Title: The Devil You Know

Author: kirasmommy


Fandom: Dark Shadows

Type: Slash

Pairing: Willie/Original, Willie/Jason(past), Original/Original(past)

Archive: WWOMB, and KB's Misc. anywhere else ask and ye shall receive.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from Dark Shadows, nor do I make any money off this piece of fiction. I do on the other hand own the character of Sabastian. And while there was no mention of a long lost sister for Willie I figured that there was no reason for him NOT to have one and it was an interesting plot device. As with all original characters there may be those that think that it is a type of Marty Sue (Mary Sue's twin brother) I assure you that isn't the case. He's just a character that wanted to be written about.

Warnings: Slash, Angst, Bloodplay...do not try this at home.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Someone new has come to town and he's interested in Willie.



By Kirasmommy


Sabastian sat at the bar idly playing with the beer the bartender had handed him. He smiled a friendly hello at the locals who had been trying to check him out without staring too hard. A pretty blonde sitting at a table in the middle of the bar smiled a game smile in return. He lifted his drink to her in silent salute and watched as she giggled to her dark haired friend.

He turned back to face forward careful to spill a little of his drink. He lifted the glass briefly to his lips and then took it away. He listened to the conversations in the room ignoring most of the ones that wondered who he was. He laughed silently as the dark haired girl that was sitting with the blonde admonished her friend softly. "Caroline! He's a complete stranger!"

"Not for long!" The girl identified as Caroline giggled.

He shook his head to himself. No not her.

He had already figured her for a high profile person. And not her friend either the association would be too much of a draw. It was already obvious to him that while not liked by every single person at the Blue Whale, everyone there knew Caroline.

He stared at the mirror above the bar watching the people sitting behind him come and go and interact with each other. He judged each one quickly casting them aside in his mind before they even made a deep impression upon him.

A man and a woman entered the bar and waved at the two girls sitting in the middle of the bar.

"MAGGIE!" The dark haired beauty called to the woman as the man took her light coat.

He quickly dismissed both of them and continued to scan the bar. He hated bars. They were the worst places to come to for this sort of thing. It felt cheap. Besides the real reason to come to a bar was to drink and that tended to taint what he needed. Unfortunately the town he found himself in was rather small and seemed to only have a couple of points of interest...The Blue Whale and the Coffee Shop near the train platform. And the Coffee Shop was closed.

He briefly heard the man now identified as Joe ask about himself and rolled his eyes. He was about to give up for the night when the door opened again.

A blond young man walked in with a hesitant step. His shoulders were hunched and he looked nervously about.

Sabastian smiled behind his drink as he watched the man in the reflection of the mirror. He looked over at the group sitting in the center and took a deep breath.

{Hesitant my beauty?} Sabastian raised an eyebrow as he continued to watch.

The young man pushed his bangs out of his eyes with an impatient movement before continuing to the table and pulling out an envelope.

"Vicky?" He asked in a small voice.

{Such a timid voice for one that looks so strong.} Sabastian mused.

"What Willie?" Vicky asked quietly.

Sabastian frowned slightly as he realized everyone at the table looked annoyed or uncomfortable. He watched as Willie cast furtive looks toward the girl Maggie while her obvious boyfriend placed a protective arm around her shoulders. The actions of everyone at the table spoke volumes.

Willie handed her the envelope as he quietly told her, "Barnabas wanted me to give that to you."

"Thank you Willie." The tone was one of dismissal.

Sabastian watched quietly as the blond young man shuffled out the door. {Now he has promise.}

He tipped the bartender a brief salute as he threw down a wad of bills, more than the price of the beer. {A well tipped bartender never sees anything amiss.} In the shadows Sabastian watched as Willie climbed into his old battered pick up truck and started the engine. He smiled as the scenery shifted around him as he allowed his body to speed up and keep pace with the truck. An exhilarating feeling as he flew through the night air though his feet never left the ground. He ran quickly without breaking a sweat or feeling out of breath. As the truck slowed down he also slowed down and took to the trees in one leap. He looked down on the blond man as he got slowly out of the truck and trudged up the path to the old house. Sabastian smiled. {No lights} His smile disappeared as he heard a voice from inside ask Willie a question.

{Not alone. That could be fixed if necessary.} But truly he didn't think it would be necessary to eliminate the man inside. He could hear a certain disdain in his voice.

As Willie came outside again Sabastian came closer. Sabastian purposely made a noise so that Willie could hear him. Willie spun around frightened. {Surely crime isn't so bad here that he needs to fear strangers?}

"Who? Who...Who are you?" Willie asked trying to sound brave.

Sabastian looked into Willie's eyes deeply. {He was strong once; someone has broken his will.}

"I'm sorry if I surprised you, I'm a little lost. My name is Sabastian. I just got into town today. I think I saw you earlier at the tavern down by the docks? Could you tell me where I am?" Sabastian opened his eyes wide and held his hands out in a friendly innocent gesture. He smiled brightly and easily with a touch of embarrassment.

"Oh that's easy you are near the Old House, this is Collinwood. Were you looking for the Collins family?" Willie smiled a little more at ease.

"Not really I just wandered a little too far I guess. Are you a Collins?" Sabastian leaned against the old pick up truck.

