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Webster's Dictionary defines to collaborate thusly: to work jointly with others or together, esp. in an intellectual endevour. The noun, derived from this word i.e. a collaboration is something Crash, frogdoggie and Mik have all had the pleasure of participating in. The stories below are the fruits of those collaborations. Please feel free to select one and enjoy reading our joint efforts. We all certainly enjoyed writing them.

Collaborations by Crash and frogdoggie
I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Crash for allowing us to keep her collaborations on Three Way Stop after her retirement. Collaborating with her has been an honor and these stories really are testaments to her talent as an author. Enjoy.

Fugue for the Forgotten

Summary: Scully has a crisis of faith after the death of Emily. She and Mulder then learn they have a child together. How? Read on and find out.

 Window Watchers

Summary: Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner is brushing up on his surveillance techniques and winds up on a date with the object of his voyeurism. Crash's first Skinnerotica and it's in collaboration with frogdoggie. A must read for Walter fans every where. A hot romantic story with a sweet, happy ending.

Accents in Ink

Summary: Another collaboration between Crash and frogdoggie, this one is lusty fun with just a touch of angst along the way. Mulder and Scully have a confrontation over Ed Jerse and a certain tattoo. Expect the unexpected. This is kind of a fantasy piece. A wicked little idea born of speculation between two fan fic authors - one inked and one not yet, but leaning towards marking the moment. Also features the Lone Gunmen.

 Collaborations by frogdoggie and Mik

Out of Left Field

SUMMARY: Post ep slash fic for "Field Trip". A new relationship is tested by the worst of circumstances.

Other Collaborations

Red Rover

SUMMARY: Walter Skinner takes a trip to the wild side with someone who brings some interesting complications
along for the ride. This story contains
Slash. An IWTB list SkinnerSlash Round Robin!

Our Ladies of Sorrow

A collaboration with Paige Caldwell.
SUMMARY: Mulder, Scully and Skinner join forces to face a deadly supernatural foe in Wisconsin.
Slash. M/SC/SK. MSR.

Fishing for Friendship

A collaboration with PMD.
SUMMARY: Skinner and Scully explore issues of trust, and more.

NEW Oooh, Baby

SUMMARY: An IWTB list chain-letter style round robin story done as a birthday gift for Char Chaffin. Unabashedly MSR. Multiple author's of course, but all 21 parts feature Mulder and Scully lovin' - and a few surprises. ;-) Note: This is a .txt file.

Birthday Gift Fics
Special stories for frogdoggie from special friends.

He by Emgee - a "surly-one" 100 word drabble.

I Am Not Sick by PMD - a sweet and humorous M/SC/SK friendship AU.

Red Alert by ga - a hot SK/O Slash sequel to Red Rover.

Captain, Colonel, Knight by Shelba - a great tribute to Skinner's strength in friendship.


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