in responding. My only excuse is a history of sad slackerdom. πŸ˜€ I’m planning to add a batch this long weekend.

    1. Thanks! I’ll add it in today. That’s right – I’m actually *working* at stuff on my day off. (On the desktop, more’s the pity, since the laptop is apparently quite dead.:) )

    1. That one is already one there. Since Rodney guessing John’s job is a major theme of the piece, I listed it under “Mystery” so it wouldn’t be spoiled. But thanks for playing. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks! I’m happy to be doing it.

      That’s awesome! I’ll have to read it this weekend … which is also when I should be adding to the list. How convenient. πŸ˜›


      1. It’s no problem at all. Sometimes the job title I put them under doesn’t match the job title you would put them under. (I actually had one on the list under two different categories once, but don’t tell everyone, okay?)

        Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, and send any more you find my way!

  14. Hey, you have a sort of weird link thing in this line: “Librarian/Physicist = Plenty of Paper by unamaga – 3,840” the second half leads to the story, but the first part (the “Librarian/Physicist = ” part) leads to a John Sheppard/Remus Lupin story. I’m guessing that’s an accident.

    1. Sorry ’bout that. I’m gonna claim chocolate deficiency as the cause. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for letting me know! It’s fixed now. Please tell me if you find any other weirnesses lurking.

      1. That’s a totally sufficient excuse. πŸ˜‰

        I will! I’m just re-reading the list so if anything comes up, I’ll let you know.

    1. It’s on there, baby. (That’s why I always do a Ctrl+F search — ever since somebody pointed out that I had the same story twice. Her!)

      I think she just reposted it to AOOO. I’ll update the link.

  15. Wow, I was surprised to see my story on the list. Thank you. As a very new writer in this fandom, it was a thrill!

    I’m not quite done with The Barking Dog ‘verse and John and Rodney will have a big role to play in the fifth story.

    Thanks for including me.


    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for writing such an engrossing story. Welcome to our fandom – come on in and roll around. πŸ˜€

      I’ll be checking back to make sure I don’t miss the fourth and fifth parts. (Are they ready yet?) (How ’bout now?)

      1. LOL, I’m hoping part 4 will be ready in a week or so and part 5 a week or so after that. Thanks to the wonderful heat, I’m more than 30,000 words into it.

        And I’ve been wallowing in the fandom for a few months and on this AU list, which is an incredible work of love and chock full of McShep yumminess.

        Thank you for the warm welcome.


        1. \o/ I can’t wait.

          Truth be told, I’m not that much of a Jack/Daniel fan (because I watched the show before I knew what slash goggles were), but I really liked the first two stories. I read the drabble, too. You know, I think there’s a way to make the AOOO show them in whatever order you like. I don’t know it, of course, but I’ve seen stories inserted in the middle of an existing ‘verse.

          I’m still trying to work my way through the whole list. I’m doing okay. I’ve had a looooooot of help with it.

          You’re welcome for the welcome – and thanks for the thanks! (Sorry, there’s been quite a bit of Dr. Pepper today. πŸ˜€ )

  16. I thought I would write to you to let you know that the fic written by bitter-crimson has been deleted. The author apparently purged their journal, which is a shame because I only got to read the original fic before the deletion.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It turns out that it was only a temporary measure, to deal with the privacy issues LJ was having earlier in the day. It’s back up now.

  17. Wandering about I stumbled across this author’s SGA tagged fic, and I believe this story (from 2007) isn’t on the list, and I think it fits your criteria (do fusions count as AU?). There’s no nookie, but definite John/Rodney vibes.

    It’s about 3,400 words if my quick & dirty desktop word-counter is accurate.

    Doctor Who? Doctor Rodney McKay, Of Course
    (Rodney is Dr. Who, John is a renegade Time-Agent)

  18. Looking for a fic:

    Was trying to find a fic that featured Sheppard as a robot, but he doesn’t realize it until he meets with McKay again (McKay is the one who helped create him). As I remember it, McKay and Radek were creating a group of robots that developed from small mechanical devices that showed the ability to learn. There’re scenes of the robots wheeling around, learning their environment and then learning speech. As they became more complex, some of them stopped functioning, but the ones to survive later became Sheppard and Mitchell. They didn’t know they were robots? Also, it is a Shep/McKay pairing.

    Does this sound familiar?

    1. It does sound familiar. That’s Leah and Springwoof’s Scruffy AI ‘verse. The link goes to the Master list of the five stories.

      The story that their first entry was a remix of is lavvyan’s Male Enhancement.

      Not that I’m not happy to help (I AM!), but have you heard of SGA Storyfinders? It’s a community with thousands of people who can find whatever story you’re looking for, no matter how little you remember about it. (They found one for me based on a very bad description and half a sentence.) They can almost always find it for you faster than I can. Here’s their profile page, with the rules and tips:

      That’s for when you’re looking for a specific story. When you need a certain kind of fic, say hurt/comfort or Aliens Made Them Do It, you’ll want to ask the SGA Genrefinders. (They’ve been the cause of many an hour lost online.) Here’s their rules page:

      Hope you enjoy the stories!

