Author: Summer

Fandom: Ultimate X-Men

Pairing: Logan/Peter Parker

Rating: NC17 for m/m slash

Discl: X-Men, UXM and Spiderman belong to their respective creators and owners.

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Set during Ultimate X-Men "Blockbuster" (oct 03)

In case you don't remember: Logan is chased by a mysterious woman who wants to kill him. Hurt, he took refuge at Peter Parker's home.

Summary: Logan and Peter sharing the same bed for one night. Peter having fantasies about Logan. Logan able to smell pheromones.

by Summer

Logan lay down with relief. Here, in Peter's house, snuggled in Peter's bed, he felt like he could relax, at least for the time being. Peter joined him a few minutes later, bidding him good night. Logan caught a brief glimpse of the young, muscled body, usually hidden under that Spidey disguise of his and refrained an appreciative whistle. Too bad the kid was so in love with pretty Mary Jane. Logan would have shared some quality times with him.

Peter carefully stayed on his side of the suddenly too narrow bed. Having Wolverine lying down next to him was a long time fantasy but the real thing was a bit scary. It was a familiar wet dream for Peter. Logan was home and asleep by his sides, Peter was having a nightmare and Logan was comforting him before both of them had wild sex. The thought turned Peter on and he bit his lower lip.

Not now! He must not think about that! But the forced intimacy had done a subterranean job of his own in Peter's brain and visions kept flowing in his mind. Logan hurt and taking refuge in his home and not elsewhere... The older mutant's trust warmed Peter's heart... Logan teasing him in his rough way... a half-naked Logan stepping out of the shower, only clad in a white towel... Peter bit back a moan and his hand mindlessly reached into his pyjamas pants to grab his half-erected cock. He gave himself a slow stroke then froze, but Logan's breath was regular. The older mutant was asleep. Perhaps Peter could do it... The situation was too much of an excitement and Peter began to stroke himself, the thought that the object of his fantasies was asleep next to him a source of further arousing.

"What the Hell are you doing?" Logan suddenly asked in a low but fully awaken voice.

Peter froze, releasing his head cock. He was a dead man. "Nothing," he babbled in such a guilty tone he called himself lame. An angry Wolverine was the last thing he wanted to deal with.

Logan rolled on himself and ended against him, resting on his side. "Nothing?" he growled in an amused tone. "Then why do I smell enough pheromones to wake the entire town up?"

Peter just wanted to die of shame, right here and now. He tried to get up but Logan caught him. "Do you think you're the first kid to wank dreaming of his girlfriend?" he gently asked.

Peter took a few deep breaths, trying to ease the problem between his legs, but the problem didn't want to go away. Indeed the problem was rather happy by Logan's closeness.

"Let me die of shame alone," Peter whispered. "It's so fucking embarrassing!"

"Could be worse. Could have been your aunt catching you," Logan laughed.

"I've no fantasy about my aunt, thank you," Peter replied before he realized what he just said.

Logan didn't reply at first and Peter thought he wouldn't live on this night. He turned to Logan to try to explain himself but he never uttered a word. The moonlight playing on Logan's face was enough of a shock. He parted his lips, turned on by the desire he could read on the other mutant's face. But Logan didn't give him a chance. He bent over him, pinning him down the mattress and kissed him.

Peter nearly came. He had never kissed anybody but sweet Mary Jane, let alone a full grown, feral mutant. Logan's kiss was intense. His tongue parted Peter's lips, slid through his teeth and explored his mouth like a conquered land, claiming him. Peter tentatively brushed his tongue against Logan and it elicited such a feeling his hips bucked against Logan's.

The younger man wrapped his arms around Logan's neck while his hands slid in the raven mane, surprisingly silky under his touch. Logan deepened his kiss and Peter lost ground. He gasped under Logan's lips when the older mutant's hand came inside his pants to stroke his engorged cock.

