Title:Murdoch's Spices

by Sissy


Pairing: None

Rating G


Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at writting fan fiction or anything, these characters are not mine, I do not own them and no infringement is intended

By Sissy

Tresesa O'Brian checked herself in the mirror for the twentieth time.She wore a dress the color of ripe peaches with ivory lace around the collar and cuffs.The fabric was silk given to her by Murdoch Lancer, the man she had come to love as a father since coming to live at the Lancer ranch.Her hair was curled and fell in a dark cascade around her shoulders, bouncing ever so slightly as she moved her head from side to side. Well defined lips, coupled with white teeth, peered back at her. Dark eyes, soft lashes and lightly rouged cheeks alone with a few well placed freckles all came together to form a lovely vision if it had not been for the frown.

"Why do I put myself through this?" she said aloud.

You are just a glutton for punishment O'Brian", the FACE in the mirror said back at her.

"When are you going to realize that you are not as popular as Sara Whittmore or any of her friends."

Yeah, laughed the FACE,you can't sing or play the violin, tell witty stories like Mary Dailey, or Libby Malone or Rose Payne for that matter."

"But I don't look that bad do I,"I mean this is a beautiful dress, my hair is better than I've seen it in a long time and I put that cream by Madame Michelle on my face every night and... and...

And what, said the FACE, you've been practicing your non-existing witty stories along with your violin?"

"Well no, said Tresesa,I've been cooking."

"Cooking?How is cooking going to make you the most popular girl in town?"

"Not jusy cooking, do you know that cooking is an art, the taste, the look and even the way you present the food are all very important, and I've been using those"special" spices Murdoch bought from San Francisco. You know that spices can make a big difference to food."

"If all of that is so important and you are so good at them, then why did only two girls show up for your party a few years ago?"

"Things have changed since then." said the girl her voice climbing an octave higher, "I've been homing my skills in the kitchen. I've been working very hard, testing things and rechecking things and I told you about those spices!"

"If you say so" said the now smug FACE.

" I do say so," Tresesa said sticking out her chin "you are looking at the most popular girl in town; this time it will be different."

Tresesa hurried down the stairs to make sure everything was ready. She turned vases of fresh flowers this way and that way and; straighted the white lace tablecloth,turned and ran into the

There she found Johnny Lancer standing with his hands behind his back and a sly grin on his face.

"I bet he doesn't have trouble looking at hinself in a mirror" she said half aloud.

Johnny Madrid Lancer cut a fine figure, dressed in a dark blue bolero jacket and matching trousers and light blue shirt.Could a man be beautiful? Maybe if you said the word with the accent on the "T";that is what Johnny Lancer was bea"T"iful.

"What was that,?" Johnny's grin was replaced by a brilliant smile.

"Oh nothing, I am just...just...

Well thought the dangerously handsome young man she didn't ask what I had behind my back as he backed out of the kitchen holding a hand full of freshly baked cookies.He backed into the dinning room and bumped into his half brother Scott Lancer.

"Where is Tresesa, in the kitchen?" asked the blonde who was wearing a light grey shirt and dove grey pants.He was one side of the coin and his brother was the other side of the same stunning piece.

Light and Dark, Beaui"T"ful.

"Her guests are arriving" Scott said in a voice that was a little bit breathless,"Looks like a stampede."

"Well I wouldn't mind being run over by those heifers," said the dark headed Lancer as he stuffed more cookies into his mouth.

Scott laughed at his younger brother as Tresesa came out of the kitchen and put a smile on her face as she hurried to the front door.

"Oh my, look at that I've never seen anything like this, there must be fifty girls out there," Tresesa cried as she turned red. "Word must have gotten around about Murdoch's special spices she said, looking at the boys.

Scott and Johnny, Murdoch's special spices, hurried to door as Tresesa's guest poured into the room.

The End