      1. Thank you!

        I actually posted this then read other comments above that included a link to sgagenrefinders, and from there got lost in all the other stories available!

  19. Hey, sweetie! Thanks for the walker! ::grin:: Someone on Tumblr just posted a link to this:

    I haven’t read it yet, but here’s the summary: John, a downed Hurricane pilot in WWII, is rescued by Rodney who’s tracking strange energy readings in the Sahara. And in another life, their story makes another John and Rodney unwilling Atlantis celebrities.

    1. heeheehee. I hope it was only the smallest of your birthday treasures.

      It’s a tricky one. It’s not AU, as much as it is an AU within Atlantis. Someone is writing fanfic about Sheppard and Rodney, set in WWII Africa. It’s very good, though. You should read it.

  20. I read this fic today and thought that it might fit on your list.

    Canonesque John [Lt Col]/Author Rodney – The Long Journey Home by skoosiepants – ~11,000 words

    Ok here’s the premise of the fic: John is a part of the SGC and went to Atlantis. Rodney is a sci-fi author, who through an Ancient device saw John life in the Pegasus galaxy. Rodney ended up writing a book series based on John’s adventure. Then things go pear-shaped when John becomes unreachable.

    I would say more but I don’t want to spoil it.

    PS: I think Rodney still has all the degrees he has in canon.

  21. How sad when a fic disappears. From sgastoryfinders, the Baker/Physicist story, Atlantis: a coffee shop story by mamaesme is gone because the lj has been deleted.

    Hope the new job is going well.

    1. Bummer! And after we hounded her to finally finish it. I’ll remove it in the next batch. I’m so far behind now that I’m not sure it’ll be this weekend, but I’ll try. Thanks for letting me know.

      It’s going really well. It’s challenging, and when the people fill their paperwork out correctly I get to give them money. Fun. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I hope to do some work on it this weekend, but I’m so far behind that it might not happen.

      Feel free to email it to @ (without spaces, natch). Just make sure you put a very clear subject line – something like “Links for the AU List” – as my inbox is set to exclusive. Thanks for helping us all with more good stuff to read. πŸ™‚

  22. I just noticed this recently and thought you should be made aware of the mistake:
    Researcher/Investor = Lure of the Deep by megalan – 6,107Ars Machina Act I by dmchoi87 – 34,714
    (To be more specific, 2 fics are occupying 1 area of the list when they are in no way connected with each other.)

    I am pretty sure that the listing should look something like this:
    Researcher/Investor = Lure of the Deep by megalan – 6,107

    Ex-Navy Seal Resistance Fighter/Skynet Creator, Resistance Fighter & Scientist = Ars Machina Act I by dmchoi87 – 34,714 (Job description added because there was no description)

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I guess that Word ate the words in the middle.

      I’m working on the list right now, so it should be fixed if you check it again this evening.

  23. Engineer/Egyptologist – The Alexandrian Tablet by giogio – 60,000+

    Currently links to the first post of the 15 part series… but none of the pages have links to the “next” part of the story. I’d recommend changing the link to the final “index” post:

    Also: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for collating this list. <3

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I can use all the help I can get. I’ll switch it in the next update (this weekend, maybe?).

      And you’re very welcome! I’m glad to help others procrastinate as much as I do. πŸ˜€

  24. Ambulance driver/Doctor = Ambulance by rosemending – 1,600

    LJ account has been deleted and purged. Waybackmachine do not has it on record either, because bots were not allowed to archive that account.

  25. Okay, I find another fic to add to the list. I thought it was already on the list but I just checked and it wasn’t.

    Construction worker/Canon!Rodney = Construction Work by neery – 2000

    PS: This would have been in my email if I had known that it wasn’t on the list.

  26. I’m curious, why was this fic rejected from the list? (It was in the email but placed on the list.)
    Botanist, Environmentalist & Ex Eco-Terrorist/Astrophysicist = The Roads Never Lead Where They’re Supposed to Go by eleveninches -23,300

    John and Rodney hooked up towards the end of the fic. Also since John isn’t in the military but a botanist (due to being caught smoking pot in high school among other things), the fic becomes AU.

    (Then there’s the fact Rodney not CSO, Sumner lives, Ford lives & that towards the end, Carson was exiled for doing wrong.)

    PS: In regards to John work description, he is definitely a botanist. Rodney is the one to say that John is an environmentalist and that when John said that he worked in the “non-profit sector” that it’s code for Eco-terrorism.

    1. I didn’t think it fitted the criteria.

      The main purpose of this list was to gather fics where both Rodney and John have professions different than those in canon. It’s not enough that the events playing out in Atlantis differ from those in the series. (That’s every fanfic ever written.) That vital piece of info got removed from the intro paragraph at some point – I’ll put it back in.