Willie laughed a little, "Me? A Collins? Nah not that lucky. I'm Willie Loomis." He held out his hand and Sabastian shook it firmly.

{Not related, good}

"I work for Barnabas Collins he's over there." Willie gestured toward the old house.

"I see. Interesting, I had thought the house was vacant."

"That's because there is no electricity in the house." Willie made a dismissive hand gesture. "Barnabas wants the house to stay exactly the same as it was when it was first built."

"That's a little extreme isn't it?" Sabastian laughed.

"Barnabas can be a little extreme at times." Willie whispered.

Sabastian leaned closer to hear him and then noticed a new bruise forming on his chin. {He has gotten that since getting home}

He had originally wanted a slow seduction but this was an unexpected occurrence.

"Willie since I'm a little lost and all and since I don't want to make matter's worse. Could you...well give me a ride back into town?" Sabastian scratched the back of his head and managed to look thoroughly embarrassed.

Willie chuckled. "Sure, hop in. I hope you don't mind the ride though it's a bit bumpy."

"No problem it's better than being lost." Sabastian answered with a laugh as he climbed in.

The ride was indeed bumpy and they were tossed around the cab like rag dolls.

"I guess they haven't gotten around to paving the road huh?" Sabastian asked as he rubbed his head after a particularly painful jolt.

Willie laughed and shook his head. "And they never will if Barnabas has a say in it."

"All apart of the original atmosphere?" He asked in disbelief.


Sabastian looked at him intently as the young man continued to drive. {I need to be sure. Not just his looks but what's inside}

On the next bump he allowed his body to slide side ways toward Willie. "Sorry about that!"

But the brief contact gave him the information that he needed to know Willie's life history. Sabastian rode in silence the rest of the way as he digested the information slowly. It was always hard to understand a sudden flood of information at once so he would break it down into parts in his head and look at them at his leisure.

As the ride came to an end he realized Willie's tie to Barnabas. {So that's it!} He almost laughed at the absurdity of it all.

"Willie! Come inside for a drink!" Sabastian clapped him on the back.

"I can't...um...Barnabas wouldn't approve." He said nervously. "He don't like me to drink."

"Quite right...it's bad for the blood!" Sabastian smiled amiably. "Coffee then or maybe tea or milk your choice. But please let me treat you for the good turn you did me!"

"I don't know...I should be getting back." Willie hedged.

Sabastian put his arm around Willie's back and led him in the door. "Ohhh Barnabas is a grown man. He can take care of himself for a few hours!"

Sabastian read Willie's thoughts as the door closed behind him, (true but he could also kill me).

He also read the truth in that statement and he felt himself enraged. He found himself already enthralled with the young man before him and had decided that he would keep him. He had been at loose ends since the death of his last companion.

As they sat down to drink the tea or at least feign drinking it. Sabastian asked him, "How do you like Collinsport? I know you aren't originally from here. Your accent is wrong for the region."

"I'm from down South. Where are you from?" Willie had evaded the question quite well and Sabastian noted it.

"I'm originally from Greece. I was born and raised there...but over the...years...I've been almost everywhere. I love to travel."

Willie nodded. "Look I should go..."

"Oh please stay I'm so lonely on this trip! My traveling companion passed away a year ago and I've been lonely every since." He said it in the sincerest manner and it was the complete truth. He was lonely. His kind while somewhat solitary traveled with at least one other person, usually someone they held close to them.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Willie said uncomfortably.

"Perhaps you could show me around in the morning?" Sabastian asked hopefully.

"Not much to see." Willie said getting anxious.

{Perhaps I'm coming on too strong} Sabastian thought to himself as he studied the young man.

"Well just in case you change your mind I'll be here a little while." Sabastian told him finally as he shook his hand.

He probed deeply during the handshake and it gave him reason to hope. {He's shy! I'm making him nervous because he's scared of insulting me! How wonderfully sweet of him.}

Sabastian took a little chance and before ending the handshake he placed his other hand over Willie's and gave it a short stroke. Willie looked up and inhaled sharply. Sabastian gave him a mellow smile. "Good night Willie I hope to see you again."

"Um sure yeah um bye!" Willie nearly tripped over himself getting out the door.

Sabastian laughed to himself as he heard the truck start up with a rumble. {Well all that's left is for him to decide to come to me. But in the meantime I think I should check out this Barnabas...something's not quite right about that.}

He lay on the bed and waited for morning. As the morning light approached he felt his body weaken and hated the feeling. He brushed his hair and studied his reflection in the mirror.

{Not bad if I do say so myself} He thought. His hair was a nice shade of brown. His hair was not black or anything daring but a nice shade of brown with enough waves to suggest curliness without any of the hassle of actual curls. His nose was well chiseled and more than once he had been compared to the ancient Greek statues in museums across the world. He was a classic example of male beauty but ordinary enough not to call too much attention to himself unless he wished it. The right clothes completed whichever way he wished to be...stunning or plain.

He knew that Willie wouldn't be back that day. He would most likely need the sleep and from what he learned in Willie's mind seeking out Barnabas during the day was pointless. And it was that little bit of information that nagged at him the most...along with a myriad of other little facts that didn't add up.

