11 June 2013

This page hasn't been updated in a while ...sorry. Anyhow, you can find almost all my fanfic now at Archive of Our Own.

Home of my slash fan fiction. Includes: The Sentinel, Homicide, Thief Takers, CSI, NCIS, CSI: NY, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Criminal Minds.

These pages last updated 21 May 2006.

Added: One Law & Order: CI fanfic100 story, two NCIS stories, and six Criminal Minds stories (my new shiny fandom) .

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Of the first: The stories contained in this website are almost exclusively SLASH. This means that the stories contained herein will contain, mostly, interaction of a male/male romantic and/or sexual nature. (So, if you find this distasteful, do not enter this site.)

Of the second: Most stories are rated R or NC-17. If you are not of age to read these, please, do not enter my site.



Of the first: Any characters contained within my stories that you recognise from TV or movies belong not to me but to the producers/networks, etc. who own the shows.

Of the second: The intent is not that of copyright infringement but of mere fan enjoyment, both in the writing and reading of said stories.

Of the third: I have not, have never, and can guarantee that I shall not, in future, make any money off of this creative endeavour.

Now that all the B.S. is out of the way...on to the stories!


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