You just entered an experiment in the bizarre.
Within our halls, we will be weaving an ever increasing group of fandoms, so far including The Sentinel, The Labyrinth, The X-Files, Blake 7, LA Heat, Stingray and The Invisible man in a "fantasy island" type trip through the BDSM universe

Strap in, hold your partner's hand and cross the threshold.




but before you accept our invitation, we ask you heed our warnings.

Inside our hallowed halls, expect to find a complex AU that deals with BDSM SLAVE TRAINING and POINTLESS VIOLENCE.

I'm taking well rounded charcters that belong to their creator, no matter who that is, and thrusting them into square holes to see what comes of it.

Since the characters are the ones telling this story, I don't know how violent this is going to become. I don't know if all of them will consent to the world they've been thrust into or if force will result. I don't know exactly what type of punishments will be met out.

I do know that sooner or later INCEST will be addressed. Very likely Rape will come into it. We have arrived in a world of BDSM slave training that is just that little bit off centered.

If you are UNDERAGE, this is not the place for you to be. Go biddie bye bye now

IF YOU DISAPPROVE OF same sex relationships, this is not the place for you. Go watch the children.

If RAPE squirks you, this is not the place for you. Help the heteros watch the children.

If you decide to read and take a chance, I do NOT want to hear your delicate sensibilities were offended. And in that I don't bloody well care how old you are. You have been informed, don't cry to me if you were Squirked.

Same for if you don't like the story. I'm writing this cuz I want to see what happens. You are free to come and go as you like.

Course if you have read this far and aren't bored witless, and continue on and DO like it, I would very much like to know that...




I writing characters from a bevvy of fandoms. The creators of these charcters own all rights to those characters.

Any changes I choose to infuse in these characters, however, belong to me.

I am also basing some characters on RL list sibs who have given the author permission to do so. The characters belong to themselves. Again the charcteristics I give them have been okayed.

Original characters that are not based on fandoms or sibs belong soley to the author. those I can do anything I want to and whose gonna bitch.

End of disclaimer, guys.

Hope you like this bit of whimsey.