      This story is more of a half-canon AU. There are some that managed to sneak in but I’m loath to add any more, since they’re outside the list’s remit. I did try to talk skaredykat into compiling a list of half-canon stories (after she expressed dismay that I had excluded one), but didn’t manage to rope her into it. If you’d like to start one, I’m sure that would be happy to host it. πŸ™‚

  27. I’ve been a little distracted. Did I post a long list of possible stories here yesterday (maybe the day before)?

    1. I guess not since this isn’t waiting for a moderator. *face palm*

      No, there’s a size limit? I’ll break it into samller chunks.

      Possible corrections for you:

      Butler/Rodney = Necessary Things by cupidsbow – 2,376 John is actually a robot/android

      @@@Ex-pilot/Ex-civilian contractor = Welcome to the Darkside by Mystic John is a thief who recruits Rodney

      Kid/Kid = The World That We Live In (No, We Can’t Go Back) by kyuuketsukirui – 1,374 Both are ghosts

      Zoologist/SGA canon!physicist = The Theory of Acquired Characters by toomuchplor – 8,335
      ***–Sequel: The Theory of Allopatry – 1,590 John is a teacher

      I have copy of:

      College student/Roommate = Making Friends and Influencing People by immoralilly- 6,224 (unlocked link or a copy needed)

      Cowboy/Astrophysicist = Down on the Ranch by foggynite- 17,000 (need working link or a copy)

      Gym owner/Astrophysicist – Interstellar Penetration by maudlinrose – 2,512 (need unlocked link or a copy)

      Working links for:

      Lifeguard/Student = 80 Proof by Lyra Sena – 1,958 (need working link or a copy)
      –Sequel: Pier 8 – 2,940 (need working link or a copy)

      Playboy/Scientist – Entanglement by linaerys – 25,000 (need working link or a copy)

      Re: Bar owner/Columnist = Wayward Youth by facetofcathy — I could tell you that I have the entire collection of “John’s bar” stories by facetofcathy (which are no longer available because she deleted her LJ and didn’t repost them anywhere) but that would be evil, wouldn’t it?

      1. You are a STAR!! I will take all the fic you have. You can send ’em to my @ addy. (maudlinrose has told me that she’s going to put hers on the A03, but I’ll take a copy to cover the gap.)

        I’ve added the working links and I’m making the corrections right now. I’ve added (robot) and ‘thief’ in the appropriate spots (and now I sort of want to put his current occupation after all the ‘ex-pilot’s. Oh, dear me, I’ll have to reread them). I’m kinda leery about changing the kid/kid one, since it would give away the twist in the story. Do you think that leaving it as is would be triggering for anyone? It’s not listed as death!fic, but there is a ‘ghost’ tag.
        As for the zoologist/Rodney one, it’s stated three times that he’s a zoologist. (What he’s doing teaching evolutionary genetics to his zoology students is his business, I guess?) Hmmm, maybe I’d better file him under Professor for that one? πŸ˜›

        Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the assistance.

        Hey – you wouldn’t have the “John’s bar” stories by faceofcathy, too, would you? heehee Send ’em along, if you’d be so kind.

      1. A few good, the rest not so much. I sent the copies and a ginormous list. Let me know if you didn’t receive it. πŸ˜€

    1. Crazy site is crazy! It only moderated your comment to yourself. WT?? Email’s fine – don’t want to upset the already delicate system.

    2. I don’t suppose you’d have a copy of rosemending’s “Ambulance”? Someone noted the link was broke a couple of months ago, and I just removed the link instead of noting that I need a good one or a copy. Duh. πŸ˜›

      1. Sent.

        Did you know that when you reply I don’t get an email? Good thing I checked back. πŸ™‚

    1. It is lovely, but it doesn’t fit. This would fit a list of post-series stories. I wonder if anyone is compiling one of those?

      Thanks for the suggestion, I enjoyed reading it again.

  28. the rentboy series is by someone who calls themselves shusu or Liondragon — wasn’t exactly sure which you wanted.

    1. Funny story.

      I went to add the link and it was already there. Huh.
      Substituted your link. It didn’t work. What?
      Pasted link in a new window. Worked like a charm. Weird.
      Re-read the story. (Of course.)
      Looked and stared and glared at the entry. :scratches head:
      Compared it to the entry above. OH!
      Moved the html closing the link to AFTER the title/author. There was a link – it was just ONE character wide. And invisible.
      I love coding – it keeps me humble. :big ole grin:

      Thanks again for catching that!

  29. Do you have a copy of Push/Pull you could email me? I read it a while back, want to reread it and can’t find it.

    Thank you;)

  30. There is no link for the following:
    Designer/Designer – In Over Their Heads But Making it Work Anyway by puddleofgoo – 145,656

    Is this another coding error?

    1. Yup. Thanks for letting me know. It’s fixed, along with eleven others. I guess there must have been a faulty “Find and Replace” command last time I was adding on.

    1. Thanks! I’ll put it with the rest of the waiting. Hm, maybe I’ll do it today. (No promises, mind.)

    1. Thanks! That one was sick and twisted.

      It’s on a list that Joya sent me, which you may have noticed I totally failed to add to the list Thursday. Hey! I told you there were no promises. πŸ˜€

        1. I gave elderwitty the same link you did (the AO3 link). Also, the version on AO3 has both parts, it’s just in the same chapter. (The first half of the chapter is Rodney’s POV and the second half is John’s.)

