Man + Woman ≠ Marriage
Love + Commitment = Marriage

Marriage shouldn't be about gender. Marriage is about two people who love each other and choose to make a commitment to spend their lives together, supporting each other, in good times and in bad. It means working through the times when you may not feel in love with the other person, because you've made that commitment to one another. Love and the ability to commit knows no gender.

Oh, and just one snarky little comment... I'd like to thank Ms. Britney "I just wanted to know what it felt like to be married" Spears for being such a glowing example of how seriously some heterosexuals take marriage.

If you'd like to include my version of the rainbow banner in your journal, blog or website, just right-click in the text box below and choose "Select All" then right click again and choose "Copy." Paste it wherever the heck ya want. It does link back to this page, but only so others can get the code if they want it. And feel free to change the text if you'd rather have it worded differently. This is just what I came up with in response to the idea that "Marriage is love" was a little vague and far too simplified.

If the "not equal to" sign doesn't seem to work for you, here's a graphics version of it. Right-click, save picture as, upload to your own webhost. No hotlinking please.

Support equal marriage rights for everyone!

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Credit for the original idea still goes to Live Journal member shared_boxers. Great idea, man.
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