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What They Don't See by Grape White
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Character(s): John Cena [WWE], multiple pairings, Randy Orton [WWE]
Warning(s): Betaed - No, Bromance, Friendship, Genre - slash, m/m, One-Shot Fiction, Relationship - Friendship, Unrequited Love, UST - Unrequited Sexual Tension, Writing Genre - Ficlet, Writing Genre - Snippet


    Cena and Orton  have a conversation  about  the men they love .

Author's Notes:


      Disclaimer  -     All    wrestlers  ,  characters  ,  names  and  likenesses  of  are  property  of  WWE  ,    NOT  mine   and with no copyright infringement intended .     I  do  not  know  or  am  associated  with  any  person mentioned in this   story  and  make  no  money  from  this  work  of  fiction  . 

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