          However, if there is yet another part that I have not read (and it happens to go by a different title than “That Sweet Moment”), then by all means, pass on the link. I would to know what happened next.

    1. Thanks! I’ll throw it on the pile I’m currently ignoring in favor of shiny internet toys. :>

  31. FYI, I only discovered the joys of Stargate Atlantis fanfiction this year — your AU list has brought me MANY MANY hours of great delights. And there has been the added fun of hunting and gathering a few gems for you.

    Just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated;)

    1. Wow, you’ve got a LOT to look forward to. πŸ˜€

      I’m happy to hear that the list’s been of use – I’m so glad I decided to throw it open on LJ (before it got so big I had to move it).

      \o/\o/\o/\o/ Thanks! I love hearing that!

    1. Hmmm. It was a cute story, indeed. But – since John is a permanent dragon, not a shapeshifter, I’m going to have to say it doesn’t quite fit the list. Thanks for the link, though – it IS adorable.

  32. Hello there, can you send me the story
    Push/Pull by Jane Elliot (Ex-pilot/Physicist)???
    *pLeAsE* ^^

    I’d really love to read it, but I cannot find it anywhere πŸ™

    Thank you sooo much!!!

    I’m going to read my way through A-Z since I like AUs so much ^-^


    1. It’s on its way, with a subject of “Push & Pull by Jane Elliott”, so check your spam folder. πŸ˜€

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the list. \o/ You’re most welcome!

          1. OMG! that is exciting for her! Did you read the excerpt on link — it is Push/Pull — I wonder how she ended it since the ending is the only real SGA link.

            That is cool and explains why she took it offline. I wonder how many other writers have used the their fanfics as rough drafts? I can think of a few I’ve read that should.

    1. Holy cow!

      Either WordPress ate my reply or I missed when I tried to click “Sumbit Reply”. Sorry about that, and thanks for this. I’ve added it to the stack.

      Never fear, I will eventually get off my duff and add them on. (I doubt it’ll be this week, though, as I’m prepping to meet up with squidgie at the Stargate convention in Chicago. YEEEEEEEE!!)

        1. Thanks, we had a great time! Met up with lots of LJ people, ate too much junk food, and got a ton of photos (both taken by me and signed by them). I’m going to write up a con report after I sleep some more. Tomorrow, maybe?

  33. Hi,
    Is it too late to ask for a copy of Jane Elliot’s Push/Pull?

    This list has been a wonderful treasure for me. I’ve really only discovered Stargate fiction this last year or so. Pages like this are great when you’re not familiar with the authors and I love au more than anything. I appreciate that you include the word count too. I like big long stories so it saves me a lot of time trying to find good lengthy ones.
    I apologise if you get this twice. My internet is being wonky tonight.

    1. It’s never too late for Push/Pull. I’ve sent it to your gmail address, with the subject “Push & Pull by Jane Elliot”, so check your junk mail. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the list, particularly as a new reader. Welcome to the fandom, come on in and roll around. The word count is key, isn’t it? Sometimes I just want a quick read while I’m brushing my teeth before bed, and I’ve been ambushed by a compelling, up-all-night story (I have a hard time stopping in the midst of a fic) before. So, safety first. πŸ˜€

      1. Thank you so much for the story! I’d been looking for it for quite awhile (I’ve found it rec’d a few time but never found a working link). It wasn’t until I was skimming through the comments seeing if anyone said anything special about any one story in the list, that I realised that you were still updating this and could actually ask about the story. Wow lengthy explanation for you. πŸ™‚

        1. You’re quite welcome. Yes, I’m still updating, though I’m woefully behind. (Two months since the last time – shame on me.)

          If you’re looking for something special, read the A Farm in Iowa series by sheafrotherdon and others, or the Fair Trade series by esteefee, or The Friendly Detective and the Woobie Widower by elayna, or The Princess Crack by squidgie & me. πŸ˜€

          1. Thank you for the recs! I’m looking forward to trying them out(after I’ve gotten 4 rows of beans picked, cleaned, and frozen). I checked out the links (Kind of a form of self-torture when I know I’m not going to get to read them for a couple of days) I’m dying to check out your The Princess Crack though! I loved The Princess Bride and thought of Buttercup Rodney just makes me laugh!

  34. O Little Town, by Toft. The summary: “When burned-out businessman Rodney McKay meets farmhand and itinerant actor John Sheppard in 19th century rural Holland, Christmas miracles ensue.”

          1. Since there seems to be a merman fic up on the list and the story ends with Sheppard staying human: Hidden Depths, by lamardeuse. Sheppard’s a merman, McKay is his canon self.

    1. -The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come. Sheppard is a writer and McKay is a cop.

      Thanks for the new story. (The site won’t let me reply to that comment for some reason.)

