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Most of the artwork I had been doing at first was Smallville, but when I did a Secret Adventures of Jules Verne illo, and then a Stargate skin for my roomie's MP3 player and a wallpaper for one of her stories [which won't be up here yet because it gives things away...], I realized I need to make a page just for the artwork...

I don't know where I've been, but apparently user-defined Photoshop brushes are all the rage. I just discovered these (they must have been around for a while, because most of the ones I found on the net aren't compatible with my old version of PS...), and have been playing with them on some art.

Some of these pictures have been created using an assortment of brushes from the following sites:

For all art, click on the thumbnail to see the full sized illustration. Artwork will open in a new browser window -- if you're using a popup-blocker, make sure you remember to allow the new window to open! :)

Smallville Artwork

Story-related Illos & Cover Pix
Unwanted Alibi Cover Unwanted Attention Cover Unwanted Alliance Cover Unwanted Acceptance Cover Unwanted Accolade Cover
Cover for
Unwanted Alibi
Cover for
Unwanted Attention
Cover for
Unwanted Alliance
Cover for
Unwanted Acceptance
Cover for
Unwanted Accolade
Unwanted Alizarine Cover Paradise -- Cover for my CLFF 5th Wave story
Cover for
Unwanted Alizarine
my 5th Wave
CLFF story
Watch this space... ...and this one... ...and here...

Miscellaneous Smallville Illos & Wallpapers
The Lovely Luthors Clark Kent Clark Kent Knowledge Is Power Lex looks at floaty Clark and thinks, Cool!
The Lovely Luthors Clark Kent Lex & Lionel Luthor Knowledge Is Power
(my new wallpaper)
(another new wallpaper)
Monochrome Sunflower Boys Colorized Sunflower Boys The Luthors Zero Consequences? Rule Them With Strength
Sunflower Boys
Sunflower Boys
The Luthors Zero Consequences? Rule Them With Strength
Armageddon Lex as Seraphim Lionel Luthor
Lionel is Satan
Lex as a Seraphim Lionel Luthor
Creative Forum
Challenge entry
watch this space... ...and this one...

The Agency Artwork

Individual Character Pictures
The epicenter of nerdish charm Don't mess with him I like active verbs Need a forged passport? we don't know his last name...
Jackson Haisley
Lead analyst and
National Security Officer
Robert Quinn
Liaison with DHS
and Ex-DCI
Joshua Nankin
Head of the Office
of Technical Services
Terri Lowell
Expert artist
Computer expert
We don't know his
last name...
Purple variant of Haisley Study
A purple variant
of the Haisley character
study above. this space... ...and this one... somebody stop me! Yeep!

Team, Group, or Slashy Pictures
Haisley & Quinn from The Agency Haisley & Quinn again Secrets and Lies, light Secrets and Lies, dark You're hiding something...
Jackson Haisley &
Robert Quinn
Jackson Haisley &
Robert Quinn
Haisley & Quinn
Secrets & Lies
light background
Haisley & Quinn
Secrets & Lies
dark background
You're Hiding Something...
We're Watching You... Agency skin for Hum MP3 player The Agency - Fields of Innocence Fields of Innocence redux He's on a mole hunt...
Ever feel like
someone's watching you?
Skin for my
MP3 player
Fields of Innocence
-- Jackson Haisley
And again
White borderless
& Colorized version
Holland's on a
Mole Hunt...
Surrender Incident Response Team is sexy... Haisley & Quinn
Variation of the last
Holland's obsessing a bit
Quinn forms the
Incident Response Team
Haisley & Quinn
again :) this space... and this one

Farscape Artwork

John Crichton & Crais John Crichton The Red and the Black title card Bialar Crais Twisted Triangle
Crichton & Crais
Creative Forum
Challenge entry
John Crichton The Red and the Black
Updated Version
See the original here
Bialar Crais
Creative Forum
Challenge entry
Twisted Triangle
done as Hum MP3
player skin
I'll give up everything just to find you...
Crichton & Crais
inspired by my story
Half of Believing
Watch this space... ...and this one... ...and I'm sure
this one, too
Somebody stop me!

