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Acting Your Truth by squidgie
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Character(s): Chuck the Technician [Stargate Atlantis], Elizabeth Weir/Stephen Caldwell [Stargate Atlantis], Evan Lorne/Dr Parrish [Stargate Atlantis], Jeannie Miller [Stargate Atlantis], John Sheppard/Rodney McKay [Stargate Atlantis], Madison Miller [Stargate Atlantis], Ronon Dex [Stargate Atlantis], Samantha Carter [Stargate Atlantis], Teyla Emmagan [Stargate Atlantis]
Warning(s): AU, First Time
Summary: Academy Award winning actor Rodney McKay is cast in a new movie bast on a short story he'd written, and is cast opposite action-movie hero John Sheppard. He's not happy about it.

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