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I am the oldest of 8 siblings and I live in San Antonio.
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What I see in your eyes by TwistedDemon Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 8 ] Featured Stories

He leaned against the window listening to the sound of the city that continues to move and stir despite the time.


Fandoms: CSI: New York, slash fiction, Television Characters: Aiden Burn, Aiden Burn, Danny Messer, Danny Messer, Danny Messer/Sonny Sassone, Don Flack, Lindsey, Mac Taylor/Danny Messer, Mac/Danny, Mac/Danny, Mack Taylor aka Mac, Peyton, Sheldon Hawkes, Stella Bonasera
Genres: Slash Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, anal sex, Angst, Drama, First Time, friendship, graphic sex, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Language, Masturbation, mild violence, Non-con, OOC [Out of Character], Oral sex, Rape, Romance, slash
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Published: 12/26/08 Updated: 12/26/08

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