  35. I just discovered The Four Quarters
    Bootleg: The Best of the Puddlejumpers – 3,872 (available by email upon request)– I am requesting;)

    Thank you

  36. I just recently started reading SGA fic and this site is fabulous! Some of my absolute favorite stories come from here. Am curious if I could get a couple of stories mentioned…Push/Pull and John’s bar ones. Thanks for all your work on this!

  37. Just found this list, and it’s great.
    Can you please send me the Push/Pull story, and the John’s Bar story too?
    Thanks sooooooo much!

    1. Holy cow!! I was sure I’d replied to this one. WRONG!!! Sorry ’bout that.

      Thanks for the link – I’m claiming I got caught up in the cute of the story. πŸ˜€

      Nice attempt at motivation, btw. I think the list is on hold until I’m done with my current temp job – this getting up at the ass-crack of dawn is dragging me down!

      1. Thanks for the rec, but, very sneakily, it’s not McShep. Radek and John are together in this one, despite the suspicions of many of the show’s fans.

        I enjoyed reading it anyway – thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the story – it’s really cute. I’ll add it to the Half-canon list. And perfect timing, since that’s what I’m doing today.

      The stories are on their way, with a subject line of “John’s Bar & Push/Pull”, so check your junk mail folder. πŸ˜€

  38. +++Like a Silver Chain, Entwined by sholio – 4,837

    Really? Definitely not a McShep story, not even pre-slash. Are you including gen?

    1. Only if it’s an AU of Vegas. That’s why I included the parenthetical warning at the top of the list: Vegas AUs are all under vVv. (ps. some of them are gen)

      Do you think I should repeat it at the beginning of the Vegas ‘verse stories?

  39. Hi

    Love this list and have made lots of great discovery’s here. I’m often stuck in bed so SGA fic is my godsend! Just wondering if I could get copies of Push/Pull and John’s Bar?

    Thanks for this excellent list

  40. Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Everything But Love by cottontail – 24,200

    The link leads to an access denied page. I tried to PM the author to see why the access level was changed but got no response.

    1. Damn, but I hate when that happens. I’ll apply to my sooperseekrit resource (aka danceswithgary) and see if it’s available for email.

      Thanks for letting me know, and sorry about the delay in replying (I hallucinated that I had already – der!).

  41. Bodyguard/Billionaire = Office Space and Other Tools of the Villainous Plot by refracting – 1,960 (available by email upon request)

    Who do you ask?

    1. You just asked her. πŸ˜€

      Check your junk mail. The subject line is “Office Space and Other Tools of the Villainous Plot by refracting”.

      1. Thank you, I have it. Also I tried to answer with a link to the stories on her site 2 times but it never showed up? The link you have just doesn’t work but I have one that does.

        Joya says:
        March 19, 2013 at 17:02

        Pilot (Air Force)/Physicist = Everything But Love by cottontail – 24,200

        1. Actually, I managed to go find it on my own. It’s weird that it’s on her LJ twice, once locked and once not. Hmm.

          Anyway, the link works now. Thanks for letting me know there was a good one to be had. πŸ™‚

          1. I think the locked entry is for the master/index list for the fic, which also included the author note for the fic.

            I do wonder though why that entry would become f-locked, yet the fic itself remains accessible.

  42. Hi! I’m aware that replies here are mostly about adding fics, but I’m desperate! I’m looking for a fic where Rodney has always been a girl and gets married to John in Las Vegas, while they both were drunk. They meet some time later to make things up. I’d be very grateful if anyone could give me a title or link to this story. Thank you.

  43. Hi, I’m going through the longer stories in this list. Can I get a copy of Push/Pull?

    Thanks so much for putting this all together. I’m really enjoying some of these.

    1. The stories are on their way, in an email whose subject line is:

      Push & Pull by Jane Elliott

      You’re very welcome – I’m just glad people are still enjoying the list. πŸ˜€

    1. That one’s already on the list, just at Wraithbait. I’ll switch it to the AO3 one, since I find it easier on the eyes.

      Thanks for letting me know!

  44. May I get a copy of: Ex-pilot/Physicist = Push/Pull by Jane Elliot – 66,532 (It’s off the web again, but I can email you a copy.)

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’ve deliberately left animal AUs off the list. I’ll have to read it, then figure out whether it qualifies as one or not. Either way, thanks for finding a new story I can read. πŸ˜€

      You’re welcome for the list. That’s the great thing about our wacky fandom – we’re always willing to share the goods.

  45. OH MY GOODNESS, SO DELIGHTED to have been recc’ed this list. Unproductive rest of my day: begin!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have no excuse other than my native torpor. πŸ˜› And the gen is no problem for a Vegas ‘verse AU. They got an exception.

      I’ll add it in the next round. (Maybe I should do that on my day off tomorrow, hmmm?)

  46. Thank you for your fantastic list. I am an avid reader of SGA. Finding a site like yours is heaven sent. I am interested in this one. Ex-pilot/Physicist = Push/Pull by Jane Elliot – 66,532 (It’s off the web again, but I can email you a copy.) May I ask you to send me a copy please if you still have one?
    thanks again

    1. I just sent it, with the subject “Push/Pull by Jane Elliott”.

      Check your junk mail folder if you don’t see it.