As he picked up his jacket to go to the coffee shop he couldn't help but wonder, {Why would a real vampire need to sleep during the day?}


Meanwhile Willie lay in bed awake wondering if he should seek Sabastian out. He tossed and turned. He couldn't mean it could he? Willie replayed the handshake and Sabastian's friendly manner over and over again in his head. I mean you just didn't run into that many people...like that.

Even Jason McGuire wasn't completely that way though he had his fun with both genders. Willie smiled a little. He had rather enjoyed Jason's attentions before coming to Collinsport. He had missed it once they actually got here. And it was part of the reason it hurt so much when Barnabas had killed him. He had always held the faint hope that even if Jason married Mrs. Stoddard that he would at least take him back as a lover.

Willie thought back to a night that had occurred just shortly before coming to the small town. Willie had been drinking as had Jason but the booze had always seemed to make it more exciting and thrilling.

Jason had just scammed some old lady out of her retirement money and he wanted to celebrate. Willie figured that the celebration would be short lived as the cops would be looking for them soon enough but until then he was willing to celebrate along with his best friend and sometime lover.

He had grabbed Willie roughly and pushed him up against the dresser in the small room they had been renting at the time. He never kissed Willie on the mouth and Willie knew why. It was because he saved kisses for female lovers only. Like that somehow distinguished his behavior and set him apart. If he didn't kiss a guy it didn't count somehow. Willie never understood the logic and sometimes was a little hurt by it but he went along with it.

This night though Jason had been fondling Willie while sucking on his neck. A thrill that Willie didn't receive often for it was as close to kissing him as Jason would ever come. He figured he'd have marks on his neck afterwards but any questions would be answered with the typical answers. "Girlfriend got a little wild" or "The prostitute got a little wild" it was all the same, deep down no one cared.

He could feel the hard wood under him as Jason practically pushed him up onto the little dresser. He ripped at his shirt and Willie thought that the buttons would fly off if he weren't careful. He quickly unbuttoned them as fast as he could.

"For a man Willie...you have a lovely body." Jason whispered in a husky voice. Jason also never spoke out loud during these little sessions. He never wanted to risk someone over hearing them.

He roughly pulled Willie off of the dresser and threw him toward the bed. Willie still a little drunk tripped toward the bed letting his momentum carry him close to the bed and then he fell on top of it.

Jason was instantly on top of him. He pulled at the button on Willie's pants eager to get started. Willie fumbled with the button as Jason's hands kept getting in the way. The entire time Jason sucked at the tender flesh around Willie's throat.

He was already erect as Jason pulled his pants the rest of the way down. Jason was out of his own clothes immediately. He straddled Willie's upper chest easing his own erection toward Willie's mouth, which he willingly took in. The angle was a bit awkward but it seemed to add to the frenzy of the moment. He flicked his tongue out and caressed the head and the slit. Dipping it in momentarily before swirling it around then concentrating on the underside of the little helmet. Jason was careful not to moan out loud but he did shudder and close his eyes and moved his body down lower. He leaned forward and started to slowly move himself in and out holding himself up with his hands on the wall over the headboard. His breathing was becoming even more rapid and Willie was sure he was going to cum in his mouth and was preparing to swallow what he could. Jason stopped himself just before though and pulled himself out and got off of the young man. He pulled Willie up into a sitting position after a second and reached down and stroked the young man's hardness a few times. Willie held no hope for Jason to reciprocate what he had just done. It was just one of those things that Jason refused to do. When he had Willie practically shivering he flipped Willie over roughly and spread his cheeks. With no other lubrication than the saliva still on himself he started to push into Willie slowly, without any preparation. Willie felt his pleasant drunken buzz fade at the burning sensation of the intrusion but he was also so aroused that he couldn't bring himself to truly mind. In fact the little bit of pain made it that much more erotic to him. He started to whimper as Jason tired of the time that it was taking him to enter and finally shoved his way in forcefully. Jason reached around and covered Willie's mouth not allowing him to call out. After the moment had passed Jason reached down to Willie and started stroking him in time with his thrusts.

It hadn't taken long for Jason to finish since he was already on the threshold but Willie still managed to make the most of the moment to finish himself.

Willie lay on the bed still reliving the moment. He hadn't realized that he had begun to stroke himself just at the memory. It surprised him. He was nearly panting. {God it's been a while}

He thought about it and realized that since coming to Collinsport he hadn't been with anyone. No wonder the mere idea of a suggestion that someone might be interested had gotten him going. He nearly laughed. It wasn't as though he hadn't touched himself in all that time, just that he hadn't considered actually being with someone.

He considered his past fantasies. He didn't ever think of Jason before now. It had hurt too much. Usually the players were made up of people from television or on some nights when he felt rebellious they might even feature locals. He snickered as he considered Joe Haskell's overly protective stance over Maggie. Now wouldn't Joe be surprised to discover it wasn't MAGGIE that was featured in his dreams but Joe himself.

True he had fixated on her but that was partially because he felt responsible for her. And she looked like his sister too. He hadn't thought of his sister in years. In his heart Maggie had taken her place.

