SVS - Season One Episodes
SVS-01: What Goes Around by Alyjude  (G)
As Jim and Blair come to terms with the aftermath of the press conference, a new case takes them back to Rainier and Blair ponders the wisdom of continuing as Jim's roommate.

SVS-02: Comes Around by Candy Apple  (R)
Jim and Blair continue to unravel the truth about the theft at Rainier University, while taking the next step in their relationship.

SVS-03: Call of the Wolf by Winds-of-Dawn  (NC-17)
As Blair returns to Rainier, Jim and Blair run into a case that reminds them of a painful moment.

SVS-04: The Field Trip by Bluewolf   (NC-17)
Blair goes with Professor Stoddard and a second-year anthropology class to a dig in the Cascades.

SVS-S1: Thanksgiving Special by Various Authors  (NC-17)
Selection of non-canon, no-holds barred, hot and sizzling short stories.

SVS-05: Dragon at the Gate by Griffin  (NC-17)
Jim and Blair are sent to San Francisco for a FBI conference on Interagency Cooperation. Through mischance, they wind up in the middle of an investigation, and have to put 'interagency cooperation' into practice.

SVS-06: The Two-Hearted Path by Maggie  (NC-17)
Jim and Blair join forces with the FBI to bring down a crime lord who does business in drugs, prostitution and murder. As they investigate, disturbing visions lead them to some truths about not only the case but themselves.

SVS-07: Regrets by VampyrAlex  (NC-17)
Blair and Jim travel to meet Blair's dying grandfather and get caught up in the schemes of a power hungry man trying to force people into selling their businesses so he can build a shopping-mall.

SVS-08: The Thick Blue Wall by MrsHamill  (NC-17)
While trying to help a battered woman and her child, Jim and Blair must face some hard facts about police society and their relationship.

SVS-S2: Christmas Special by Various Authors  (PG to NC-17)
Non-Canon Stories for the Holiday Season

SVS-09: Welcome to the Jungle by Barbara Nice-Miller  (R)
Jim is poisoned and given only 24 hours to live. Can he and Blair find who did it and why -- and the antidote -- before it's too late? Jungle Warfare Part 1.

SVS-10: Into the Jungle by Alyjude  (NC-17)
Jungle Warfare 2: The war continues -- with members of Major Crime as targets!

SVS-11: Where the Jungle Ends by Jade  (NC-17)
The battle reaches a climax as the foes return to the jungle. Jungle Warfare, conclusion.

SVS-12: Vengeance 101 by XFreak  (NC-17)
Blair is targeted by a stalker with an axe to grind.

SVS-13: The Mountie Who Fell To Earth by Josephine Darcy  (NC-17)
While on an investigation Jim and Blair stumble across a Chicago Cop, a Mountie, his pet wolf and a murder. Eventually the gang is led on a wild ride across the Canadian wilderness in persuit of a demented religious freak. Can Jim and Fraser save their partners before it's too late?

SVS-14: Stoddard's Protege by Bluewolf  (R)
What happened to Bob Gemmell, Stoddard's problem student from The Field Trip (SVS-04)? Quite a lot, actually, none of it pleasant, and Jim, Blair and Stoddard intervene to give the young man a new start in life.

SVS-S3: Valentine Special by Various Authors  (PG to NC-17)
How many shapes can love take? Selection of non-canon short stories.

SVS-15: Carefully Taught by MrsHamill  (NC-17)
There's a new hate group on campus, and it comes between Blair and two of his favorite things: Jim and teaching.

SVS-16: Hell Hath No Fury by Sylvia Chiaramonte  (NC-17)
When strange crimes are committed in Cascade, Jim and Blair are not at all prepared for what they find....

SVS-17: Freedom Run by Geli  (NC-17)
When two Triad gangs start a fight, Jim and Blair are caught in the action.

SVS-18: Collateral Damage by Corbeau  (NC-17)
Blair thinks Jim's senses need a tune-up away from the city. A quiet vacation, a beautiful Lodge in the forest -- what could go wrong?

SVS-19: Become the Moon by Maggie  (NC-17)
Jim and Blair track a ritual murderer through a path marked by jealousy and desire.

SVS-S4: Spring Special by Various Authors  (G to NC-17)
Bits of Non-Canon fun!

SVS-20: Lightning Strikes Twice by Rogue  (NC-17)
Sometimes lighting DOES strike twice, but will history repeat itself? Jim, Blair, and another female sentinel in Cascade...

FiveSenses Experimental Theater: Mother Love  (NC-17)
Non-Canon. A participatory story, with endings contributed by readers. Content may be disturbing.

SVS-21: Finders Keepers by SVS Staff  (NC-17)
When Stephen Ellison does not return from a business trip, Jim travels to Idaho to find his brother.

SVS-22: Fall From Grace by Alyjude  (NC-17)
Jim and Grace Ellison work hard at building a new relationship until fate and a new case intervene.

SVS-23: A Question of Intent by The Unusual Suspects  (NC-17)
First Season Finale. Jim and Blair investigate a drive-by shooting.


Season Two Episodes
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