      You’re very welcome, and I’m delighted the list is working for you!

  47. Hello,
    I’ve just found this list on the net searching for Push/Pull by Jane Elliot. Can you please email it to me?
    I’m lucky it’s the holidays because I’ve seen so many I haven’t read yet. Short night in may future. πŸ˜‰

  48. My computer crashed recently *and no, I was too stupid to have it backed up). One of the most important things I lost was “Push, Pull” by Jane Elliott. I someone could e-mail it to me I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance, Rita.

      1. Hi! Love this list. I keep coming back to it over and over. I’d also like a copy of the Push/Pull, if you would be so kind.

        1. Thanks! I’m glad to have the chance to share all the goodies.

          I just sent the stories. The subject line is “Push & Pull by jane elliott”.

          Happy reading!

  49. Agent/Musician = Spellbound by forcryinoutloud – 510

    forcryinoutloud removed her stories from wraithbait so the link is not working

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It only seems to affect four of her stories for now. I found Spellbound in a yahoo groups message board and saved it in Word. Would you like me to email it to you?

      1. Yes please.

        Sorry if I didn’t reply sooner. How come I don’t get any answers from this web site when I leave a message?

        1. I was given a Wayback Machine link after my last reply, but I’ll email it, too.

          As for why you don’t my replies, I can only assume it’s because technology hates me. You’re just caught up in its evil plan, I fear.

  50. Welcome back <3 <3 <3

    I missed you. And if you would like to email me anything you have by forcryinoutloud, that would complete my glee.

    Hope the new year is good to you — Mimi

    1. Thanks! Sadly, the only one of her missing stories I didn’t change to a Wayback Machine link for is “Gentleman of Pleasure” and that was because I couldn’t find it anywhere. πŸ™

      1. I’m curious — why do you think good writers disappear their works? Ok, some have decided to rework and maybe sell it; but there are few really good writers who just disappear?!? ;(

          1. Hey,
            I have all of forcryinoutloud’s stories (well I have 76 but I’m not sure if that’s all of them) saved in MHTML including the two mentioned above if you still need copies of them.

          2. Wow – that’s a LOT of stories.

            Thanks for offering, but I managed (with much help) to get those four. I will, however, keep your name handy in case any other stories go missing. πŸ˜€

  51. Apparently cottontail deleted their LJ account. So any fics on the list that lead to said account leads to a purge account message. The fics affected are “Everything but Love” (The Lake House AU) and “A Leopard’s Tale”.

    I have a copy of “Everything but Love” but not the other fic. (I saved a copy of the fic “Everything but Love” after the author f-locked the index page of the fic and I had to wait for you to edit the list with the link for the first part of the fic.)

  52. Great list! I am going through it and I am in constant bliss! Thank you for sharing. Could you send me a copy of “Push/Pull” by Jane Elliot. Thank you in advance.

    1. I just sent it! The subject line is:

      “Push/Pull” by Jane Elliot

      You may want to look for it in your spam folder. (If it’s in your inbox, you may want to tighten your spam filter. πŸ˜€ )


  53. I’m randomly clicking here, and tonight I discovered two unusable links.

    Ghost/Ghost = Heaven on Their Minds by moonmip – 1,762
    (looks like the LJ is totally flocked)

    Ex-pilot kennel minion/Vet = It’s All Your Fault Radek, You Meddling Bastard by fawkesielady_ed – 65,529
    (The website is frozen and only the site owner can contact them, the page says.)

    BUT! Google found it at the SGA Secret Santa.
    Found at this link

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I took a week off from most adult responsibility. It was nice. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for letting me know about the broken links, and especially for finding the new one!

      I’ll sub it in.

    1. Where do dead links even come from? My office security officer keeps telling us that everything on the net is forever. πŸ˜€

      Thanks again!

  54. Does anyone have Analogous Colors by yin_again? Complementary Colours is on AO3 but I can’t find the sequel anywhere. Unfortunately, her site seems to be gone and only a few things are on AO3 πŸ™

    1. Thanks for Librarychick_94, I was able to send it out, probably to your junk mail folder. πŸ˜€

      The subject line is:
      Fw: [The Giant McShep AU List] Please moderate: “Giant McShep AU List” – Analogous Colors

      Yes, that whole thing. I forgot to trim it down.

      1. Hello. I am now totally confused about who I’m emailing, but please can you advise me on how to get hold of Analagous Colors? I found Complimentary Colors after weeks of searching, and it led me to this sequel and I cannot find it. Talk about frustrating!
        Thank you.

        1. Hi. I just emailed it to you. It’s probably in your junk mail, and the subject line is:

          Analagous Colors by yin-again – from The Giant McShep AU List

          Sorry it took so long.

  55. Thank you so much for doing this list! It has brought me many hours of reading joy. I’ve recced it several times as well. πŸ™‚ Are you still able to send Push/Pull? And perhaps the John’s bar stories mentioned in the comments above?