He turned onto his side and thought about Sabastian. It was such a small town. He hated to think what might happen if he was wrong. Or even if he were right, what would happen if they were found out. The small town tended to be filled with closed-minded people.

And people already had a low opinion of him. He could only imagine what they would think if they knew where his true affections lay. He could imagine the look in Barnabas' eyes easily. It would be similar to all the other times he had disappointed the vampire. He was just grateful that Barnabas couldn't truly read his mind. Otherwise he would have no secrets.

He bit his lip trying to concentrate on going to sleep.


Meanwhile Sabastian was at the local coffee shop talking to the waitress. One of the girls he had seen at the Blue Whale the night before. A dark haired young lady that smiled as she talked.


"Smythe. With a Y" He smiled.

"What brings you to town?" She set his cup of coffee in front of him.

"Tourist. I'm just going through and thought I would stop by this lovely town. I travel all over."

"I'm sure that is exciting!" Maggie Evans gushed.

"It can be. Lonely too." He thought distracted for a minute.

"I'm sorry to hear that." She said with some sympathy.

"Well hopefully it won't always be that way." He said with a smile. "Perhaps you could tell me about the points of interest around here? Perhaps some of the local characters?"

He was being his most charming. He could sense a gossip's streak in her and he was attempting to bring it to the fore. It didn't take much effort.

She giggled. "You can't get anymore interesting than the Collins family!"

"Oh? They are the one's this town is named after?" He asked with interest.

"Their ancestors founded this town." She smiled. "They can be a strange lot."

"Yes someone mentioned the Collins family to me just last night." He said carefully.

"Oh? Who?"

He stirred his coffee with a spoon slowly and made a show of tasting it. The taste was bitter to his mouth and he instantly hated it.

"One Willie Loomis." He watched her face carefully.

"Hm" she looked a little unsettled. "He works for Barnabas Collins."

"He mentioned that. Barnabas sound like quite a character." He probed deeper.

He stared deeply into her eyes and kept her eyes until he could see himself reflected in her gaze. Then as she began to feel dizzy he went deeper still until he could see HER reflected in her own eyes. The double reflection was much like the result of holding one mirror up to another mirror. But in that second he saw her life play back to him. He saw the moments that even she herself could no longer remember as she had suppressed them years ago. He saw Barnabas kidnap her. He saw Willie help her, which he knew much of that from Willie's own suppressed memories. He saw Willie shot and captured...he saw it all clear up into the present.

"Oh I'm sorry...I'm suddenly...dizzy." Maggie put her hands up to her head as she leaned her elbows against the counter.

"Oh here! Sit down!" He guided her to his own seat.

"I don't know what happened." She muttered.

He nodded sympathetically "Perhaps you have been working too hard?"


He patted her arm absentmindedly as he turned over the new information in his mind. {Barnabas can be a danger. He is a loose cannon.}

"Will you be okay my dear?" He asked as he took his hat in his hand.

"Oh Yes of course." She gave him a reluctant grin. "Thank you I will be fine."

He left her a generous tip as he left the little café.

He squinted against the sun as he tipped his hat down a little. {Perhaps it is time I meet this 'Vampire'}


It was a few minutes before Sabastian's knock was answered. "Hello!"

Willie blinked rapidly at the man standing before him. "Wh-wh-what are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry did I wake you?" Sabastian asked gently.

"I was just taking a little nap." Willie looked at the floor.

Sabastian narrowed his eyes for a second before answering brightly. "I'm more of an early riser. I like to watch the sun come up."

"What can I do for you?" Willie asked shyly.

"Well I came to see if this Barnabas Collins was around. I've heard so much about him and the house I thought I would call upon him."

"He isn't here right now." Willie rubbed his hand against his leg.

Sabastian felt his lip quirk into a small smile. {Not a good liar that's always a plus}

"Well that's okay I can wait and I can't think of anyone that might be better company." Sabastian leaned against the doorway.

Willie felt his heart beat faster as he recognized the feral look. "Um, would you like something to drink."

"Thank you but no. I just had some...coffee at the little dinner café near the train station."

"That's where Maggie works." Willie told him eagerly.

"Yes I met the young lass. Quite pretty." Sabastian watched him carefully and for a second saw another young girl reflected in Willie's eyes the image was quickly replaced with that of a casket with flowers on top. {A sister? So that's where the obsession comes from.}

"Would you like to sit down?" Willie made a furtive gesture to the sitting room.

"Thank you." Sabastian walked further into the room. {No doubt about it, this man lives in his past.}

He sat down upon the chair. "What time do you expect Mr. Collins to come home?"

"He should be back around nightfall." Willie busied himself with some burnt out candles.

{Quite clique} Sabastian nodded to himself. {I suppose he also has a black cape as well}

He studied the young man intently allowing himself to trace every line with his eyes. Willie averted his eyes and Sabastian found himself frowning again. {He had spirit once you can see it down deep. He was broken. A wild child that was tamed with a beating instead of respect, a shame.}

He found himself thinking back to another Wild Child in a different time.

He could almost hear the clash of metal upon metal as they fought hard against their enemy. A small border war that was not unusual. When the weather was good there were dozens of such skirmishes their job was to protect their borders.

