SVS - Season Three Episodes
All of us at 5Senses would like to dedicate this season to Tricia, without whom none of this would be possible. Get well soon, hun!


SVS3-01: Tricked or Treated by Kerensa  (PG-13)
On Halloween night, the men and women of Major Crimes are in danger. A plan to kill them all keeps the detectives on their feet. The plans to keep them alive are given a little, unexpected, and surprising, helping hand by some unusual friends.

SVS3-02: Revenge by Kerensa  (R)
Someone from Jim's past wants to hurt him. The best way to do that is to hurt the person he loves the most. Can Jim find Blair in time?

SVS3-03: Two Birds with One Stone by Rae Evans  (R)
New Detective Blair Sandburg kills a man in the line of duty. Why is Internal Affairs so ready to accept the worst?

SVS3-04: Thanksgiving Past by Kerensa  (PG)
On Thanksgiving Day, Blair remembers another lifetime. Will a Pilgrim Jim and Indian Blair still be Sentinel and Guide?

SVS3-05: A Toga Party by Marion  (R)
A weekend party away from Cascade, a chance to relax and let their, well, Blair's hair down. No mayhem or murder. You'd think the guys would know better by now.

SVS3-06: The Spirit of Evil by Bluewolf  (NC17)
Investigating an apparently minor crime leads Jim and Blair to a major one.

SVS3-07: Chimeara by Elvenwolf  (R)
Crossover with The Dead Zone, set shortly after the events of TDZ's first season.

SVS3-08: Warrior by Rae  (R)
There are two new players in Cascade. One of them is a killer, but what or who is the other?


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