    1. You’re very welcome! It’s just a shame that I’ve been such a slug lately and haven’t updated.

      The stories are on their way, with a subject line of “Push/Pull and John’s Bar stories”.

      Have fun!

      1. That would be awesome! If you could email it over, I’ll make a note on the entry that it’s available by request (and maybe I’ll even do the update I’ve been slacking off on).

        I had a Wayback Machine link, but it no longer works. When I did a little digging just now to find a good url, some f*cking download tried to hijack my laptop. I had to Force Quit (and it didn’t want to do that!) and start over. Grrrr – I hate those things!

        Anyway, thanks bunches!

  56. I got stuck with the Evil Forced Download, too. I’m pretty sure the links to any of yin_again’s old site lead to this Evil Site. I accidentally tried the links to different stories at that site and the second time I had to resort to multiple Force Quits via a program outside the browser (couldn’t even Force Quit the normal way) before I was fast enough to close the page before it froze the browser.

    I’d suggest removing any links to Some of the yin-again story links go to good sites (AO3 & LJ), but there are several that go to the Bad Place. I haven’t the nerve to try, but I think all of these will wind up at the Evil Forced Download site.

    Lifeguard/Algae biologist = What (Who) I Did on My Summer Vacation by yin_again – 2,801
    –Sequel: Summer Nights – 222

    Shoe salesman/Guest services = Mallrats β€˜verse by yin_again
    The Dorky One Where They Work at the Mall – 1,486
    John Sheppard Goes to the Mall – 917
    Rodney and the Movie-Star Bed – 403
    Too Early for this Shit – 192
    Curious – 716
    Military School: All This and a Traumatising Haircut, Too – 940
    You Can Go Home Again. And You Can Bring Your Friends – 2,144
    PDA – 140

    1. ARRRGGGHHHH! I hate evil people so much!! Why can’t they just do good instead of bad?

      Thanks for the suggestion. Crap – I laboriously looked up a bunch of Wayback links that probably won’t work anymore. πŸ™ I hate when an author’s catalog goes missing.

      1. *hugs* This is why I copy fics obsessively. The Internet is NOT permanent. If sites don’t get taken over, then authors can remove fic because they want to file off numbers.

    1. Wow! All of you are so fast! Thank you so much! I tried the Wayback Machine too, but the darn robots.txt thing came up.

  57. I have a copy of a very good McShep AU profession fic the author later deliberately removed from the internet because the author intends to file the numbers off & publish as original fic.

    Maybe you know how to reach the author to ask permission for me to email you a copy that you could then email on a per-request basis to people?

    Please reply to my email if you want to know what story I mean. Probably best not to mention it publicly and get people’s hopes up in case you can’t reach the author, or they refuse permission.

  58. I do also have Suddenly at Last by yin_again. It isn’t an AU, but I can email it or post it to dropbox.

  59. Thanks for this list! I use it often and have never said how much I appreciate it. Also, thanks for the updated site! And what a relief to see it back up today!

    1. This is bizarre. The site says you commented on 12/26/2016 … but it didn’t show up in my email ’til March! (Of course, I then had technical issues with my password followed by inertia issues in my getting-stuff-done-sector — but those first three months are all on WordPress!! πŸ˜€ )

      You’re very welcome for the list. I love AUs, and I think we should share whatever we can.

  60. Hello! Thank you so much for making this list, I love Sentinel/Guide fusion and your work amazes me ❀ Thank you

    I just finished reading the Sentinels of Atlantis and I realise that Keira Marcos used to share the complete ebook version of series 1, with additional scenes and director cut (I checked on her website, it is approximately 10000 words more than the online chapters). I wonder if you or anyone here can help me out because I really really want to read the complete ebook version of that story. However, I know my request is perhaps annoying for other people, so if no one would like to help I am perfectly happy to be ignored here and would go to find help elsewhere.

    Thank you and I am sorry if my comment leaves you displeasure.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been in slug mode.

      I didn’t realize there was a discrepancy, and the best advise I can give you is to ask Keira on her website.

      Never be afraid to ask for help here. I might not be able to help, but I won’t get upset with you for asking.

  61. I started to look through my Collected Harvest of AU RL Different Professions fic looking for any you don’t have here and immediately ran into a problem- what about a McShep where Rodney is a Professor and Novelist but John’s profession isn’t even HINTED at?? It’s obviously different from canon since they’re on Earth. *Maybe John is also a professor?*

    It’s a fun little piece. John is a delight watching Rodney drive himself crazy trying to do NaNoWriMo

    Shroedinger’s Cat Had It Easy by Zinnith 2201words

    1. Geez, what happened here? I missed these two comments completely.

      As for categorization if John or Rodney’s job is never mentioned, it’d be ‘unknown’ or ‘unspecified’. In this case, though, it’s listed as ‘Ex-pilot’, since this is a story in the Entangled Particles ‘verse. There are so many stories that I just linked to the master list (on LJ, which I’ll have to change to AO3), so if you Ctrl+F’d for it by name it wouldn’t have shown up. (I’z tricksy!)