He could smell the blood in the air as the men fought around him. He could hear the anguish of the wounded. Bleating like animals before the slaughter. They would die soon. He took a step back as his enemy took a step forward and his back bumped into Dion his shield mate. They had pledged their lives to each other. The pledged to fight back to back and were close enough to be one spirit. It gave him strength to feel Dion's back against his own, to know that he was covered. They were closer than any man could be with a woman. For a woman can never truly know a man's mind just as a man can never truly know a woman's mind. He had a wife but she was home behind closed doors. Her sole purpose in his life was to bare his children and to mind his home. Neither of which she had accomplished with any success. He had traded several very good goats for her and she had yet to bare him a living child. And she had grown lazy in her depression and had stopped taking care of her obligations. She had grown to depend heavily on the slaves of their house.

With Dion he felt no complications.

Wild Dion with the light hair the color of the sun. Blue eyes that reflected the sky. He was fearless. The day he had seen him among the new recruits he knew that he would chose him to take under his wing. He had an arrogance about him that told everyone that he could handle any enemy. The arrogance of youth was also not wasted on him.

He had strong legs and strong arms and a strong back. He loved to take his fingers and stroke that strong back with its pronounced muscles.

On this day he was fighting with the ferocity of a bull elephant. And Sabastian wasn't doing too badly himself. He had various small cuts but no major injuries and he had already taken down quite a few men himself. Their heavy swords made quick work of the intruders.

As the sun turned a dark red as Apollo dragged it to its home in the underworld so too did the battlefield run with blood.

And with it came the small celebration for those that had survived. Dion felt sticky from sweat and blood in his arms and somehow it made the moment more erotic to him.

Sabastian pulled himself away from his memories as Willie knocked over a candleholder.

Willie looked a lot like Dion. Just as all his past lovers over the centuries had looked like Dion. Whenever possible he always picked a lover that resembled Dion the closest. In some dark part of his heart he always made himself believe they were reincarnations of his long dead lover.

Dion was his shield mate, lover, and eventually his blood bond. But the blood bond took place after his final battle. The battle that ended with him a creature of immortality, what over the centuries has been called a Vampire.


Sabastian stood up and helped Willie set the candleholder back up. "You know candles are a bit dangerous. A lot of these old houses burned down over the centuries because of them."

"I-I know." Willie told him nervously.

"But let me guess, it is all part of keeping it historically accurate?" Sabastian asked in a lilting voice.

Willie nodded with a shy smile.

Sabastian leaned in close enough that his lips almost touched Willie's ear. "Can I tell you a secret?"

Willie nodded nervously.

"I think your employer is an utter prat." Sabastian smiled at Willie's sudden intake of air.

"You-you shouldn't say such things. Barnabas wouldn't like it." Willie told him.

"Barnabas doesn't scare me Willie." Sabastian laughed.

A sound behind him confirmed what his nose had told him minutes before. That Barnabas was standing behind him. "And why is that Mister...? I'm sorry what is your name?"

"Smythe, Mr. Sabastian Smythe. And you would be Barnabas Collins I assume." Sabastian smiled at him.

Barnabas glowered at the intruder. "What may I do for you Mr. Smythe."

Sabastian continued to smile as he once more sat down. "You can start by releasing Willie from your thrall."

Barnabas looked at the man in front of him carefully, "I have no idea what you are talking about?"

"I'm not here to play games. Maybe before I realized how dangerous you were to the boy I would have indulged in a bit of it. But no, not now. I can't have you beating up what I wish to have for myself." Sabastian told Barnabas with a self-satisfied smile.

Willie looked at Sabastian in shock. Barnabas growled low in his throat before turning on Willie. "Willie what have you told Mr...SMYTHE?"

"N-n-n-nothing, honest Barnabas I would NEVER..."

Barnabas narrowed his eyes at the cowering man.

"Oh he's telling you the truth Mr. Collins. He didn't TELL me anything. He didn't need to. A blind man would be hard pressed to miss the bruise you put upon him, and a fool besides to believe any stories of clumsiness that he may tell."

Barnabas tried a tentative smile, "I'm afraid you don't know Willie very well. He is rather clumsy..."

"I don't have the patience for this sort of thing. I can break the thrall you have over him on my own but I just wanted to make this easier on everyone especially him. Willie you will come with me tonight. It's been a while since I've been to South America. I think you would enjoy..."

"Willie won't just go with you!" Barnabas told Sabastian sternly.

"And why not? Stay with a faux vampire that beats him? Or go with a REAL vampire that will cherish him and treat him like a rare treasure? I hardly see where you think you would stand in such a choice." Sabastian leaned down as he faced off with Barnabas.

Barnabas blinked slowly, "Vampire?"

Sabastian smirked. "Yes a REAL vampire. Not a Dracula wannabe with a superiority complex and a fondness for being heavy handed on his minions."

Willie made his way to one of the chairs carefully before dropping into it heavily. "You're a vampire? But, but I saw you during the day!"

Sabastian reached out and stroked the pale blond hair. "Real vampires don't fear the light my beauty. It weakens us but don't destroy us, just a bit of folklore that has been exaggerated over the centuries. Just as a cross is nothing to fear or garlic and I can see my reflection very well thank you."

