Welcome to an amazing guy

Welcome to my unofficial Brendan Coyle website--which I've finally updated after far too long.

I've been a fan of Mr Coyle's since the late 90s--maybe 1997ish? Anyways, Showcase (channel in Canada) was showing the UK Series "Theif Takers" and I became quite taken with Bob "Bingo" Tate, as portrayed by Mr Coyle. And from there, I came to appreciate Mr Coyle and his acting.

I've included all the information and such like that I could find about Mr Coyle on this site; I'm not claiming it's complete, by any stretch. Take a look around and enjoy--if you see any errors or something I've missed, please let me know! My email is slashgirl@gmail.com

Finally, please be advised that this site is completely unofficial; I have no contact with Mr Coyle or anyone representing him. So, yeah, this is just a good old fansite.