      Thanks for continuing to look for goodness! (If only I could overcome my native sloth. πŸ˜€ )

    1. Oh, my god, so many AUs by Brumeier aren’t on the list. It’s all due to the aforementioned sloth.

      I do have a four-day weekend. Maybe I’ll get the cattle prod and make me do some work? πŸ˜€

      Thanks again!

  62. This journal has been deleted so the links to all 3 stories are no good. If anyone has them or can find new links I would appreciate a heads up.

    Barman/Chef = Restaurant au by linaerys
    The Opening – 4,000
    Balancing Act – 7,000
    Heat Wave – 2,100

      1. Thank you Marian, I appreciate your help. I do hope that maybe someone has the other 2.


      2. I know you weren’t the one looking for them, but I also know how being denied a read whets the appetite. πŸ˜€ I’ve just sent you the three stories, with subject line ‘Linaerys’ restaurant stories’. Thanks!

    1. I am SO sorry it took this long to reply. I saw your request over on sgastoryfinders, as well as your comment that you couldn’t access them. πŸ™

      It seems the internet gods are with me, because I *could* see them. I copied them and will email them to you with a subject line of ‘Linaerys’ restaurant stories’. I hope that makes up for my extreme slackerdom.

        1. Thanks for letting me know it arrived okay!

          Thanks for the rec, too, but it’s already on the list – under ‘Mystery’ so as not to spoil the surprise.

          It makes it a little hard to find it again, but since the author went to the trouble to keep it from us for a good long while, I felt obliged to aid and abet in that effort. πŸ˜€

  63. I can’t get the story N.O.R.W.I.C.H by ziganne to come up. Is it maybe some where else I can read it or download it from.

          1. After I started reading it, I realized I’d read it before, and thought I might have saved a copy, but I didn’t have any luck looking for it on my ‘puter, or on my old back up drive from previous computer.

            At least I know it had a happy ending. :^)

          2. I have a copy! πŸ™‚ The PDF won’t open on newer computers, but I got it open on my old laptop and created a Word file.

  64. Just sent it to her. I needs a little formatting, but is completely readable. Yay! I love this story and was a bit freaked out until I dragged out my old laptop and got it to open.

    1. You’re welcome! Have to share the good stuff, y’know.

      Oh, noes! Thanks for letting me know. Which story led to the bad link? I checked them and they all worked for me (without trying to eat my computer, even).

      Gah! Maybe I should just make them available by email.

  65. Hey I’m trying to figure out what happened to wraithbait. Did it close or move?? And more importantly I’m trying to find a place to read impressions: Rodney and John by dasha. It’s one of my favorites

  66. If possible please could I get copies of A Marriage of Inconvenience & N.O.R.W.I.C.H. ? Both by Kat Reitz and Tzigane and Kat Reitz. Thank you

    1. I wasn’t sure whether I did or not, and reading through what’s already on the list didn’t help at all! πŸ˜€ (I thought I only had those where they weren’t on Atlantis, but that is NOT true. At all.)

      Just like ‘Vegas’, I think they all get to go on. Thanks, and thanks for the fixed links! (There will be a slight delay in the list update while I go read all of these again.)

    1. I just sent it, with a subject line of ‘NORWICH (from the Giant McShep AU List)’. Check your junk mail if you don’t see it.

      Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

    1. They’re so awesome! I ate them right up! Thanks for the info. πŸ˜€

      (I know I already replied via DW, but that was there and this is here. πŸ˜› )

  67. Hiya! I am many years late (lol) but I am loving this list! Thank you so much for putting it together. I was wondering, is it okay if I request a copy of Push/Pull by Jane Elliot? Thanks again!!

    1. It’s never too late to roll around in the McShep, and you’re welcome!

      I just sent it, with a subject line of: Re: [The Giant McShep AU List] Push/Pull by Jane Elliot

      Be sure to check your spam folder, and enjoy!

  68. I watched the show last december and spent last month with this awesome list! I can not believe the show ended freakin 10 years ago:(

    Anyway i was wondering, is it okay to request copies of A Marriage of Inconvenience and N.O.R.W.I.C.H. ?


    1. It’s more than okay – it’s recommended!

      I just sent them. The subject is ‘Marriage of Inconvenience and N.O.R.W.I.C.H.’ and you may need to check your junk mail.


  69. Hello, just wanna let you know that N.O.R.W.I.C.H. by tzigane & Zaganthi, and several other SGA stories written by tzigane are reposted in AO3 this February. You can find their story Marriage of Inconvenience and bunch of other works on AO3, being perfectly accessible now (I am so happy)

    1. That’s great! Thanks for letting me know.

      I have been working on an update (I have about four pages of new and corrected entries), but real life is slowing down the process. Let’s all cross our fingers that I can get it posted within the next month.

    1. Thanks for the link!

      This is yet another bit of proof (as if anymore were needed) that I should get off my patootie and add the NINETEEN PAGES of entries to the list.

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