"Then you are NOT a vampire." Barnabas smirked.

"Oh but I am my poor misguided creature. It is you who are not a true vampire. You are but a caricature of what a vampire is according to myth. None of it accurate." Sabastian laughed at the fury in Barnabas' face. He ended his laugh with a hiss as he bared his needle sharp fangs.

Barnabas made a fist against his leg as he tried to control his temper, "I have been alive over 200 years and you try to tell me that I'm not the cursed being I know I am to be?"

"Oh I didn't say you weren't cursed or that you didn't believe yourself a vampire. But if you are a vampire then where and who is your sire? Who is the dark being that embraced you and turned you into one of us? Why can't you face the light of the sun without pain? And why have you no reflection?"

"I had no sire, the witch Angelique set a vampire bat upon me who bestowed the curse that torments me."

"A witch? I suppose she was well versed in voodoo?"

At Barnabas' nod he sighed. "Witches are not real fond of vampires and tend not to know much about us. We don't LET them know much. What they themselves know is from folklore and myth none of which is accurate. You are cursed but you are not a true vampire. You are a witch's IDEA of what a vampire is. Only someone that has been embraced and given the dark gift can be a real vampire."

Barnabas stared at the man in front of him.

"You will release Willie from your thrall, you will relinquish all claims on him in exchange I will supply you will a spell book that has a spell that will break your curse. After that anything the witch does to you is your problem not ours. Willie will belong to me and we will leave together." Sabastian told him.

"What could you possibly want with Willie?" Barnabas asked confused.

Sabastian gave him a leering grin.

Barnabas paled visibly. "You can't be serious."

"Deadly serious my 'young' friend." Sabastian told him. "I will be back for him tomorrow night. That will give you plenty of time to release him. I could come back in the morning but since you are limited, well I'll just come back for him tomorrow night. In the meantime I've memorized his every feature, every mark, every blemish natural and man made. IF any mark appears between now and then you won't have to worry about being 'cursed' for eternity because I will find a piece of wood and stake you myself!"

Sabastian let his fangs drop in place and for a second his face rippled into a demonic visage. When he straightened up he smiled and dropped a hand onto Willie's shoulder. "Don't worry, you will enjoy our time together." He leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "No one will be allowed to hurt you unless you WANT to hurt."

With a nod Sabastian took his leave of them.

Barnabas sat down slowly across from Willie. "Where on EARTH did you meet him?"

Willie shrugged helplessly.

"We have to find a way to get you out of this." Barnabas told himself quietly.

Willie blinked at Barnabas. "Why?"

Barnabas turned a stunned expression to the blond man. "Don't you understand what he wants you for?"

Willie tried to maintain a neutral expression only to have a slight blush betray him.

"You do know? And it don't bother...you...?" Barnabas studied his long time handyman and minion carefully. "I never realized that about you." He said in a carefully moderated voice.

Willie didn't answer him.

"Do you want to go with him?" Barnabas asked finally.

Willie stood up and walked around the room studying things and touching others. Finally he stood at the window and looked out and answered in a small voice, "I don't know, I think so. There is nothing here for me. I think it would be nice to be wanted, to be treated..." He didn't finish and only shrugged.

Barnabas stared at Willie's back. "I treated you the way I did for your own good."

"Yeah I know, just like Pa treated Ma the way he did for HER own good. Just like my sister's husband treated her like he did for her own good. Only she ended up dead. How long before you kill ME Barnabas?" Willie asked in a hushed voice still unwilling to look at Barnabas directly talking instead to the reflection in the window.

"I wouldn't kill you!" Barnabas told him. "Not unless you betrayed me."

Willie sighed and shook his head. "I'm going up to my room."

Barnabas gripped the edge of the chair tightly before making his decision. He stood and walked to the door grabbing his cloak as he went. As he took the well-worn path up to the other house he cursed Sabastian.

As the door swung open upon his knock he heard the cheerful voice call out, "Barnabas! How wonderful to see you tonight!"

"Good evening Vicki." Barnabas managed a smile. "Is Doctor Hoffman around?"

"She's in the sitting room." Vicki said demurely. "She will be happy to see you."

On some inner level Barnabas almost felt the need to roll his eyes. He was well aware of the woman's affections. It was unfortunate for her that he didn't return them.

He nodded to Vicki giving his most charming smile before continuing to the sitting room to find the good Doctor.


"Barnabas! I didn't expect you tonight." She smiled.

"I need to talk to you. It's urgent. Alone." His eyes darkened and grew in intensity as he conveyed his meaning.

"Oh, oh of course! Shall we return to the Old House?" She asked a little confused.

"Yes. Please, lets do." He led the way out as she grabbed her coat and followed him.

"Barnabas? What's wrong?"

"When we get to the Old House." He told her. "It is dreadfully important."

Once at the Old House Julia shivered as she stood before the fire warming herself. "What is so important Barnabas? Is something wrong?"

"Very wrong I'm afraid. I fear that Willie may be in trouble." He said as he sat down and got comfortable. His elbows rested on the armrests and he steepled his fingers together.

"Goodness! What has he gotten himself into now?" Julia asked looking heavenward.

