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  • I live in the borinngg state of VA!! Moved from the ATX a while back, and I'm orginally from Trinidad and Tobago(<-- google it!).  I love horses! I love my horse, he's the cuteset everrrrr!!! I love dogs, that's all the only animals I like.
  • I'm in high school one of the most boringg schools eva. But my social life is wicked!! I do what I want, when I want, how I want. I'm a real gangsta yo I go clubbing and dancing and whateva else it takes to party like a rockstar! I'm really easy to get along with : )
  • Books: Laurell K. Hamilton, no other!                                                
  •  Music: rap, scremo, hip-hop, alternative rock, country, pop
  • Likes: people, the beach, the lake, hanging with friends, being crazy, cars, guys, music concerts, sports, watching football(hook 'em horns), my best friend, winter, skiing, my life.
  • Hates: none really : )   



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