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Penname: Beaker67 [Contact] Real name: Robin Burchardt
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Been writing since I was very young. While I have written original stories in the past [and present] fanfic is my guilty pleasure through the years. I often write continuations of TV series that- for one reason or the other- have gotten cancelled way before they were due to end AND had very great promise of NOT being the same old shit most programming is. I also write- sometimes- using books or book series. I employ tweaks to separate my work from the established canon in the books.  

Though I am a loner by nature, I have always enjoyed military history and things related to it. I was a Civil War soldier reenactor for over a decade. Ancient history, occultism, eastern religions are areas of interest. Obscure languages and distant regions also hold great appeal. I also enjoy hiking, reading, cooking, swimming, and other solo pursuits. Middle-aged mom to a tempermental featherkid and given to random acts of binge-watching DVDs and binge-reading genres that interest me.

Currently living out 'in the sticks' on the Colorado Plains and occasional herder of tumbleweeds. 


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