"It seems that there is another vampire in town and has taken a fancy to him. Willie intends to leave with him." Barnabas told her leaving out important parts of the story.

"Who? Not that new man that Caroline has been talking about? What does he want with Willie? Does Willie know what he is?" Julia sat down and leaned in eagerly.

"Yes it is the stranger that is in town. He wants Willie..." He sighed gently. "For a consort of sorts. And yes Willie knows what he is and why he wants him."

Julia opened and closed her mouth in silence a few times trying to digest the bits of news she was just given. "You can't be serious." She finally told him. "He's, he's frightened of YOU! Why would he willing leave with ANOTHER vampire? Especially one that wants him...for that?"

Barnabas sneered to himself. "Sabastian has wooed him to his side. And Willie's interests have never been as apparent as we always thought they were."

"Well we can't just let him go! He belongs here! With us! We don't know anything about this Sabastian. He might kill Willie."

Barnabas studied her; "I'm not sure how we could possibly stop him."

"You still hold Willie in your power don't you? I mean you can command him to stay." Julia stood up and paced the room.

"He wants to go Julia. Is it right for me to stop him?" Barnabas asked manipulating her without her knowing it.

"Of course! This Sabastian is a vampire! I mean so are you but you won't harm Willie, but we don't know if this Sabastian might." Julia told him, "And Willie has never been very good at making his own decisions!"

"True, true. But I can't stop it. Sabastian intends to take Willie after nightfall tomorrow night. I can't go into the light to stop him. Somehow he has the power to avoid the sun's death sentence but he is weakened by it. If only I could get to him." Barnabas said sadly.

"I know where he is staying. I might be able to do something." Julia told him resolutely.

"Really? It might be dangerous?" Barnabas told her. "He is a magic user! In fact he has a spell book in his room that contains a spell that can lift my curse."

"Barnabas! If we could get that spell book you could be free!" Julia told him excitedly.

Barnabas smiled, "I know I've thought about that. But I can't get the book vmyself."

Julia looked excited as she began to pace the room again. "If Sabastian was destroyed we could not only save Willie but we could free you!"

Barnabas smiled to himself as the Doctor made plans to do his work for him. Upstairs Willie strained to listen to the details.


As the sun rose in the Eastern sky Willie quietly made his way out of the house and then to town. He wasn't sure what he was going to say or do. As he stood before the door poised to knock he thought frantically to himself about what he might say. What could he say? He had no idea.

He gasped as the door flew open and Sabastian pulled him in shutting the door behind them.

"I was going to come for you tonight." Sabastian told him leaning against the door.

"Barnabas...he and Julia are going to kill you. Well Julia is. Barnabas convinced her it was a good idea." Willie rambled quickly. His face looked strained as he spoke and Sabastian grimaced.

"And of course he didn't remove the thrall he put over you. I'm amazed that you have fought the compulsion this much." Sabastian told him quietly.

"I don't...want you...killed." Willie said in a confused voice.

Sabastian reached out a hand to cup Willie's chin and ran his thumb over the human's lips. "I appreciate that."

The gesture invoked a shiver from Willie as he looked into Sabastian's eyes. "I want to go with you but he won't let me go. He don't want me but he don't want to let me leave."

"For him it is about possession. He believes he owns you." Sabastian whispered as he leaned in. A faint breath caressed his ear.

"You breathe?" Willie asked confused.

"I wouldn't be able to talk otherwise." Sabastian said with a startled chuckle. He stroked Willie's face gently. "We will need to break his power over you before you can come with me."

His free hand found its way to Willie's back and pulled him closer, pressing his body against his own.

"But Julia...!"

"I will know when Julia is here." He told him quietly as he nibbled on the blonde's earlobe.

Willie moaned against him as Sabastian captured his lips with his own. He didn't resist as the older vampire pushed him backward toward the bed. He felt the soft edge against his legs and sat down. Sabastian released him before pushing him onto the bed and began to remove the button down shirt that Willie was wearing. "I will make you mine and then he can't stop you."

Willie could only nod as expert hands released him from his clothing. Sabastian ran his hands along the smooth skin. "Beautiful."

Willie shook his head and Sabastian chuckled. "No you are beautiful. Like a rare and wonderful butterfly. Right now you are trapped in Barnabas' collection but soon you will be free."

He lowered himself onto the young man and kissed him deeply. "Do you want me?" He whispered into Willie's ear.

"Yes." Willie whispered back.

Sabastian smiled as he quickly removed his own clothing. Over two thousand years of experience did nothing to dampen his enthusiasm as he kissed his way down Willie's body. Nipping then licking as he inspected every part of the man in front of him. As he got closer to his groin Willie began to tremble in excitement. Sabastian nuzzled his inner thigh as he nipped increasingly harder while he brought his hand up to cup Willie and stroked him. As he moved his hand faster he nipped a little harder bringing a gasp to Willie's lips. Willie's eyes slid shut as Sabastian's face rippled to reveal ridges above his eyes. The sight of his true face did not frighten Willie. He had seen monsters before and they usually wore a more human face. The mask of humanity frightened him more. As Willie felt the sharp teeth embed themselves deeply in his thigh he felt a pleasant wave of dizziness. He moaned as the vampire drank deeply from the vein in his leg. His eyes opened briefly as he felt the other man pull his teeth out and pull himself up. Sabastian kissed him deeply and Willie could taste his own blood in the other man's mouth. Sharp teeth teased his tongue as they kissed. He could feel his leg still bleeding and was surprised when Sabastian reached down and bathed his hand in the blood before smearing it all over his body. Willie looked down at his bloody body with wide eyes as Sabastian growled low in his chest. Sabastian raked his fingernails down Willie's sides before leaning down and licking the blood off his body.

