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Penname: Beaker67 [Contact] Real name: Robin Burchardt
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Been writing since I was very young. While I have written original stories in the past [and present] fanfic is my guilty pleasure through the years. I often write continuations of TV series that- for one reason or the other- have gotten cancelled way before they were due to end AND had very great promise of NOT being the same old shit most programming is. I also write- sometimes- using books or book series. I employ tweaks to separate my work from the established canon in the books.  

Though I am a loner by nature, I have always enjoyed military history and things related to it. I was a Civil War soldier reenactor for over a decade. Ancient history, occultism, eastern religions are areas of interest. Obscure languages and distant regions also hold great appeal. I also enjoy hiking, reading, cooking, swimming, and other solo pursuits. When I vacation you might find me near historic sites, natural attractions, and oddball stops. Middle-aged mom to a tempermental featherkid and given to random acts of binge-watching DVDs and binge-reading genres that interest me.

Currently living out 'in the sticks' on the Colorado Plains and occasional herder of tumbleweeds. Anybody who might come out my way is free to email me if they are so inclined.


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