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Penname: Kitty aurora san [Contact] Real name: kitty
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im a majour slash fan and at a quite younge age wrote my first graphic yaoi story! distured? so am I :D

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I did it for the laughs and giggles joker/batman by Kitty aurora san Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 18 ] Featured Stories

the Joker and batman have some very weird dreams about each other and when tthey see each other face to face?


Joker and batman and any other of teh batman charictors mentions do nto belong to me they belong to DC comics they dont know anything about it.

no copyrite infingement intended

btw how do i put this in teh batman slash fic section?

Fandoms: Batman, slash fiction, Comic Books Characters: None
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Published: 03/15/08 Updated: 03/15/08

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