Willie was beginning to feel a pleasant weak feeling that almost felt like he was about to fall asleep after a hard day's work. The licking sensation all over his body felt so good and relaxing as Sabastian made his way back down the man's body.

Sabastian swirled his tongue around the helmet of Willie's erection as the young man's moans increased. He sucked at him with increasing pressure as he stroked the soft skin below his balls. He dipped his head forward swallowing his member whole as Willie grasped the bed sheet on either side of him in his fists. Years of practice keeping quiet did nothing to keep the young man from gasping loudly as the teasing fingers found the opening beyond the soft skin he had been stroking. "Oh God..."

Sabastian's eyes glittered with amusement and lust as Willie tossed his head back muttering unintelligibly. Willie groaned as the mouth left for a few seconds as Sabastian grabbed something from the side table. He shushed the disappointed moan and chuckled. "Don't worry beautiful. Just give me a few seconds."

As the electric touch returned Willie released a shuddering sigh. Sabastian once more began to lick and suck at the throbbing member while he pushed at the opening with a slick finger. Willie's eyes glazed over as he began to move with the finger. As more fingers started to invade him he began to pant.

"Ready lover?" Sabastian hissed through fanged teeth.

Willie nodded with no hesitation as Sabastian pulled the human's legs up and placed his arms under them to prop them up. Sabastian placed himself in position and began to thrust slowly into the shaking young man. As Sabastian hit the special spot inside Willie saw sparks behind his eyes.

"Like that?" Sabastian asked with a growl.

Only a moan answered him as he began to pick up speed. Within seconds he could feel Willie's warm seed splatter his stomach coating both himself and the shaking male. With a groan he released himself inside Willie and collapsed on top of him as he released his legs. He looked down at Willie with a sigh as he noticed that Willie was fast asleep. He chuckled to himself as he stood up and went to clean himself up then brought back a cloth and cleaned Willie. He pulled the sheet and blanket up over him and went to the window and looked out. He scribbled a note and laid it on the table. It merely said that if Willie woke up and he was gone to not worry he would be back.

He smiled as he could see all that entered and exited. He leaned casually against the window frame waiting. He knew from Willie's memories what Julia looked like. He didn't blame the woman herself. Willie had described how Barnabas had convinced her that Sabastian was an evil force bent on corrupting and kidnapping the servant. He rolled his eyes to himself.

Willie slept peacefully as Sabastian kept guard waiting for the unsuspecting woman, who only knew as much as Barnabas had told her, which he had to leave out important details in an effort to protect his own interests. He either had lots of confidence in the woman or he truly underestimated Sabastian.

Soon he saw the woman coming across the street heading for the inn. He straightened up and slipped out of the room closing the door behind him gently. He sighed and walked down the steps and waited in the small lobby area. As the door opened and Dr. Hoffman came through he smiled to himself and approached her. She held a large bag with both hands in front of her. {Full of stakes I imagine.} He thought to himself as he got closer to her.

"Dr. Hoffman? May I buy you some coffee?" He asked her as they met halfway across the room.

She looked up at him intently with fear written across her face.

"Surely Barnabas told you that sunlight does not bother me?" He asked her in a friendly manner.

She nodded nervously clutching the bag close to her. He smiled at her and gestured in front of him. "Please lets get something to drink...coffee."

She swallowed hard as she walked stiffly in front of him.

"Relax I have no intention of hurting you, unlike yourself. You won't need those stakes my dear." He told her as they came closer to the little café.

She sat down in a booth and gave him a strained look. "Where is Willie? I stopped by on the way here and he was missing."

"He's fine. He's resting." Sabastian smoothed out a napkin. "He's perfectly safe."

"And I suppose I should just take your word for it?" Dr. Hoffman asked with a wry smile.

"Yes. Precisely." He told her.

"Why?" She asked him suddenly.

"Because he is safer with me than with Barnabas. Because I have no intention of hurting him." Sabastian said.

"Barnabas wouldn't hurt him. I mean in the past...but he's changed!" Dr. Hoffman said.

"Has he?" Sabastian focused on her intently and watched her resolve breakdown.

She looked down at her own napkin and twisted it around her fingers.

"He leaves with me tonight. Barnabas' power has ended. I was going to give him the book you know. Willie still cares about Barnabas and for that reason alone I was going to leave it. It will be there still." He stood up and walked out leaving her to contemplate her napkin.

As night fell Dr. Hoffman sat on Sabastian's empty bed heavily clutching the book tightly as in her head she heard Barnabas roar in frustration. And on a train heading away from Collinsport two men smiled at each other.


The end?