Other Artwork - Live Source Material

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne illo Imaging Buffy single picture challenge illo Lots of Jack & Danny Penemuel's Nest The Battle of the Line
Secret Adventures
of Jules Verne
Gritty New York Streets
Imaging Buffy single
image challenge
My partner's 'Hum'
(MP3 player) skin
Naughty Angel Boy... Babylon 5
The Battle of the Line
The Shadows from Babylon 5 Nicole Kidman Alias blend Nick Restless - The Rhythm of the Heat
Babylon 5
The Shadows
For a challenge on
the Creative Forum
Nicole Kidman
A Creative Forum
not-challenge -- Alias
The second Creative
Nick Lea!
The Rhythm of the Heat
Imaging Buffy Restless
Jack & Danny - Come What May pretty Frodo... The race to the ford Boromir's Last Stand Jack & Danny, lyrics from 'Home'
Stargate SG-1
Jack & Daniel
LotR I - Fellowship of
the Ring -- Frodo
LotR I - The Race to the Ford
A Creative Forum
Action challenge entry
LotR I - Boromir's Last Stand
A Creative Forum
Action challenge entry
Jack & Danny again
Lyrics from 'Home'
by The Endparty

Other Artwork - Animated Source Material

Stitch! Fantasia Faeries Aura Battler Dunbine Tonari No Totoro Tonari No Totoro - Nekobus!
He's so cute!
Faeries from Fantasia
Aura Battler Dunbine
Ban & Sho
Tonari No Totoro
Totoros & Dustbunnies!
Tonari No Totoro
The Nekobus (Catbus)!
Muraki & Oriya from Yami No Matsuei My favourite Disney character
Muraki & Oriya
from Yami No Matsuei
Creative Forum challenge entry
My fave Disney character... this space... ...and this one... Somebody stop me!


I've made some screensavers using my collages and some music files. Since those are HUGE, there are also versions you can download without the music files, which are much smaller files. Just save the .exe file to your desktop and double click on it, and it should automatically install the screen saver. The software I bought to make these says it's simple to use -- if you have ANY problems, let me know, since I haven't had a chance to test one of these after downloading, because I made them. :)

I tried to do a zipped version of the files for quicker downloading, but it didn't make the download any smaller. Sorry!

Secrets & Lies -- Agency Screensaver with no sound
2.13 MB self-executing file
Secrets & Lies -- Agency Screensaver with songs
33.9 MB self-executing file
Penemuel's Artwork Screensaver -- no music
6.32 MB self-executing file

Photoshop Brushes
Okay, I give up. I'm addicted to Photoshop brushes now. I've made some of my own, and have some sets available. The first three are all Smallville-themed, and can be downloaded from here or Club Zero's Downloads section. The fourth set is made up of lyrics from Evanescence songs -- I may be doing more of these when I have some spare time...

These brushes were all made in Adobe Photoshop 6.0, and therefore are usable in that version and higher. Sorry to anyone still using 5.5 -- I just had to upgrade, myself.

The images used to make the Smallville brushes are from the official WB Smallville website,, and various screengrabs. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit will be made. These brushes are linkware; free to anyone who wants to use them as long as you put a link back to me on your site, and please don't claim them as your own work. Each set begins with a small square brush with my name on it, so a) you can remember where you got them :) and b) you can tell when one set ends and another begins. This was an excellent suggestion by Vrya on her (unbelievably useful and beautiful) website.

If you don't know how to use or load brushes, you should check out her tutorial on that site -- it's the best one I've seen anywhere!

I've seen a number of brush sites that claim it's a lot of work making brushes, and while it can be, it's not THAT hard. :) Use them, enjoy them, let me see what you do with them!! Click on the images to download; if that doesn't work, right click and 'save target as'.

Brush Set Smallville 1 - Kryptonian
782kb file -- brush set is approximately 1mb unzipped

Brush Set Smallville 2 - Locations
433kb file -- brush set is approximately 423kb unzipped

Brush Set Smallville 3 - Characters
891kb file -- brush set is approximately 1mb unzipped
Note: Not all brushes are shown in the image.

**NEW** Brush Set - Evanescence
3.71kb file -- brush set is approximately 4.64mb unzipped
Note: Not all brushes are shown in the image.



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