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Worth Saving by Prentice
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Fandom(s): Captain America
Character(s): Steve Rogers/James 'Bucky' Barnes [Captain America - Comics]
Warning(s): Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Flashbacks , Friendship, Genre - slash, Romance
Summary: It’s a cliché thing to admit but Steve remembers his Alpha’s knot the best. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics.

Author's Notes:

I have no clue what my muse wanted me to do with this fic so, yeah. I have a whole big head canon built around it, though, so I might revisit it at some point (because I'm really itching to write about pre-serum Steve and Bucky for some reason). That said, how many feels did the damn Winter Soldier movie give everyone…JFC…I almost didn’t make it.

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