Nobody but him had ever touched him, not even Mary Jane. Peter was experiencing the unique pleasure of the first time another hand than his pleasured him. He discovered the feeling of not being in control, of surrounding to another one and to trust him for giving him the relief he so badly sought.

Peter moaned under Logan's expert touch. The older mutant gently laughed and muffled the moan with his lips while his hand let Peter's cock to fondle his balls. The boy was bucking his hips in a frantic rhythm and his breath was coming in short gasps.

"Oh please Logan! I'm so close!" he begged.

Logan monitored his strokes on the young, open face. Peter's lips were parted, his eyes closed and his features spoke volumes of the pleasure he was experiencing. Logan's callused thumb circled the crown of Peter's cock then pumped hard until the boy came, splashing his stomach and Logan's hand with semen. Logan's kiss muffled his cries of pleasure.

The older mutant smiled when Peter relaxed on the pillow, all sweaty, just plain adorable. Logan gave his coated fingers a quick lick, enjoying the boy's sweetness.

Peter was opening his eyes. "T'was so intense," he whispered.

He brushed a tentative hand against Logan's unshaved cheek and then they were kissing. Peter could feel Logan's hard member against his stomach and his own cock sprang back to life.

Logan broke the kiss and gently stroked Peter's erected member. "Forgot what it was to be seventeen."

"Eighteen!" Peter protested.

Logan smiled. "Ready for more?"

Peter bit his lower lip and Logan kissed it. "Don't do that."

"Logan... I'm not sure... I'm ready for... you know what," Peter whispered.

"I know that, kiddo," Logan told him. "I just thought you could use these wonderful lips of yours?" Peter's cock throbbed under Logan's soft pressure. "Seems you like the idea?"

"My fantasy coming alive," Peter whispered.

Logan took off his sweat pants in one swift motion and knelt face to Peter, who stretched a hand and gently took the older mutant's hard cock in his palm. He had never thought Logan's cock would be that impressive. He stroked it with nimble fingers, remembering how he liked to touch himself and was rewarded by a throaty moan. Gee! Logan actually enjoyed it. Peter began to bend his head but Logan stopped him.

"Would be better if you lie down," he suggested.

Peter eagerly complied then understood Logan intended to reciprocate. The older mutant came over him, his muscled thighs framing Peter's head, while he bent over the boy's crotch. Logan didn't hesitate. He swallowed Peter's iron hard cock in a motion that would have sent the younger mutant over the edge but if Logan hadn't ease the pressure in his balls.

The feeling of the wet mouth all around him overwhelmed Peter but when Logan began to use his tongue, he thought he was in heaven. The younger man gave a tentative lick to Logan's throbbing cock then his lips circled the crown, eliciting a deep moan from Logan that sent vibrations in his own cock. Encouraged he opened his mouth wide and took the more of the impressive member he could while his fingers stroked Logan's furry sac. Logan gently bucked his hips, sliding further down Peter's throat. The boy instinctively fought his urge to swallow, staying still, letting Logan moving up and down while Peter's tongue recklessly sucked him.

The feeling of the soft, wet mouth and the teasing of Peter's inexperienced tongue were too intense for Logan to last long. He soon came, his semen flowing the younger man's mouth with a throaty growl that sent Peter over the edge. The boy climaxed hard, bucking his hips, his cries of pleasure muffled by Logan's softening cock.

Peter was too exhausted to move. He lay down, catching his breath, his body delightfully relaxed by the intense pleasure he had experienced. He felt Logan come over him and opened his eyes.

"Thank you," he whispered. "T'was so great."

Logan didn't speak but smiled to him, a kinder smile than his usual grin. They shared a soft kiss, Peter tasting his own sweetness on Logan's lips, before the older mutant took him in his embrace. Peter snuggled against him, his head resting on the muscled shoulder.

Tomorrow there would be other fights, they'd be questions and no answer, but tonight Logan and Peter were just savoring a time apart of tenderness in a brutal world.